Brokenness AGAIN 5:55

Apple Music broken-beautiful by Chris Sligh

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I can now say why I removed “my John the Baptist” and it is because my John the Baptist deserted me and was several people.

But the point is: I knew John Paul Jackson helped me write the Double Moons Prayer Initiative and gave he and his wife credit. To my knowledge, Diane hates me just like several other people close up.

Perfect Storm Prophecy by John Paul Jackson

Was being produced at the same time my books were being produced. Let me think. John Paul was gone, or was he?…when djt made it into the White House.

I don’t channel John Paul. He and I are each other above and below stairs. We would have never sinned against our families or one another if we’d worked together. My mother’s family thought they controlled me and my mother’s oldest sister was caught trying to get my mother to kick me and my husband off the property at Weir by my ninth child, who told her father. It is possible she would recant now. Listen to my goddamn current event video, please.


It is as easy as one two three poof! To move streams ministries international to manor, texas and I’m not telling you idiots of Texas who know about me, whomever you are, the whole story.

Christianity is such a fucking mess. It’s been a mess the whole fucking time this country existed.

Glad I got my Bro AND Scott Evelyn out. Rest of you bitches get yourself out.

Goodbye. The Single above is actually pro-life. That’s a long and short story about Cara Coffey. However, I’m pro-life AND pro-abortion, which cuts me entirely out of everyone’s life that’s ever known me.

Americans fight.

I’m never been American even though I happen to be a God-damn (father figure deity) citizen.

“Republican me is living my (no, his) worst life.” ~@BastardSon_ and I’m here too #RepublicanJesus 😇 I misquoted you……9:44 amc

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So I asked. And He prefers Our House Church. Buildings will see CARA ANN NO MORE I SEE THROUGH THE PRISON OF ✝️ Christianity: what is more I write this in honor of Robert H. Beaty Jr and His Parents, forgotten people. Dad prophesied a third house church.

Dad, the King is in Our Greater Austin Midst and I know Your Heart Singing for Him alone.

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I personally know Biden is sick and he is being brave and has been brave as VP beside Barack Obama.

I love how our VP smiles so genuinely.
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11:33 7/27/2022

A Game of Chess by TS Eliot with accompanying art & opinion

“….Republicans are not Christians” ~@JesusImposter & The God Pod Show 7/20/2022 is part of the total message, as convoluted as it appears. This country is convoluted, America by accounts here is dead, and I testify/read/do art on blogs in a formed void now; past is past yet the work to be done is to see that some of the past is judged as harshly as it should be while preserving all that is good and holy in the same timeframes.

It is prudent to note that this article linked has the message of reparation for black people, still, in my frame of reference.

My pontification from March 18, 2022:

What is the point of love in relationships? Whole-ness; Grace; Mercy; Faithfulness; Thrive; Even in the infernal, hellish dips lived throughout…

Memory should never be foundationalized upon wickedness; when nerves are high, let’s stay! OUR GREATNESS RETURNS….

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Emmitt Till was written 1-2 days past this article.


Introducing Kaleidoscope Perspective…..#CaraCoffey #AnnTara

SO it got scrambled, my website blog did, across about three weeks.

And that’s good. For you see, you prevented Enoch to SPEAK oh world history.

Get it in the KJV and make sure it is all PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Otherwise, you’ll never catch me this time like you did last time from 2013-2022.

I’m riding this year out the best way I know how: PARTY !1!