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The targeting is getting worse and I am even experiencing a manifold, total betrayal from since 2016 on this blog and in my private life. I did what I needed doing, it is finished. I forgive you.

I am NOT talking about my daughters and several other people. Goodbye. You know who you are.


Smith Wigglesworth’s “The Confidence That We Have in Him” with oracle and commentary

I have spoken many times on youtube and face to face about the seared conscience of many; however, a “tender conscience” in most of society gets you isolated and those who shun you will turn into enemies. I think there is a very huge desire to be independent; it is largely overdone, and it is wholly the fault of religious institutions and stubborn people in the home front.

Since I have an entire history of writing about this stuff and then hitting delete on entire blogs because of my own evolutionary process and humanity’s obvious stupidity or criminality driving a good many things it shouldn’t be allowed to drive, I’m moving on. Here is an irl conversation that can shed some light, but first let me explain.

Smith Wigglesworth was a plumber who indeed worked miracles like the Savior over 2,000 years ago. Mr. Wigglesworth ministered when my grandparents Davis-Beaty were actively people in churches, and poor. Then months before my dad was born, something metaphysical happened to my grandfather and he died in a Texas Street. Same times two my brother. Same, David Wilkerson on a Texas Highway.

That is two dead prophets in the street type testimony and is neither here nor there as it concerns anyone’s free will or lack of empathy, conscience in this day and age, etc.

I CAN tell you with no doubt Smith Wigglesworth was anointed to minister and preach. He worked all his life that way, and has a lovely family. The large ministers of this day may have miracles, but check out my video. They are NOT in the will of the King. They are not. They are full of dead man’s bones literally, and the conscience of religious leaders is not only seared, it’s rotten to the core. They do everything for the most part to stay hidden if there is embezzlement or sexual sin or both, and they are not social change advocates like @BerniceKing whose father was assassinated as I was being born.

The conversation below is going to point out a glaring issue of Christianity even back in the day as Smith Wigglesworth was teaching, but also in this day when ministries like Chavda Ministries International have the same aura of miracle: PAGANISM by Joyce and River Higgenbotham speaks to this well.

There is the common thread of teaching that our souls are wicked. That is false doctrine and it is meant to blind us, chain us in our mental lives, and enable church leadership legalistic control over us so they have a sovereign place in our lives nobody should have. We are simply supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves. So are they. A myriad of only Catholic leadership are not loving their neighbors properly or they would turn themselves in to police stations worldwide since they have raped children.



Genocide in the Middle East

@loutrebrule retweeted this genocide, I thanked him as we talked about trump. I’d already muted that account and announced I might talk at it, but then:

Real nice lady here, to the point. I followed her and blocked the monster they let back on so yay. I don’t have to talk at it. Oh I’ll close with my HERO @MaryLTrump.

Get the fuck on twitter if you want to know the rest. Good night moon. Off to some poetry this genocide is so monstrous.

Slava Ukrainini


I like how @duty2warn explains this thing

We over here are still not so sure how Dusty ended up getting two apples and one carried upstairs. BayMax was napping on one of my pillows as I was doing stuff today so he didn’t aid and abet.

While I am glad we all still remain on twitter, I want some indictments. Russia does not want those indictments. On FB I’m taking a hard-line position about trumpers, even though those are my friends. I am feeling like a person STILL caught in the middle politically, but at least I’m learning to be more #stoic about it all.

testing again

mkay so I guess when that was gonna be a bad post SOMEbody doesn’t let me publish here. But then again maybe it was that SOMEbody over there. I already ain’t allowed it on my phone which to be clear is probably good but yet, I”m tired of being a girl I really am but by golly I don’t wanna be a boy and I’m not bi or gay so get your sexy thoughts outta this. I’m an ARCAngel and we are sexless and boring people aren’t we.

Maybe not. I dunno about that hard to tell I’m just being me. God damn.

It isn’t me doing this stuff. Honest. Did i NOT remind everybody years ago I’m just the innocent bystander ya’ll. God over there is asking for a smite assistant on twitter and the answer is MY GOD MY GOD YOU DO REALIZE SOME OF US LIKE TARA AND LUCIFER BE SMITIN’ ALL THE DAY LONG wid ya and Michael over here is kinda a wimp. He’s the type that’ll go jogging with you and pick on you while he runs races around you no biggggg deal sort of arcangel one time or other back in the late 70’s.

Fight me yall I”m just kidding. Maybe come over and fix dinner.


Babe, I’m God. @thegoodgodabove

Meta, do better.

I cain’t make this up lol.

And that’s what nice about real people. Sure, we fight with partners. With kidz. With friends. With Immortals (roll eyes lol). But push come to shove, we are there. LOL we are there. PS I ain’t gonna look as good as cher looks in 2022. I wasn’t even born yet when this vid came out. lol. but Im okay I guess. Tummy from a confused belly button and all.

Then LAZARUS shows up, He has a bona-fide Camel but no, no, it ain’t a cigarette and I haven’t met Him with His Camel in the Walmart Parking Lot YET.

Merry Christmas ya’ll…..

As of this morning, games on devices have started again by golly. Ain’t going on my blogs check my twitters for that shit because I’m not the only Immortal tired of the games people play with our lives, lemme say.


I literally have nothing left in me to release this book.

I regret nothing; I am not ashamed. Perhaps others will feel the same someday.

I await the King announcing some time in the future; how Armageddon is Over. It is up to me according to SECOND JOHN as TARA to say for my angelic family: the Apocalypse IS OVER. IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE AS AN ANGEL, YOU HAVE ME. I WILL INTERCEDE FOR YOU IN RUNES BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO COMMUNICATE ON TWITTER OR LEAVE A MESSAGE PUBLIC ON THIS BLOG. If it becomes too much, it is already too little for I am on the Isle of Patmos in Spirit life now, I will announce here. I will testify again on this blog. I desire the Fay Tale to come forth. Let us SEE what WE SEE.


This commitment to this blog is hard for me after what I’ve been through. And I think since I’m being wrenched more and more from my previous paradigm of religion, it feels surreal, but yet, by and large my normal life is indeed normal.

I am sad tonight. I even had or have a youtube where I talked about sewing again, and I can’t do it. I am relieved to admit it, tired of trying to go back to things I enjoyed in the caged existence of my past, and yet honest enough to appreciate my journey just as it is whether I have others’ approval or not.

I worry a lot, and am trying not to do that. I don’t trust many people after what happened to me, and this society in America feels like it is disintegrating constantly right before my very tired eyes. I would have been a Christian 50 years come June of 2023, and here I am not sure exactly what I am.

That’s a lie, but it is a truth because I lost everyone and I feel like nobody actually has time for me, and then I feel selfish for this honesty.

So as I delve deeper into a book I’m also going to edit out a good bit of material from which I wrote and then the world fell apart as I kept going as an author and now an artist and sorceress, I will tell you what I am now, America.

I am an atheist with people I love. They do not make any sense to me anymore. We all rejected old Christian ways, but there is still discordance and it shouldn’t be there in my honest opinion. So when I’m with Christians, Catholics, or people close up who I don’t actually understand anymore, I’m more atheist than anything else. I blame the Christian Religion and what it has done to women by and large for this issue in my life. Atheist to me, says there is no metaphysical world with Spirit/Soul truth. No GOD; No metaphysical mystery. It is all explainable or it doesn’t exist.




Stoic, which is hard to be to me. I don’t feel like I was actually this one at birth. I think my journey has turned me into one, though.


Liberal politically

No religion. i really, really struggle with this one being raised in the warmth and security of Christianity, then finding out about my metaphysical side, then testifying, then realizing I’d evolved from prophetess to sorceress, then having to help some people understand TARA (an ARCAngel) and how I’m an exorcist which is strange indeed, but I’m not listing exorcist in this list. Exorcism tends to fade in a person’s life; however, those of us who do it, I think that journey is separate from anyone else.