While I Survived

Dearest America,

I am isolated. Now I must learn to be solitary in solidarity. We got the VP candidate I wanted to have for the Democratic Party. I have brought this uncovered no more up today, and there has been much intercession work on my part to see these breakthroughs just like so many others. I deleted past work again today; this is largely a blog which is going to be for book review. I have a second free Uncovered No More that will display some YouTube and coloring books and who knows what else. Here is the first article:

Our Beautiful Democratic History

But I am not really a person here anymore. My entire life has been taken away, that is nothing new under the sun for a person testifying as I do according to the New Testament. As so much of my writing came to pass and I was blamed for never doing enough physically and changing and being a problem to people so much of the time, I was busy surviving what it is to testify what I actually have testified. I am here for my family, my core 12 member family, to simply say I failed. If I hadn’t, all these side-disagreements wouldn’t be in our lives and I wouldn’t have had to destroy so much of my work. It was work; I want you all to understand that, anyway.

So I told someone tonight that for the last time, I will admit failure and I will make it so more thoroughly by saying I give up. My websites are simply me, Cara Beaty, expressing my author and artist side. The rest of it is gone, and I failed.

I was simply put on this earth not to deny my testimony in Jesus Christ the King of kings. I did it. I never denied Him. And I have someone tonight who admits that it wouldn’t have wanted me to do that ever, and yet, nobody will bond together and just begin again. So I am the failure, I give up, and I move on appreciating so many people, most of whom have gone to the other side. But I appreciate some of them still living too, just now my body count of those actual people I’ve known and know still is much smaller than it used to be. I am glad you have your lives, truly.

I have fellowship, chores, school work to enjoy with three young people, and a busy life. But I am now committing to be solitary yet not isolated. That is what I am supposed to do. I was successful with my mission, the mission is gone, and I must move on to the sunset of my life with resolution for myself: deep satisfaction and joy for the King of kings and me. We made it and we now have a democratic Vice President candidate that is a girl lol and dark-skinned. It is an honor to have suffered for the cause of Christ in this country for this moment no matter the next moment.

What is more, I am about to do a piece of artwork for a word: Provision. Except for me, after all the spirituality I’ve admitted only to be tormented by the admittance for 12 years, it is called ProVision because I am a pro-visionary life. That is funny, isn’t it allegorical, angelic incense angel, Tara? (Smile)

I will admit I think it is beyond stupid that the people in my actual life IRL cannot join together and admit the full truth and move on better. Nope. Won’t happen and I have a witness to that. I told the witness after a two hour conversation I’m not showing up anymore nor do I hope for said meeting and conclusion. I used to hope for it, I have lost hope there but not everywhere. I am committed to being thankful each day.

I took a walk tonight, had some laughs after the hard conversations, and am thankful for a few things. It should be more so I’m not a good Christian either lol.

I’m All Out of Love Air Supply

King of kings, I’m all out of love without you. I’m watching again, for you, yet we know the truth about how I’m your Way, and you made that clear on Twitter without people who know me IRL knowing about it. Yes, I know what you are saying. I trust You to someday tell them all how you communicate with Me, but I told someone today that You are talking to Me, and that is all I will admit.

I know You are right, believing in me eternally. Thank You, Sir.

PS: solitary is healthy. Understanding there is a difference between silence that is solitary and lonely isolation out of choice is a necessity of difference I must point out. I love being with my family. I simply am recognizing I failed and we all have become solitary yet loving in our wholeness together not apart apart. It’s a miracle. So I can say some things, but don’t anyone else think about it other than success for the King of kings or so help me GOD lol I’ll find you and cuss you out and then smile.

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Just Another Nigger by Field Marshal Don Cox Part One

Mine Eyes have seen the glory of the LORD…….for every name, there is a new one. Don Carpenter is a lane in #ATX off Slaughter Lane. Don Cox is the Savior as are Harriet Tubman, Elijah Cummings, Nina Turner, John Lewis, Barack and Michelle Obama, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

My People, I searched new name because Donald Trump is not and Donald Cox is; and, don’t hate me for the truth because mine eyes have seen the glory GOD so you are hating GOD to hate me for the truth and I do not want you to reap the sewing of that emotion today.

I searched for new name. Uncovered No More is based on Isaiah 61, some people will remember my testimony perhaps. It is gone; the job is finished. Anyway, I am crying the best tears because I word searched new name on Bible Gateway to pick it up at the end of the Good Book and was sent instead to Isaiah, to whom I’m married in Spirit Realms mysteriously and already testified.

I am crying; The Last Samurai (The Christ, the Son of the Living God) by Hans Zimmer is playing, and I’m about to switch to Misty Edward’s Only a Shadow (Live) 2013…typing, I don’t know; it ceases (1 Corinthians 13)

Isaiah 62


Revelation 2


Read the book and rejoice with Me; the Lord is HERE

I dance forever. Forget what you see; love yourself and your neighbor, and GOD first or you will turn your people into what the Republicans are trying to force upon this nation. I leave now; free hand art, and you will not appreciate part two but I will smile and keep dancing, Mitch McConnell you wretched evil doer!

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From the archives: Black Lives Matter co-founder reflects on a life of activism

Nationalgeographic.com HISTORY OF WOMEN OF IMPACT Black Lives Matter co-founder reflects on a life of activism

In this interview from National Geographic’s 2019 book “Women” Alicia Garza discusses the power of persistence in fighting injustice.

This woman, Alicia Garza, is such a gorgeous Goddess, like Me, Tara. And I cry to hit “publish” because it has been my hope for 12 years for the World of America to hear US. You do not seem to hear US and I am broken, Loves. I am broken for who can know the mind of Woman?

We know OURSELVES and carry You in our Wombs. Cannot you connect the Dots? I visited the trees at Cook Walden Sunday, July 19, 2020 and it is 7:44 AMC July 20, 2020. That’s a lot of 20, isn’t it? The letter T is 20.


Come As Close As You Want by Misty Edwards

#ThankYou Mr. Midnight; time can begin to be a comfort to Me now. I believe You.

Our Fore-Mother speaks. She speaks with our Fore-Fathers and says, You will prevail amen.

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John Lewis 😓

Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon who began pushing for racial justice in the Jim Crow south, has died

John Lewis does not consider us free yet; does not consider his people free yet. Let US GO!

#BlackLivesMatter And, arrest those who did that to Breonna Taylor.

That is Correct. We do not EVER stop living TRUTH amen.


The Essential and Enduring Strength of John Lewis and now America sees what happened in 1966 to define POWER (by Jelani Cobb in The New Yorker, THANK YOU for such a well written, literal, Bible Chapter from the Modern Day book of Acts)!

We do not die. It is clear who does. Goodbye world system America. Hello generational freedom for the masses Earth-Wide clearly expounded by black and white non-skin in the United States of America amen.

My tiktok today


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Letter to Lucy by Frank Schaeffer

Give me a second America you forced his book off the Internet so I’m taking my sweet time putting it back up.

Frank ❤️ this tweet below on Twitter today and it’s 1:11 PMC here and hell hot so….

I think my big bro’s want y’all to do something other than just sit there with your penis or vagina buried nine feet under the sand. Ya think?

BTW idiot America I would vote Romney if you’d put him in. But naw y’all got a child rapist running in the Republican joint so…

I have the BEST big brothers World Over.

Twinkie is younger so I have the best Little Brothers too and I’m just the chicken caught in the middle of the road. 🙄

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BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL by Friedrich Nietzsche Translated by Helen Zimmerman


This author died three years before my grandfather lived a short life and died in a Texas Street like my brother and David Wilkerson according to Revelation 11.

These Men fought for my ability to be here, normal yet highly and spiritually active, expressing what I am going to continue to express forever about the return of the King of kings Jesus Christ and the Elect with Him to rule the World System and the Earth Core.

We will see what I write of this book upon this website. My son and I have earned the necessity for me to pay attention here, together.

Which Son, Cara? The one Robert Paul Beaty and Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr, stood over the crib of, gazing at Him lovingly. Robert Edward will be vindicated, America. You are bastards waiting to die. May the insanity visited upon Donald trump and Friedrich Nietzsche consume you lovingly by the prayers of a very righteous and passionate mother named Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey.

I didn’t destroy everything of my life writing. America would prefer that I stop. Stop writing. Stop being an artist. Stop mothering unless it is exactly what is expected of me. Stop being the girl I know I am. Just stop.


Choose Who You Serve; Beyond Good & Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche; & Nina Turner

Beyond Good & Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche pp. 13-14

If you are going to understand why I would put this excellent quote here, read the life story of @peterdaou. Wiki Life Story of Peter Daou

If you want deliverance from Insanity Trump and Pence Family, here is your book:

I continue. It is an exercise in discipline to read Friedrich Nietzsche. That is because his style is very intense. I am used to being intense. I’m not used to having such a saturation of words except with Leo Martello.

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Breonna Taylor’s Murderers are not Arrested

Isaiah 61

There is nothing but #Witness to say here. This is unbelievable. Let me tell America. The next article is going to make it that much worse.

But I will tell you I visited my parents’ public ashes as I shopped and put this article up from Twitter. And here is my tweet about that:

To plan heaven and do it right here right now for Nina Turner and Cara Beaty is to get the people in jail for the rest of their lives who took this dear woman from us, and the others.

The justice system needs revamping. I am hearing of minor crime people (I will not call them criminal as long as criminal is running free who are obvious) are held far too long for marijuana charges when many of us realize it should be legalized while Jeffrey Epstein commuted suicide (!?) and people like Don Trump and possibly Bill Clinton and others are still running free.

Money above people. Power above justice. NO separation of church and state. Women have less rights than men. Our dearest Black Skin People are the dead prophets in the street like my granddaddy, David Wilkerson, and my own brother, twice. (Revelation 11)

Oh my GOD!!!

Pinning again. Arrest them and get them to court.

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‘I Don’t Want to Go Back’: Many Teachers Are Fearful and Angry Over Pressure to Return From the New York Times

Death ‘I Don’t Want to Go Back’: Many Teachers Are Fearful and Angry Over Pressure to Return

Do I need to write anything else? Read the article and weep for the teachers (I’m one too, idiot America), the whole other of public school staff, the children nationwide, and the whole United States of America right now.

Game Over–Reality is Gorgeous–everything and everyone else, take a number and get in line to learn about yourself. You need to look inward and do the CORRECT THING BY THE CHILDREN AND OLD PEOPLE. Amen.

Kids, if you’re old enough, own this with us. Come on! Let’s go…..

Come on! Let’s keep going!!

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