The Cultivation of Christmas Trees by TS Eliot

Pictured Above, my reading and commentary on YouTube

6:33: I am having a Divine Appointment tonight as I finish with a book, which is a simple compilation of some of TS Eliot’s work, that I have been comforted by for several years.

There is artwork, runes, breakthroughs hidden within the pages of this particular volume. I said I was going to allow a child to inherit it; no I am not. It is too painful. In actuality, I’ve told two children what they are inheriting.

I seriously doubt I will allow anything else. It is too painful. But I have a while to live, so perhaps my heart can heal. I will tell the World System the TRUTH; not without the Lord and in the Way which is much more constant than the last 14 years.

I kept warning everyone. Now reality is setting in. What is more, I no longer celebrate the way others around me do; though of course, I am happy with them and thankful for them in my life.

My new Season of Celebration is simple, and then, I have a second one each year spread through the year.

Michaelmas through New Years IS Michaelmas.

My birthday celebrations and anniversary.

There are 12 of us, so I have 12 birthdays to celebrate. For the most part, it is my own celebration because I have been forced out of their world, in all honesty. This is very painful to me and nobody can fix it. I tried to wait it out. My hope was deferred and actually stomped into the ground IRL too much.

So this is a gentle goodbye to all the expectation I faced and suffered through in my past life.

And this blog article is also a new beginning for me where celebration is more real than ever. I will have a book. And only I will understand my joy complete in it. That is good for me, but yet I have a boundary. It is within the almost 30 minutes of silence in Revelation. Amen.

Oh I see. I already have two books. They are We.


Yes Sir ….

I scanned the movie. 😓 I was educated the same way; educate mine simply as well but broke out of the cultish tendencies. And we are still tenacious; however, I agree with the man in the movie that Evangelicals should not tamper with separation of church and state.

The abortion/pro-life controversy…😓

Such a divided nation when we shouldn’t be.

“Shit like this….“ @JesusImposter_

So I guess the only person quitting UNM is me. But I will admit I had a breakthrough last night.

Which breakthrough was privilege of helping a post-Christian baby boomer to see, finally after 20 years of trying as a person who lives him very much, how he hates himself and it is hurting which makes me sad for him.

As to this blog, most @TheGodPodShow in future should go here since that’s my virtual house church.

5:44 Journey of the Magi by TS Eliot

The King asked…..

Seeing as how the introductory blog article ended up being SOMEthing I’m not sure it is (laughing because when Rune Stones or Tarot or both get involved, watch out ya’ll!!)…..I need to read Isaiah Chapter Two first, which I’ve decided, is going on my Nazarite Blog henceforth. Bible is going on the Nazarite blog. Why, you may ask?

Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil by Elizabeth Clare Prophet 5:33

I mean. Angels probably need to know WHEN they are entering the Holy of Holies after that WAR, so at least on a Nazarite Blog, they can straighten up and pretend they don’t know what they actually know toDAY but nobody is listening….about way back there where Runes know way, way more than any of us thought we forgot.

Case in point, dear Me:

You throw mystery, all bets off ya’ll lol.
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A Song for Simeon by TS Eliot

Pictured Above

My reading of the poem

This poem is disturbing, actually. I have noticed in male poets the tendency to be cyclically morose. TS Eliot does not write most of his poetry that way; however, this piece is one such.

And it is why in my own hand I wrote, I remember. I am choosing not to be a person who does not appreciate the value of good people, no matter how much they struggle with identity.

We are living in very morose times. We are the solution: Give thanks, love ourselves, love others, work hard, enjoy our lives.

I wish you well on your particular journey, and may you know, oh good person, how your very life is what is part of the Fabric of Universe which is goodness, greatness, within love never failing.