This One is what needs removing as best we can • kaleidoscope of “Our Revolution” by Bernie Sanders is OUR ‘merican Bible HERE 7:33 AMC

Basil speaks REST TO OUR SOULS

On purpose I didn’t bring my keyboard today. I have taken it to the middle finger a couple times.

Breathe Cara. 😂 Shut up TARA

This article may grow today.

Fuck them all killing us as they do.
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I am out in ministry and for therapy. I took time to make my peppermint tea. It is refreshing. Try my luv life to do refreshing for ourselves and one another.
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Anti-semitism must STOP

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I feel the need to write a few paragraphs about anti-semitism at this time due to the stances internationally I have taken.

I think it is very easy to get bogged down in details when the issues are very clear, actually, and easy to see if one is balanced. I work at that balance and don’t always have it.

At other times I get hit, with negative rhetoric, a whole lot and just try to take it because I do have more balance as a visionary person and other people would rather argue than understand underlying issues together and invoke for peace.

I do not mean pray. I mean light a candle in solidarity, drink some tea, or coffee, maybe cry together for the suffering of others worldwide, and hope for them a better day as we nourish our own environments.

Please let us think about Ukrainians at this time. They must build again due to Russia’s wicked intent and moral depravity.

I do not necessarily agree with the way Israel, the Nation, deals with the Palestinians. But I’m not saying the Palestinians are any better. That part of the world is a confused, ugly, mess and also beautiful in all their customs.

But what this article, and the statements of the President, are about……hate toward Jewish Communities in America. They, and the Black-Skinned Communities, have and continue to suffer with racial injustice all across this land. There are others to be sure. But I am simply saying.

I must do this type of statement since I live smack dab in the Capital City area of a red state. I am literally figuratively ten feet under negativity and judgment and not only from the Grand Ole Party.

Picture Below is freshly lit. I invoke!

“….building it, that’s a better word…” ~KRISHNAMURTI in 1985

Which statement I appreciate in this month of transition in the Western World for one reason: she almost called this accurate thing she is speaking, Creation. I am saying this week of birthdays in my life, and the week before, with runes and cards and youtube….WE MUST CREATE while watching people including myself be delivered of the “downside or curse as it were” of a lack of balance where our time is spent: with screens.

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