5:44 Journey of the Magi by TS Eliot

The King asked…..

Seeing as how the introductory blog article ended up being SOMEthing I’m not sure it is (laughing because when Rune Stones or Tarot or both get involved, watch out ya’ll!!)…..I need to read Isaiah Chapter Two first, which I’ve decided, is going on my Nazarite Blog henceforth. Bible is going on the Nazarite blog. Why, you may ask?

Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil by Elizabeth Clare Prophet 5:33

I mean. Angels probably need to know WHEN they are entering the Holy of Holies after that WAR, so at least on a Nazarite Blog, they can straighten up and pretend they don’t know what they actually know toDAY but nobody is listening….about way back there where Runes know way, way more than any of us thought we forgot.

Case in point, dear Me:

You throw mystery, all bets off ya’ll lol.
Pictured Above


The King asked…..

In moonlight of the serious execration placed upon this five pieces of poetry, the Introduction above having come forth powerfully at a Summer Moons Coffee Shop—the King has ever so quietly asked if I would please break something here at this blog by placing the five poems next.

I do not know if He will lead me to have more SOLIDARITY ARTICLES; however, I do realize I am supposed to continue with PAGANISM by Joyce and River Higgenbotham.

So there are five TS ELIOT, MASTER POET, POEMS TO PLACE UPON this blog. Then the King will speak again to Me, I am sure of it. #SorceressTARA


Ladies, check out my most recent YouTube. If the penis will not snip snip deny them a womb. It is this simple. #NoJusticeNoPeace.

There are plenty of prostitutes (#LegalizeProstitution) and fake vagina toys out there. You have a choice. It is no snip snip keep your penis in your pants buddy.

Too many children have been murdered as this dear child.

Don’t like my tone? Beware. You are one of them, possibly. Like my tone, welcome to the TRUTH; HE SETS FREE.