THE PHILOSOPHY OF FREEDOM by Rudolph Steiner, Chapter 4, part 2

I do not like how my work turned out in this chapter’s pages of my book. But the concepts therein are helping me so much I am going to get over myself. 😂

I am laughing gently and kindly at myself again. It is a blessing I can say so. Healing continues.

7:42 AMC THE PHILOSOPHY OF FREEDOM by Rudolph Steiner, 1

Formal education can be positive.

Hell, just…hell

I just ripped out 2 pages, four colorings not yet accomplished, from this book. That is because two of them are the little Russian Dolls.

I will forever protest Russia. It, and North Korea, should be jailed. All the leadership. I know the North Korean citizenry to be so full of lies that they cannot survive but to be cared for. I am now thinking I may as well confine my thoughts of Russia and its lineage in the same genera.

I cannot even tell if I have compassion anymore. This world is cruel which exists with those two countries doing what they do every day. #TARA

Arms For Ukraine: French Weapons Deliveries To Kyiv with @loutrebrule

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“The most significant French contribution to Ukraine’s defence consists of 24 155mm Caesar self-propelled guns (SPGs) delivered from April 2022 onwards, with the latest batch of six Caesars announced by French President Macron in early October 2022. [1] Eighteen of the Caesars are drawn from active stocks of the French Army, which operated 76 examples prior to the donations. The dedication of nearly a quarter of its inventory of Ceasar SPGs is a significant sacrifice compared to what other European nations have delivered, which have mostly drawn their donations from reserve stocks.”

#ThankYou FRANCE and ORYX

Part Two with @EndlessCollage

1:10 to 1:11 literally, pmc: that’s the problem with me, Mom & Dad…..

I don’t actually miss you. I am glad you are no longer suffering. I miss the time we could have spent together uninterrupted by the cares of this world honing in on us for so much of our lives together.

The negativity is atrocious in this day and age, Dad. You and I remember simplicity. For instance….just today here where half of your mingled ashes lay:

I chose to walk to your place without my phone. I hugged two trees, talked to them all and the birds, saw a lizard, and kissed one Beauty Bark Who comforts me.

And I told my Tree Family here taking care of your peaceful place of ashes, how I need to come more, I need to art here, and I need to realize trees are much more comforting than any person I ever knew.

I have people willing to recreate creation now, Dad. I hope that comforts you after what you went through. Thank you for loving me. But the confessions to my daughter today were and are the raw truth and she knows what I am talking about.

I’m not a phone, a laptop, an iPad. I am a person. And no longer is Dr. Seuss correct, you see Dad. A person is nothing anymore.

I had to tell her how the non-emotion state my whole existence existed within is the hard of my life now. At least I color and art. I find ways better to laugh with people.

But when I need true love, the trees are my family henceforth. This life just bleeds mourning for what our time could have been spent on, Dad. It could have been spent on better things than all the negativity you and I seem to have been tasked to handle.

I told somebody last night something that I know isn’t heard at all by anyone: if we would just look at people around us as the privilege they should be, then much of the bickering, the fighting, the competition, might just melt away because we are we; we should look at one another as the grand privilege day by day.

That person understood. I think that person begins to understand me. You are a privilege to me, person. Now when are you going to consider me one too?

Am I only going to be a privilege, am I only going to be respected and honored, when I’m my Ashes where half of my parents’ ashes are contained here? Well, I think to myself, may everyone who knows me be comforted. I am already preparing the trees for Me.

1:22 PMC

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