Show Me This Red Alone Forever

Anything made by humanity being sold in America that has the color red within it will not be purchased by me. You either give me my proper representation within the federal government or I will begin to release very honest video just like I did on a random twitter of mine today because the Cards told me to do so:

I told you for 12 years that when the King of kings was sufficiently present within my Tribe Judah Aura as two people, one in Mississippi and one in Texas, that HE KING OF KINGS JESUS CHRIST IS IN CHARGE.

Amen with #MichaelShaneDavis and #CaraAnnCoffey signing off today. Pray I don’t get upset with the color red through the Holidays, America and Europe. You don’t want that video on Uncovered No More I can assure you. It’s still in my phone right now so NOW you know the kind of temptation I passed up for 12 years and running, and you know why I destroyed all my writing and you destroyed Tate Publishing. It is time. NOW IS TIME AND YOU ARE DAMN CORRECT THE MAN IS IN CHARGE WORLD AND TIME WIDE AND ETERNITY.


I Denounce Franklin Graham & Agree with @AshaRangappa_ and @loutrebrule

This man is in full support of a criminal and the Republican Party harboring a criminal.

There is only one of us masked. You go figure that out America and Europe I do not have time for you anymore otherwise.

I have known for quite some time that I am correct about the political climate of this country, but I had to just keep watching as the seasons changed spiritually, and I have done so in much mental anguish and in many proclamations, commentaries, testimonies, artwork ventures, and conversations where I reside.

These people are those I agree with. If you do not like My People, you do not like me. We know what is CORRECT. And while I respect your life, I cannot again respect lifestyles that converse out of a sense of something other than justice for the common people like myself. I am so thankful I can make entire blog articles from knowledgeable people who know WE are CORRECT and we are in our separate places.

Article in Intro to thread

aaup.org article

Pew Research Article

An article from Campus Reform about @AshaRangappa_


Best Counting Book Ever 123 by Richard Scarry

Have you ever been scared? I live in a lot of fear these days after what has happened to me. I do not dwell there and this fact is why I have blogs and active Twitter. America has never broken me, and it is never going to. I cannot move, you see. That means I’m in prison every day of my life.

But I know how to be thankful and I know how not to give into fear. So I am going to read this number book because I have too many people around me who do not understand how I am alpha numeric gifted as Aries. That is a calling on my life which carries many burdens and particularly since some lies of a very grave nature were implanted into my existence years ago (2008 to be exact) that now people who are older in my existence are not owning up to.

Good for you. I curse you with a guilty conscience until you figure out how to stop projecting onto me and my seven youngest children. If you help my seven youngest children and are not hiding from people, you are not who I cursed. If you are hiding shit from people, you are most definitely officially cursed in America and Europe but why care? I’m just a stupid person, very gullible and easily manipulated.

Ignore me still.

About Richard Scarry’s Busy Town & Politics & Being a Child in 2020


Barack Obama Twitter-ed (lol) about balance today

I was also very appreciative that I signed up to a service where President Obama texts us directly, and I found out that early voting began in my area so I voted yesterday and found out the State of Texas quit with me today.

So maybe I really am going to get a new life with all new people. I hope so. Except for my three youngest children I have been written off. And I lost my whole life.

Just like the King of kings. But I haven’t counted it all joy yet, so that is my next mission, and I choose to accept it. It is better than all the misrepresentation of my life which I’ve been under for 12 years.

And my therapist is going to help me learn about projection, reframing, and grounding. This will aid me in being the person I told some of my family they would need to get to know again a few years back.

But even though some of them have told me they haven’t written me off (it is called cancel culture and I am cancelled), they did that for 12 years and seem to think I should believe them.

I cannot believe lies and they know that. I have never denied the testimony of Jesus Christ OR Patrick Clayton Beaty in my life, and they know that.

What is more I realize the land my dad built two house on is worth more than me. I am going to die; so I will go to ash. The property will still be there.

See? They just cancelled me because I am going to die. Yes I’m an Immortal. They aren’t. They are going to die too.

And I know the difference.

Goodbye unless you know me, and nobody does. So I get to live free from everyone, blameless like I”ve always been, and move on thankful like I’ve always been.

But I need to quit talking so much. I need to forget all of my past. I’m cancelled for real like so many people. At least my bills are paid and I’ve already purchased most of what is necessary to bury my body when I do go.

Project Lincoln Let’s Go, with Demi Lovato #ThankYou both

I think I better get Rivers back. I am being given a freedom the rest of them must earn. I have moved on.

How the G.O.P. Can Still Wreck America by Paul Krugman

An Ad from The Lincoln Project

Please keep in mind that @realDonaldTrump is likening himself to Abraham Lincoln the most while I have heard him literally tear into Elizabeth Warren, AOC, and many other women who take his head off literally in how they legislate for us day after day after day.

Donald trump is no more like Abraham Lincoln than I look like this, WHO is an approximate rendition of the MAN WHO died and arose over 2,000 years ago for such a moment as ETERNITY

The feature image is the last photo I have of my mother and me. I won, America. You did not lay my dear mother to rest. I did. So go fuck yourselves all the way to hell henceforth if you have lied to me in my perspective.

Plenty of you, oh my GOD plenty of you–have lied to me and around me in my perspective to the point one of my youngest children was told that when they were grown, both parents were going to be cut off.

Go fuck yourself, Bitch and I will take my life one day at a time much more kind than anyone in America who hates THE MAN JESUS CHRIST KING OF KINGS in America and Europe.

Keep cutting me out of your existence. He KNOWS. HE KNOWS, and I forgive it. That is the simplicity of so many of HIS UTTERANCES IN THE NEW TESTAMENT.

Oops. 😂👍🏻

I don’t have miraculous testimony. I conclude life is just one big coincidence.

Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do


The YMCA Sucks

Just get that shit outta America all they ever do is make everyone feel like a fat baby unless you are white. Then they make sure your picture is as ugly as hell in their computer system unless you are the Dad figure if they don’t like your power. I have stories, lemme say.

Yeah I’ve got stories. Here’s one. Austin my friend was like Cara, when i went to public school it was prison. Now Dude has money and power. He’s going to put his kids in Montessori or something which is fine


And I cain’t even get some of the people I’ve taught over the years to be nice because OF COURSE MY LIFE IS WORTHLESS BUT MY PROPERTY DAD AND UNCLE PAUL BUILT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ME.

The YMCA sucks. It’s cool for kid programs. You adults, get your ass outside and do it that way, free, or go to Gold’s Gym to preen oh my fucking gawd leave the adult snot- nosed Republicans and Muslims and Christians alone will ya? Don’t encourage that shit; they are too White in mentality and their men are so fucking arrogant, the white ones, they don’t even know they met up with a Bad Bitch over there when they talk to me.

I had this supervisor over there tell me what to do on numerous occasions. Had this white boy coach manufacture a bully session–using little white-ass skinny girls over there that he groomed to be a clique of volleyball players YES I SAID GROOM #OMG– on my son who was just watching his sisters begin volleyball with some snot-nosed little idiots who are so stuck up I just wanted to scream at them all except the black people.

Yeah that fucking coach came up to me later and was like, Well I do want to work with your daughter. Bad idea, boy. I’ll cut you and the YMCA. My people, defund that shit and move on.

Why did you get this post? Blame @TheRickWilson. It won’t do you any good we will both laugh and work you outta your life song because it’s so murderous, #JoelOsteen @Franklin_Graham @realDonaldTrump @VP @DonaldJTrumpJr @IvankaTrump @SCOTUS @KarenPence #MitchMcConnell #LindseyGraham #RickJoyner #JerryFalwellJr #BobbyConner–I do not care that you survived abortion Bobby and I do not care that you been teaching idiots to be more idiotic all your fucked up ministerial life (Hello there Eagle’s View Ministries)–you idiots are as white supremacist as it gets.

The Defender was there with Me at YMCA Oak Hill, Texas. This isn’t a suggestion: put that whole idiotic thing outta business except the Senior Care and the Day Care and Summer Camps. You all are feeding kids white supremacy on the half shell.

Jesus Christ!!! Imma haftA go walk at Circle C and talk to The Man (I’m just kidding I’ll just walk and be done there, idiots). Watch Circle C. Incel shows up, ya’ll. Heads up!!!


Smirking Chimp’s Excellent Reality Check by Karen Dolan and Heather Cox Richardson

This Is an Emergency: Americans Need Relief, and Trump Is Standing in the Way by Karen Dolan

State of Play by Heather Cox Richardson

I don’t need to write; they are doing so and Molly Jong-Fast is over on Daily Beast being 100 percent accurate too I don’t need to do anything but keep our Voice strong here at Uncovered No More.

What is more, I’m sick and tired of the media blitz Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump seem to think is necessary to keep children being raped and continuously bullied; reality that SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN IN AMERICA JUST LIKE SLAVERY OF AFRICANS—(have we forgotten the lessons of Jeffrey Epstein so soon, murderous America?).

I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King Jr. on Uncoverednomore.blog

It isn’t we, murderers. You are angry, oh wicked and criminally enabled masses because I’m correct and Jesus Christ the King of kings is on the Earth Core never to return to heaven except in Vision when one of His People, True People, dies. He appears. You can go ask my dear family friend about her sister if you need an assurance of what I assert. He and I are done with you murderers. Lucifers are done. Michaels are done.

Gabriels? You are ass hats I am sending up as it concerns #fairytale. Shut up and sit down, and that’s a woman who remembers the dream of a certain young man about blood on the heads of false prophets whose testimonies I already gave and then moved on. (Psalm 74, Revelation 9-13)

Why do I use plural. Well, that’s because any one of you will never ask me which “Armageddon Army ArchAngel Regiment” you are being protected by.


Oh my gawd how elementary. I can tell you which regiment of some people in my life is around me much less this shit from the Bible that is being misinterpreted by murderers one hundred percent of the time. Go listen and read the correct media. I’ve given you three women.

Back at ya, Christian Church worldwide, back at ya. Amen.

~Cara Beaty-Coffey


I HAVE A DREAM by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

No Void Y’all & Black Lives Matter on my YouTube

I HAVE A DREAM by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. paintings by Kadir Nelson

I HAVE A DREAM by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. paintings by Kadir Nelson 2

I HAVE A DREAM by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. paintings by Kadir Nelson 3

I Have a Dream Speech by Martin Luther King Jr read by Cara Beaty

The True Story

So many of us are taken to the place of feeling like this dear woman, but we don’t become scientists. She did and that is just as much love as Cara Beaty and my life. We are in the millions in America. We are the Voice of Change this country needs.

We need universal education and health care. We need a living minimum wage. We need to accept each other, smile, and build more and more and more true wealth from city to city, state to state, and country to country. That much I know.

Ms. Crystal, thank you for being you, and here is where I envision us someday. I know we are working together for a better tomorrow.

It’s OK by Jaime O’Neill on Smirking Chimp & ETC damn it lol

It’s OK by Jaime O’Neill

September 6, 2020 Revelation Six dramatic reading & testimony by Cara Beaty

The reason I put Revelation Six here is not explainable. I went up through that beautiful “wormhole” last night frustrated by politics so I got up early on September 6, 2020, and it is a Sunday.

So I went to church my way after putting this article in Draft to pontificate upon. You will get it, with a cool quote from the article and some Rune Stone Invocation, after I finish my lovely conversation with Curtis. I already have the coloring pencil I want to use and I have the music piece I want to use. Here is the music:

They Own This Town by flora cash

I know why we get knocked down and that’s why I instinctively read Revelation Six this morning as I went to church by myself. I always go to church by myself. You? Remember Me?

I’m just a blue tiger and here is Revelation Six precisely where I’m talking about: #Story Revelation 6:5-6 KJV

See ya in a minute loves. Just kidding. It’ll be the rest of the day and I have several articles to develop. You know what I’m doing with my kids? When they say “give me a second” to take out the trash, and it’s fifteen minutes because the game, Mom….

I give them how many seconds it actually was. They aren’t arguing as much. Score!!!!!


And then this random chicken shows up and says he is okay with socialism even though I couldn’t hardly finish my book report like a good kid on a blog I had to hit delete upon some time ago, so I’m not mad but I’m hurt, America. He says we can define IT as socialism because that’s what guys do for me, and then poof it happens while I just hang around and binge watch Vampire Diaries

If you believe what I just asserted about these tweets below, I’ve got a wall Mexicans did not pay for to sell you…….and are children still in cages but the media isn’t talking about it? What about blacks being killed by white cops but we aren’t supposed to support #BlackLivesMatter or defunding the police rhetoric.

I DO support #BlackLivesMatter and I’m not an idiot. I do not believe that defunding any police is a good idea. Fuck you all fire and jail the white cops killing black people when it is the just thing to do and a bunch of white supremacy dudes and dudettes will either quit the forces or get over themselves and stop being trigger happy when they shouldn’t be. Now let’s move on to priests in the Catholic Church when they should be in jail after you decide to be DE-motivated by the blog article, this chicken’s tweets, and my honesty, America:

So I have provided context. Get over to Twitter and follow these two accounts because I dunno. It might be interesting to see you try to strong arm a dude about how it doesn’t need to be socialism on Twitter when you know perfectly well that I may jump in there and we can have a real set-to.

I bet you one thing. He and I won’t block each other this time. Actually, we never did. But as to @DarkPrinceLucy and a few others……………never mind. I’ve had people you don’t think are people block me and people block me. And I’ve had people who are stupid enough to think I’d quit on Twitter and let them pretend to be a Christ (hello @I_Am_The_Christ) still try over and again. As to Twinkie. Dang I’ve found three forms of him maybe.

ANYway I’m concluding with poetry, free hand art, music, and Rune Stone Invocation.

I dare you Christians lurking everywhere. Get on Twitter. Engage the real ones. See if you can actually stop slinging mud at the real ones who cannot show their faces because they are protecting me, or themselves, in my followers lists. I’m thinning them out not because I have to but because I’m tired of being proven wrong. Not today Satan, not today.