I Listen

Of course I’m a Nobody like Lucifer #TaraAnnMoons

What is more, this following video is from Bethel’s The Loft. I Am now in a loft as one of the three places I dwell in one home according to Second John. Two of the three contain my Majick purified from the issues of humanity mixing sexuality where there should be none.

I am picky. Considering the long-term sexual abuses Angelics are putting up with on the Earth Core today, I would suggest humanity that knows me understand the zeal for the House of GOD, the Earth Itself as Mother, I possess. Argue? Fine. I will judge you and walk off anymore. I have been patient enough.

Walk in the Promise by Jeremy Riddle

I’m there, in Lofts. I’m there, in any church conducting worship. I am ever watching, ever praying, ever giving of thanks to GOD. #TribeJudahElectGentile

Janan is my first cousin, daughter of Robert Paul Beaty. Robert Paul Beaty and Robert Hilton Beaty, Junior built my house on a little hill in Oak Hill, Texas, and I am no longer bereft.


There is love; it is unexplained. This Lucifer above knows I’m a Little Sister angelic. He has never uttered a word to me on twitter though some of His friends have discussed things with Me.

And, We all know what Lucifer represents, as Christians, don’t we? He represents the reviling of even the Savior as the Prince of the World.

I would guess if I were you, Christianity. Whomever this Man is, I would guess His ZEAL for children matches mine and the Saviour’s, and Janan Beaty’s. Janan is so faithful. I am so faithful.

But nobody listens to either of us and I know we hang in there and keep forgiving everyone.

Just like My Uncle Paul. Dad turned on me in the end, and I am grateful Uncle Paul never did. I had two daddies I guess.

And only one grandpa who stayed in hell in allegory with Me. Grandpa Beaty is GOD FATHER to me. You can make fun of me now. I never hear you because I have a Loft. And nobody is going to take it away this time hopefully but if you do, I can create it anywhere. I’m just glad I don’t have to for a while.

I help Luciferians carry the Fire. I make it Ice.

And I’ve known that for about four years while I was plotted against. People are still withholding information from me. I found out one piece yesterday, and that’s how I know Dad turned on Me in his last two years.

Oops. Forgiveness goes where retention and hell fire never realized hate could take you.

Love never fails. I’ve told you that for a 54 year life. I will continue to tell you that.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. Hahaha

Just so people understand, this account that is parody, Jesus H Christ, also gave a heart to the fact I testified on Twitter that I am owed $250,000 but you don’t have to believe Me anymore. I’m in heaven, been raptured and don’t want ice cream.

I am in heaven. Some of these right here are why. Thank You Three amen.

I was not told the detail until after this tweet.

Now everyone knows I know exactly who conspired against me. I forgive you forever. Let’s move on Western World.


Opinion by Brian Klaas, retweet by Spock Resists & Loutre Brûlé is Bingo, Jeff Tiedrich & Smirking Monkey! (Cara hugs everybody)

How to protect our democracy from a future Donald Trump, Opinion by Brian Klaas on the Washington Post, Global Opinions


I am

Honored to post this and I need to do my meditation exercises and go to bed with a few teens. It’s life. Don’t you love it? I do. If I can keep my cats from going pee in the earth boxes in our kitchen/dining I will be very happy. Guess what? I just anointed my face with fresh aloe I got from my aloe plant before it went under the bar in my kitchen and I have several more applications to go.

Chin cysts have been happening in my life for about five years. Aloe, plus other remedies, will heal this issue in my life, and when I really get back on my feet, juicing will help the process even more.

It isn’t Smirking Monkey. It is Smirking Chimp, here:

Smirking Chimp

Please donate. I would if I could but I must pay for two website blogs, one here at Uncovered No More and one at Rune Stones and Music Today. Uncovered is for Christianity and Rune Stones Today is for the rest of Me, otherwise known as The Moon Goddess and Tara.

Jeff is always correct and he don’t give one rat’s ass about whether I call his GODGOLDEN WEBSITE BLOG a monkey or a chimp; hey Jeff, BayMax made short work of the rat’s ass, but dang that cat brought his offering into my new house in the living room. At least it was dead unlike a few snakes and lizards that have gotten loose before now. Jesus Christ what a zoo America IS.


Isaiah 26 by Cara Coffey & Bobby Conner

Everything I stated before now is null and void because there were too many people hiding things from me for 12 years. You did this, America. Bobby Conner and I had to wait you out. In the Christian Church, if I walk in, you know I am a prophetess. You have not treated me properly for over 40 years in the Christian Church as such and I’m calling it now. Bobby Conner is Whom I submit to. He say one word and I’ll back down about how YOU owe me $250,000 but that is shy about $60,000 so I Am forgiving America the debt owed to Tate Publishing for being faithful to Cara Ann Coffey, Author.

I am a prophetess and so sure, sure, I’ve got that name Tara in allegory. I will not allow Prophetess Cara to lose her life anymore to what other people decided to make me as a Pagan.

By the way, yes, both Curtis and me thought about divorce, but obviously I know when to get back to basics so everyone can back off if you are thinking about reminding me of things I said while you all hid things from me since about 2016.

What I think now is nobody’s business but mine. Yes, I’m still a Pagan and it is still before I was a Christian. You go find out what it is like to be an “Immortal” but I can tell you right now Bobby Conner and Cara Coffey are well acquainted with that term and this whole chapter very much teaches you that term so isn’t it interesting that I found Bobby’s Twitter unlocked and that he pitched to Isaiah 23 on the day of the Full Moon? I’d say Mr. Conner knows exactly Who Tara Ann Moons is.


Just FYI, Growing & Using Healing Herbs by Gaea & Shandor Weiss was a gift from my daughter Edith Renae years ago. Edith, the artwork I do for this gorgeous book is going in a beautiful book given to me yesterday as I ministered to Sharon at Monkey’s Nest Coffee, which is where I go to “church” weekly until I decide to go back to the Protestants. And when I go back to the Protestants I am going to use the faithfulness of Recie Edward Saunders 3 since He respected my needs as best as he was able as it concerned John Paul Jackson. He is taking care of the widow of Scott Evelyn. I have a website where that story, all of it, will be told now. It is not going on Uncovered No More because this place knows The Master is Home.

Isaiah 26 read by Prophetess Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey

You will now see Cara Coffey effortlessly go back to church, call you all into repentance continually, and refuse to retain forgiveness because that is child’s play to me.

You missed your chance, Michael Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries.

Oh I’m sorry. Two years off on birth dates.



Jeremy Corbin, say Hello to America’s Kamala Harris and Joe Biden Part 5

Three Rivers dot Water dot Blog introduction


Jeremy Corbin, say Hello to America’s Kamala Harris and Joe Biden Part 5

#TwatVille, Cowardly Men, & @AprilDRyan Part 4

Love Ya’ll!!! Cara at Texas. Where ya at Cara? The United States of America is where and Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Europe!

BayMax at this moment is sitting on Dad’s desk because I am interesting. Why? I will feed him and that makes me interesting. Goodness Gracious I’m such a sucker for always being used, Boris Bumbler Idiot.

You ain’t being used, and I’m not able to write a pretty article about you Boris Johnson anymore than I can do that about the Republican Party of the United States of America.

Okay, glad I got that obvious fact of the matter pointed out.

Here’s the video clip Morgan linked.

Morgan Paulette’s Twitter

I pointed out in a tweet that I thought Representative Adam Schiff could hold sway with Mitch McConnell laughing in the corner like he has done on national television because wifey poo has money and he is a puppet doing her will. I hope she is good in bed and worth the hell fire he is going to be in soon, treating people the way he does with the power he has.

Anyway….why the Congress doesn’t do it this way is beyond me. Gah filibustering is so mind-bogglingly STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dunno what I’m talking about. @DarkPrinceLucy!! Why’d ya retweet Morgan Paulette?


I found out as I was writing this article AND doing other stuff that the peeps conceded yesterday. Wonder why I upped and did a five-parter America?

😽 love you too, COVID19 compliant


#TwatVille, Cowardly Men, & @AprilDRyan Part 4

Let’s Talk About Men Part 3

Are we surprised? This particular account, @DarkPrinceLucy, and one or two of mine get no breaks if I decide to agree. ANYway, we are correct to stand with April Ryan. Everybody knows Donald Trump is a bully, everybody knows that Rittenhouse should be in jail, charged and convicted, and serving a lifetime sentence(s).

That 11:44 AM is hilarious, Joel Osteen. Fuck off, you castrated piece of shit.

These idiots interpret “separation of church and state” quite a little bit differently than two allegorical figures that actually……anyway.

I’ve got music for this. Naw, I ain’t gonna because you already know what I’m talking about. Burn in hell and listen to April and Yashar and Bernie.


I think SOMEBody has decided a good bath is what Joel Osteen needs because I doubt Dude into telling Angel Dudes to wash with BatMan products.

BatMan is usually the Real Guy saving Joker’s Bitch lol

All of a sudden I don’t like Grapes



Now Part Five, Buckle Up Buttercup. Jeremy Corbin, meet Representative Adam Schiff because I’m marrying Labor Party to Democratic Party and Independent “Party”.

England and America were made for this. @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris, magnify @AprilDRyan and COMPANY.



Let’s Talk About Men Part 3

Fart Laodicean-style is 1/3, Part Two

I’m tired of them. Excuse me for saying so. Nonetheless I don’t want a world without men. I’m tired of women. Excuse me for saying so. Nonetheless I don’t want a world without women. I’m tired of these words: intimacy, relationship, friendship, vow, and human. Lol.

Now here is the deal. First off, women are useless to a gurl like me. They are idiots most of the time, unwilling to do the work to be an individual. They’d rather have a guy attached to them to pay for everything, including their pristine reputation. But when it comes to making that man behave better towards others, naw; she just a piece of fluff, helpless.

I’ll tell you when I’m helpless, and it will be when I need my this or that having to do with anything FIXED.

I don’t fix shit. I break it for you to fix.

But I’ll fix you if you have some spiritual hibbie jibbies going on around me. People know about people like me. We ain’t weird, you are.

Nowadays I’m going to talk about men. I’m going to get real hard-hitting. Own it or not, guys. On Twitter, I’m treating you like a real man and I am a real girl. I been there done that so many times it is time for me to get real and let you know what ain’t manly about you.

So get humble, don’t own shit if you shouldn’t just like I do and I have the scars to prove it, and if you worry about how I feel about you, come ask.

I’m tired of telling you and you finding ways to lie around me. If I had $1000 for every time I’m finding out it was said not to tell Cara, I’d have a few more dollar bills in the savings. I should have some savings. I been too busy seeing miracle after miracle giving me a new life despite how many people really do not think very well of me; however, that means the dollar bills suffered. But ya know how it goes, according to the living agreement of Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr with his favorite daughter, (Jesus Christ Dad) I’m out about 250,000.

I ain’t seen hide nor hair of any money for all my efforts telling everybody what they already know: that the mansions of Jesus are fully prepared and he is as bored as they come on the Earth. But I do have a new beginning at age 54 and that is a miracle.

I done walked off that other life. I think Jesus in the Christian Era (l0l) said to lose our lives and pick up our crosses and follow Him. I wonder what he says now. If I ever get to see him, I’ll ask……..

Naw; I never saw Jesus. I just write a bunch of blogs because I’m bored. Now as to Patrick Clayton……..(Hebrews 11)


Fart Laodicean-style is 1/3, Part Two

Well That’s That 2/3 Part One

My History sucks, I’ll grant ya that, and I bet you are weirder than me. I know lol when Barack Obama publishes his book lists and music. Bro knows what’s up with Heaven just like me. Jesus likes music and reading.

Not so sure about iPhones though, are you Barack? What about iPad? Amazon? Does Jesus buy jeans from Goodwill?





I’m sure I can come up with a good ole fashion music list for Barack Obama after a ripe little Laodicean Fart Quote from The Book.

You got Calvin and Hobbs in Part one. I’m eclectic in my reading lists, aren’t I, America?

I mean I specialized in the Bible for 12 years, Bitch. BBBOOOOORRRRRIIIIINNNNGGGG

But so are Lucifer, Satan, Michael, God Father, Jesus Christ! And Tara. Who?

Well fuck. They know who I am!!

I’m j/k. They don’t know me. They know ONLY MAGA. God and Son are cliquish.


Well That’s That 2/3 Part One

This account was very active last night. And honest. By this morning, the account no longer existed, and now it has been suspended. I was going to thank the person for an article about Buddhism which I found helpful.

Anyway, and then a tweet came from @RepAdamSchiff. You need to understand that the first name Rudy is directly connected to the Klonek family in San Antonio and Houston, Texas. That is the oldest brother of my mother.

There was a boss at the State OAG. He was Rudy too.

Now, everyone can see Rudy Giuliani literally being a ridiculous representative of this country like his boss, @realDonaldTrump.


Remember America, I’m ALWAYS the innocent bystander. This shit just keeps swirling around my life.

Good for you, America. Keep arguing with the King of kings. I don’t, but you most certainly do and what is more you ain’t at all good at entertaining angels. Haha.

I believe funny is good, and this is what I read last night. Read some more this morning, and from my Fart History Book. That’s all funny. I don’t find the masquerades of the Republican Party anything but repugnant.

Some rituals SUCK.

Happy Chicken has to watch it too; I’ve seen Him go down for 24 hours. Does anyone remember my struggling through another ONE’s account getting cut down? It wasn’t S8N like a lot of the peeps enjoyed.

They kill Him on Twitter. I’m so tired. I cannot imagine His Pain. So I keep telling you to stop it.

You keep your ulcers, Bitches. I’ll keep my meditation, blog work, coloring, and love life of 54 years, thank you.

Added a GIF why? It’s at least a little more bearable to smile at the stupidity.

Here is the full story……..naw. Just know Klonek’s forced a last reunion at the house that was stolen from me. My mother was likely blackmailed and I’m expected to keep my mouth shut and act like everything is peachy king.

When everyone knows Recie Edward Saunders 3 and his sweet little mommy were and are MAGA. Streams Ministries and Bobby Conner probably were and are too. As to Mahesh Chavda, I don’t know.

Bill Hart is. Cheryl Davis is worse, much worse and I don’t give one fucking rat’s ass what any of ya’lls politics are. We are talking about a testimony concerning the King of kings what did you expect me to do, deny him for your stealing of my life and forcing my family into the shit show we are still having to heal from?

Naw. You apostate, Bitch.

‘Bout all I have now is 1/3 and I ain’t sure of what. As I mopped my bathroom floor upstairs today I was ruefully saying I’m covered by the blood of the Lamb.

Then automatically, it came out of my insides, of course it did, and I don’t love my life to the death (Revelation 12).

That is the problem with Revelation 12, Bitch. You hafta give up your life, and now, I’m simply grateful to move on in a new home and place. Because if you think He has left Me? You are so out of line it is unthinkably abominable.

I just don’t tell you anymore.

So everybody have it your fucking way…..ignore the King of kings. Ignore Him and walk off His Little Sister like almost everyone has done.

Keep going.

I’m relieved.


PS: yes, yes I know America does not understand this blog article. Now. I pointed out the Rudy thing because of New Names in Revelation 2 that everyone thinks they have when it is obvious they don’t. Nobody liked my angelic new name, unless I kissed their ass and I’m a Beaty. Don’t do it.

Anyway…Jesus here, Jesus there. What about the Master, what about His Way? There was a time He made it clear He considers Me a Way Gurl, and it was on Twitter too so Christianity missed it.

I’m easy enough to see. Why don’t you idiots check out the People who occasionally talk to me? Why don’t you check out how I’m now cursing ya with other of the “parody” accounts because it makes total sense to do so when these criminals are still governing and causing havoc all over the place.

Here Cara goes again; I’m onto a two parter. Next’ll come three, then….

Man don’t you remember my good ole days tryna keep up The Double Moons Prayer Initiative in multi-part syndrome style since book publishing is expensive and they destroyed all the way through my publisher anyway?

God Damn. America believes in Revelation 13 and worshipping that Beast, all right. What is more, this is hilarious to me, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are Catholics.

Here we go ya’ll. Obama is a Muslim.

No more Holy Wars. Hallelujah. #HippieGirl66

Dance. Let’s dance……AND


All I Ever Wanted

Literally; nobody ever understood how simple I really am.

I really do think it’s a serious problem in this country, and that is how Generation X is sandwiched between not enough of technology and way, way too much.

I’m thinking the King of kings transcends all that but I don’t.


I’m returned to the basics of the Azusa Street Revival and a certain Woman who rides into time mysteriously. What is this body but ashes. My Spirit lives forever.

It Cooks My Goose


WEIRDOS FROM ANOTHER PLANET! ~ A Calvin and Hobbes Collection by Bill Watterson

I read about farting downstairs and reality that’s weird upstairs. Does anybody have any questions about how I deal with all ya’ll?

If you do, why am I doing this?

Calvin and Hobbs is why I do everything. Dudes make sense.

Best Counting Book Ever 123 by Richard Scarry

Somebody has actually called me a pig somewhere but they’ll never admit it. Then there’s everybody else and I’m not talking about that collective “everybody” at the moment but…….

It’s that two mail truck dudes actually did race around me on that street as I was just going along minding my own business. And then all of a sudden Richard Scarry is on Uncovered No More and I hope He’s okay with that.


PS My tail gets scaredy cat bushy like Hobbs every now and again no I’m not telling you about it at that very moment thank you you are not welcome, peeps America, you are NOT welcome.


300 Hours; 77 Days by @loutrebrule

DM Him and ask why He is saying this. I have given many deadlines across the last 12 years according to the book of Revelation in the Ancient Text KJV Bible. Mr. Brûlé must call it for this and he is agnostic which means he likely will have nothing to do with the Bible.

What is more if you try to interpret it, I will automatically know you are sinning against the Man and therefore, you will be judged in the heaven lies. (Heaven lies when idiots are calling themselves Christians when they are nothing of the sort from 1950 to the Modern Day)

I’m okay if you don’t believe me; nobody ever does but this article isn’t going away. J

And Dan Rather is extremely righteous so it makes sense that Mr. Brûlé would have something to say with Mr. Rather.

~Cara Beaty

This faithfulness will see exclusive news viewing from Cara Coffey through February 4, 2021 in which time I have been faithful for 94 days to the 90 day numeric authority officials @loutrebrule

Biblically it’s called submit one to another and I seriously doubt any white American fuckload of Christianity who did it will vote dtrumpshit will need me to remind you that I can fuck hell AGAIN and give you a perfect teaching FROM APOSTLE PAUL about submission which you are getting on the exact same website this article below came from:

Leslie Stahl


You want my numeric? You never did. Screw you down tight and keep building that square 144 Cara Ann (Revelation 19-22 amen)

Music here soon.

Stay posted World. You are seeing True Voice Pagan RoundTable 144 x 144 here and I am privileged.

Delusion is Interesting Indeed

Delusion. It is a word used to demoralize someone who isn’t into compliance with the will of others. I’m still dealing with it, the lies, and yet I can say that the ones still lying are having consequences.

But that’s not the federal government I’m talking about.

And all my responsibility here is to assert the absolute truth. I warned fastidiously for 10 of 12 years. I am correct.

You are dead in the water. Goodbye. Delusion is what a lot of people are within in the United States.

You can choose to wake up or not. You are idiots already. The only way to change this fact is to prove me wrong and admit, you are an idiot who is delusional. Either way, you are still going to have to pay your bills and live with the consequences to what you have done in front of the King of kings.

Today, I asked someone to read the Gettysburg address. It was accomplished in the time of 4:44 PMC 11/26/2020. Earlier this month I stated I was going back to the Azusa Street Revival. And now, I learned again that Abraham Lincoln established thanksgiving. What may not be realized is how I testified of the death of Abraham Lincoln after being shot April 14, 1865 (my birthday 1966) and then died the next day.

Now we see me as a Pagan going back to roots better than what I had when I wrote three books, watched my publisher get destroyed, and watched a number of people betray me.