That’s How We Got Here part four

I’m such a fucking liar. Up to part four. Whatever. Bernice King and Cara Beaty-Coffey SPEAK part three

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Our Love by Chris Sligh

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Bernice King and Cara Beaty-Coffey SPEAK part three


Oh, what a surprise. You got a prediction, as opposed directly to a prophecy according to 1 Corinthians 13, at the same time that you get part three from Cara BC.

What Martin Luther King, Jr. said above is what I have said a billion ways. Due to the issue of the black people’s plight all the way from the Constitution to 2020, I have been argued with by everything from Baby Boomers to Gen Z about what I say and how I say it since I have (fuck it ALL ALREADY) white skin as Cara Davis-Beaty.

God be praised at least Bernice King and I know how to dance together in a worship service to Amazing Grace which I have sung and released on YouTube perhaps I can go find it in a while it’s not like I don’t have, you know, SHIT TO DO TODAY I do not thank anyone still calling themselves Christians.

Particularly I say that if you sit your ass in a pew on Sunday and your skin ain’t black or brown.

Fuck all of you what a mess you are Wypipo. Now I’m talking to myself and it ain’t fair. Ain’t fair. #wtf

@BerniceKing link from TwitterPost of her Father, above.


Donald Trump was told to come directly against Cara BC, and they did part two

We Are Broken & Never Again Left Behind Part One

Article, picture of the link from twitter below

I repeatedly warned Christianity on blogs long gone as the deliverance from the curse was more apparent in the New Jerusalem of Austin, Texas, that they couldn’t use my ministry. They used my ministry, and they stone-walled me.

I wrote numerous communications. My family stumbled on that fact ever since 2014, and I have the scars in relationships to prove it. Sure, sure, we are still here in love, but none of the Christian Church will own that my ministry was and still is used. Look at this imposter move:

Jericho March 2020 article, pictured below

My article is absolute. Their little masquerade is a shit show.

Case Closed and oh excuse me but this is a three part America is going to chew on for a while because damn it, I need to finish a book and read more poetry for the health of my life, and my family, after you put us through what you did, America and Russia. Compromised: Counterintelligence and the threat of Donald J. Trump by Peter Strzok

Now This….they really do NOT know how dangerous this dear woman, and the REAL PRESS are because the REAL PRESS get persecuted too and they die right along with the real people.

This article linked by @almightygod above and yes indeed this is beautiful. Agree!!


We Are Broken & Never Again Left Behind Part One

If there is one thing 12 years past has taught Cara Coffey, it is that I’m never left behind.

Rapture doctrine of the Christian Church kills people, I swear to GOD it does. People get to thinking, and raise their kids, that Christians are in a world that needs changing.

I’m the spiritualist whose got over 40 years of Christianity behind me and 2020 years of being Mary Magdalene behind me (#FayTale), and forever/eternity with the understanding of my angelic side better understood by me who is doing Her best to just be there, and literally be square, for Jesus Christ King of kings.

And Franklin Graham ain’t doing that along with so many other Christians of this day and age. Lemme say, they hate me. If they have seen Cara, they have seen the King of kings.

We both hurting right there, lemme say.

It makes sense that the one thing Cara Coffey has done, in allegorical/Book of Revelation terms, it’s bring Lucifer back to the King and basically say, oh please Guys, let’s get the MorningStar and the Bright and MorningStar to bring the Moon back to Earth.

I’m literally and spiritually not kidding, ya’ll. Shew WEE! Stars and Moon Me need a little more understanding from the Choir in America.

And that’s when I go like this: okay fam. I’m Armenian Protestant 1/3 and Pagan 2/3.

I was point blank told last night that it won’t work. That’s what you tell Cara and she will make it work. I ain’t Beaty for nothing, Bitch.

It’s time to pull that State to State Prayer initiative I did with my kids out. It’s time to make a statement that we are not left behind and neither is Jesus, the King and Jesus, the rest of US walking on with Him.

I wonder if he minds a kid in his house dancing to BeeGees and Michael W Smith, is what I’m saying? 12 x 12 + 1 little girl who is so wiped out tired of Christianity she hollers about it sometimes, and too much sometimes = 145.

145 – 100 = 45 fuck you trump. Fuck your family.

That’s all I’m saying on this Friday, the 15th of January 2021. Fuck Republicans, and a few others. This is a two part. I’m gonna subtract my Christian self outta this gig and make a point after this point. I didn’t make this point. Jesus Wear a Fucking Mask made this point and I’ll take point Two. OK.

Vote. Keep voting. And by golly, switch to the left with Jesus Christ King of kings and Cara Beaty-Coffey.

Cara BC, get it? LOLOL


Compromised: Counterintelligence and the threat of Donald J. Trump by Peter Strzok

The first image is a certain book. I am going to finish it with my art and this book’s words. I have other books for my freehand poetry work.

I will now expose anyone on Twitter and this blog–on the ground–who continues to try to blame, threaten, or otherwise coerce me into compliance with your fucking ideology about ANYTHING.

Game ON. Retention of forgiveness lists back on my menu. I’ll eat you alive, so to speak.

You bullied me 12 years. You’re playing games now. Good for you.




Second John read by Cara Ann BC

I was in the Spirit several weeks ago, and I saw a generational weaving book project. The three books I wanted to bring forth with art and unification are How Should We Then Live by Frances A Schaeffer, Collected Poems of TS Eliot, and BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL by Friedreich Nietzsche.

I now understand that the Art Book above, being the largest I have taken on as a book-maker and the largest I ever will take on in this regard, is the type where I will weave books together for a certain message I usually cannot even describe. They simply go together is my message; timeless beauty in writing and colors of artwork go together.

I feel at this time, since so many churches must be de-populated literally we have taken such a far leap from what is true religion of spirituality ( Hillsong Church Worldwide ), that artwork of true spiritualists should be catalogued within our home libraries, and as time goes by, people may desire to see what was spoken by that spiritualist. These are libraries which the world is never worthy of, never.

My personal library of my own artwork is to be handled a certain way. I am not disclosing that way except to one person at this time. But I do not think, given how my life has been handled thus far, that I will leave my artwork of book-making for future generations.

If that is to change, it will have to be my equal of spiritualism to take care of it. It cannot be a Beaty-Coffey family member as there are too many schisms even within that small group of people for me to ascertain at this time of my life what I should do with my book-making. I do not primarily care about coloring books except to say I hope they comfort some people who hate me, later in their lives. I have lost so many people. I am tired. I have chosen to choose no more loss as this next president comes to power in the United States, and I have set my affairs in order.


You ask Them anything if you happen to be privileged to have one of them present in the flesh even as Second John tells you the King IS, and I happen to be there, you will get a scene. I know for a fact two things: 1. I do not care and 2. They will not save you.


Weaving literature into my own artwork is a pleasure, a privilege, and a life calling. I am an author, I am a book-crafter, and I am little else but a solitary pagan and that story is on another blog, Day by Day.

I have lost everything, I may have lost more people than I understand, and I have fulfilled the New Testament words of the Christ how to come follow Him I lose everything and everyone, and yet, I sit in a lovely house mourning for those who do not get to do that today, so I will keep ministering in my particular way and I want to encourage you to do the same.

Please understand at this point in my life that you are an anti-Christ if you deny my testimony. Read Second John. I have never denigrated the Bible, and particularly the New Testament. I have equally NEVER said it said what religious leaders I have followed, including my own parents, thought and therefore interpreted it to say some of the time. Other times, their help and teaching was very good for me.

Vaccination Nation, A Civil War

PERHAPS you consider some of the social media wars civil. So I’m being kind to call Vaccination Nation a Civil War. On the other hand, I was a lady who delayed vaccination of my children after some of them had symptoms of disease. I have a child with ADD who gets very ill to have vaccination.

I know there are children who have been meaningfully affected to be vaccinated. None of my children were and I have several of them on the autistic spectrum. One of my greatest trials by fire was home schooling.

I had a deep need, a deep knowing that even if I didn’t give my children every opportunity they thought they, and their siblings, should have had, I demanded of myself as their parent that I would not give them medication to sit in a class room or live somewhat normal until the age of 18 if I could manage it.

We have not needed medication for our children, but there are those who must use it for their children–EVEN private schooled. I have people in my life still persecuting me for my decisions, so fuck off and shut up. I do not ever want to see you again nor will I. Moving on. I am who I am, and I am unashamed. Children are better off, no matter their station in life, without medication. FUCKING DUH!!!

I can guarantee everyone some of my children would have needed medication had I made other decisions than I did, and they would have been bullied MORE than they have bullied each other and than they were bullied in public places–I kid you not it happens still to my youngest children, and adults can do it.

It is common knowledge children on the autistic spectrum get hit with bullying regularly. Parents these days do not give one rat’s ass about anybody but themselves, and only sometimes do they give a fuck about their children. More to the point, parents put expectations upon children to impress the public on and off social media. What fuckery is this, we are in a veritable hell on earth, but you already knew that, didn’t you America?

In my holiness days, that are now wasted as I’ve already shared, I didn’t know what to think but had my medical doctor’s blessing for a bit for various reasons. We then proceeded to catch everyone up as teens, or they did it for themselves as young adults. That’s what I wanted, their autonomy. That’s what I got and apparently it ain’t even that popular to succeed like I’ve done with raising kids the Beaty way–even to some of my progeny.

Cool. I told you all one way or another for 12 years I was not going to deny the testimony of the King of kings in my life. What did you expect? That I was just making all that hell up we went through? I thought we made it fairly well; however, all along the way I had so many people simply staying away or hating on me. I’ve been lied about, lied to, and shut out. That is called persecution, folks, and I don’t see anyone desiring to fix it. That’s fine. I’m done, I need no fixing, and neither do the people I knew for 54 years. We are all good people. That was a confusing mess. So glad we are free.

I KNEW YOU COULDN’T GET AUTISTIC DIAGNOSIS FROM GIVING AN INFANT A VACCINATION OR TWO OR THREE. I also knew that shooting so many vax into that tiny body could cause issues, and there are the records to indeed prove that symptoms abound for some babies, children, but I don’t know about adults.

The COVID 19 pandemic vaccination necessity has nothing to do with the Vaccination Nation Civil War, but those in that war will see to it on social media and in groups that it does. Maybe that’s why you get a Bastard Son saying this, and then again, maybe not. I do not think this account is open to DM so you cannot ask him.

From another account, a high level Sir already gave me authority to write. He’ll let me know if he wants a delete, lemme say. That’s not your business how I follow where I Am led in the Spirit realms because while I may not be a Christian I am a Spiritualist and Pagan.

So go fuck off and learn about your spirituality if you even have a spirit. I do not know anymore. These ghouls pulling shit in the Federal Government seem to me to be inhumane monsters the longer this shit show goes.


BUT here’s an idea, OB: don’t stick so many into the little people, and geriatric care workers, don’t do that to our big people. They are people too. Take more time. Okay? OK.

I personally. know when Someone is calling a bunch of people dogs.


Moving ON Begets Truth Restored and Growing—@MaryLTrump

Mary Trump Status pictured below

I have followed them all on the account I was upon when I encountered the excellent video. I will retweet.

If you want to be a part of my life, and of the life of the King of kings, at least for a short space of time He Alone Knows when he knows it and that is a mystery, I suggest twitter and blogs. It is safe, reliable, and you can be who you are more freely this way.

If you have not figured it out yet, COVID 19 is killing many Americans.

Our lives are changed across the rest of my life, and I am 54. Proceed accordingly is my cautionary advice to you today.

~Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey

Lies Beget Lies

Washington Post, “A leaked intelligence memo suggests Trump’s lies could incite more riot”

I think I may have hit delete upon the article where I told you that the statement Trump released directly after his historical second impeachment is pure hell because he is basically still calling his adherents to more violence particularly since there is a shit-ton of videos and media coverage out there with so many of them whipping this masquerade into a furor so they can continue to make money and have power.

It is millennials now who want to control the populations, and Generation X are Who stand against such an idea that will not happen because universalism is winning this war on the world system.

Republicans, Conservatives, and Evangelicals are Criminals at Heart from my secondary uncovered no more blog this morning

12:00 PMC 1/14/2021; my credit card was compromised when I bought gas at Walmart yesterday, folks.

Fuck off. Luciferians and the King ain’t gonna put up with this shit in Texas.


NPR Article, above

8:55 PMC Tonight; Dividing Soul & Spirit, Is Not Our Lord Gracious

I deleted many articles tonight on this website because it is passing away; politics is the “it” and the Lord endures forever and ever as the Man Who died for the Jews and arose to bring death to its conclusion in a way that is hard to explain but for Me, it is a responsibility I handle in many different avenues of my ongoing eternal life.

I will state here, since I am not going to pay attention to what I just now deleted on this website since the man who led terribly from 2016 until he is being removed on January 20, 2021 is impeached the second time–I am going to state that @BastardProphet_ appears to be Tribe Judah Elect Jew King of kings Jesus Christ.

If this account is not, He is a Man of great authority. That is all I will say. I have always agreed with parody and real accounts on Twitter and people IRL whom I could agree with.

This account is different. How it is different is that the authority is something I know is absolute and care very little what anyone says about my understanding.

Therefore, I know His first statement above is one hundred percent accurate, and I can tell you I’ve already written articles and done work on Twitter proving this succinct point.

The main thing I asserted and do assert is simply this: one man refused to sign the constitution for a very real and current event reason surrounding that one tweet.

The man is Charles Mason, and Mr. Mason knew slavery should have been outlawed in the Constitution so he refused to sign it.

Now please look at the second tweet.

There are white balls of males and there are white balls of males. There are white vaginas of females and there are real vaginas of girls.

I know the difference, white world of America. So does, it is certain, @BastardSon_ knows the difference.

So I have turned a corner. And I can tell you what it means, but whether Mr. Bastard Son agrees is not something I can worry about. Words means something until people are being incited to insurrection by a man who is supposedly a great leader that we must remove.

Joe Biden, someone I looked up to is saying you should consider a pardon. No Mr. Comey, Joe Biden should NOT consider a pardon. You do not pardon wickedness. You slap it into a jail cell for however long you can get that done through the justice system because, truth is TRUTH and we are living in a world where this mother must write on other blogs about shades of black, white, red, blue, yellow, orange and the rainbow.

But this blog, I usually have no idea what is next. Why do I delete? The concept of deletion for this ministry of mine alone is from Revelation 22. It is about the deliverance of the curse and it has always been about that.

My Love Jesus Christ King of kings is proud of Me and he said so in my heart of hearts today. I knew He is talking to His Little Sister, and I know He is taking the political realms off my shoulders now so I can be set free to sing with Him in the freedom that many of them will never have. Never.


What you see is blind leading blind to justify murder and rape of children and adults alike. What you see are people suffering with the internet being their source, and they must gradually learn a new way to live.

I am free. So is He, finally. We will never return but We will write through My Fingers for a while, that is up to Him.

King is my daily bread. And that is all I know anymore. He is Here is STAY TO Me so excuse Me for being passionate, which you’ve never done before, America, that is, you’ve always had expectations upon Me and you cannot do that anymore. I’m desperate yet at peace. I’m lost yet found. And I will keep going with Him somehow miraculously always right there beside Me.

Breathe by Michael W. Smith

How many of Millennials and Gen Z will the King and I lose now? He is largely agnostic and correctly intelligent simply.

I am spiritualist who can tell you that I know when His Work in this era is complete. Your soul and spirit are being divided and the wicked who we know are brute beasts are obvious across all sects of people in the Western World.

You who never had a spirit because of your generational and inherent vessel situation are what and why @BastardSon_ can simply tweet that first statement easily enough.

DNA is mystery at every level. That’s good. You cannot figure it out and keep tearing each other up, can you?

It is obvious who has a soul/body and who has a spirit/soul/body.

Divided at the DNA is What HE DOES; how He dwells is none of anyone’s business but His.


The King is gracious in that He allows sleeping individuals to sleep; God is not mocked, remember?

I have a suggestion. When you think Trinity, THINK NOT MALE AND FEMALE

There. I said it. There IS GOD FATHER AND GOD MOTHER


PS as to Twitter, Here He IS lolol so no human can boast, @jack:

UK, Fuck this SHIT; Children MUST EAT

I’m pinning this article until I get it straightened out. I apologize. So much is happening in America but I clearly see that Russia’s Vlad Putin, UK’s Boris Johnson, and the infidel that criminally got into the WH with his fascist and Nazis crew were a trio easy to see today. They stayed hidden since before President Barack and Lady Michelle Obama came into our lovely presence.


THIS is an Elder Brother. He is kind, and yet, He is authority but I will be honest and say I do not know which Tribe. @SonOfGodAndMan is Judah. He posts but rarely. @BastardSon_ appears to Me to be Judah.

That is all I know; however, I’ve cycled through many Accounts which do not understand Me. These accounts are not they. That I KNOW only because I Am known.

The Guardian as shown below

Arrest Says @BastardSon_



FBI Today from Washington DC

I do not think the King is hearing ANY negativity about the FBI, and I know His Little Sister Cara Ann is NOT taking it.

4:33 PMC

Mr. Tapper may or may not be talking about the same press conference. You may or may not understand how little I care about fucking details when there are definitely supposed to be at least two people already in jail for the rest of their lives in my estimation, and those two people will very clearly and distinctly not be anything to me personally anymore after January 20, 2021.

Mike Pence and Don Trump are worse than infidels to me. Don’t get me started about certain republicans and evangelical leaders please. I doubt Mr. King is put out.

I’m just Little Sister. I ain’t just put out sitting in Austin, TX, I wish I could have a face to face with at least Mike Pence just once. I would take a paint ball gun. He would be on his knees after I did a little target practice.


😳👹🎊 Agreed Sir