And certainly CRT debate is at the heart of your murderous attitude, Republican Party

Now perhaps my family can see why I’ve been viciously targeted….

Bay is mad at me I haven’t fed him yet. Excuse me while I obey so I don’t get murdered in my sleep.

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Good morning World of CORRECT. 💙1/31/2023

5:44 North Korea & Trans/LGTBQ HELL

7:42 AMC 1/31/2023

I see the Red Sea from afar; it is the blood of the bullied innocents, the Genocide Victims, the raped and murdered peoples.

While I can call up the book of wars and make the relevant statement of Hell on Earth, there is no power in me about it all stopping. So I watch, I wait, and I invoke for the removal of wicked beings who care not for justice.

Now perhaps my family can see why I’ve been viciously targeted….

If you think this isn’t a real deal, you are blinded by whatever is blinding you.

I’ve lived among this wickedness. I’ve been persecuted by this wickedness.

Check my twitters. I’m free now and told you all IRL and otherwise for YEARS how the King was in charge of His Timeline. I’ve seen groups of “Christian Nationalists” mimic my Double Moons Prayer Initiative and take glory on themselves for Years!! I boycotted the Homeschool movement for years!!

Here is why. These are criminal parents teaching their children to be criminals. You cannot make up this shit. These type people have meaningfully damaged my reputation, my family, and the King’s LIFE SONG in my Life Song.

I’ll take them to court with others. You’ve got a friend in me if anyone needs it. I Am a King #Witness NOW and so, just shut up and get back to business your way, America.

Get back to business your way, America, but for fucking out loud, believe this report.


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I wish we’d all been ready is HERE…. 3:33 PMC

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When it speaks herein of the wife in bed, what Larry Norman probably doesn’t realize is what he means is men and women in this modern day give up and become eunuchs because of the stress. We are needed in full time ministry.

I wish we’d all been ready, but here is the deal. We were not ready when the Constitution was written. The King was already on the Earth when Larry Norman declared somewhat in future tense that He has come.

Larry Norman was considered and is considered a modern day prophet. So I will lower myself to the prophetess state I used to be within until I evolved past Christianity and what I will do is read John Chapter One. Then, I will read from the Book of Matthew.

I released a video, below, where I tell you Second John must be built upon. We want Democracy. We will not have it until the wife and mother role, and the girl house church executive role, are CREATED IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD so therefore, a homosexual couple needs to understand which one of you is the “wife” role. The Bible will mold to your interpretation, and I suggest you use Rune Stones.

No man. NO human male, should be a house church “pastor”. They should all be girls of at least 25 years Christianity. She needs to be an obvious prophetess.

My exception is because the King, when He had @JesusImpostor, exonerated all sexuality from the Old Testament cult of Jews. I dutifully testified here and then all of it was deleted because I had another immortal, not an Original like the King and I, stripping through my life for years and hurt my family but kept trying. He and I had a previous life that is sealed with the King and me.

Don’t believe me on this website? Move along and mind your own damn business.

Thank you for your consideration.

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For Judah Originals

Okay, so….a warning, but edited