An Open Letter to Republicans, Protestants, & Curtis & Patrick Coffey

You have a web of deceit that is vicious indeed. You have denied the very real King of kings and all of you have every intention of continuing your games to make money off of him or to just live like He isn’t on the Earth. There is one person you are now meaningfully affectingContinue reading “An Open Letter to Republicans, Protestants, & Curtis & Patrick Coffey”

Shade #DeityRealm

This one concluding today is pinned until I’m done defining Shade which is to say I don’t know how the hell I got here but hold on we gotta win apocalypse too. Jesus Christ how simple it appears to Bea. 5150 by Van Halen Indeed Status of Pastor Locke I set fire to the rain;Continue reading “Shade #DeityRealm”

Call IT Please & Charismania, go home you’re done

Paula White-Cain is doing stupid things like summoning angels from other countries. Oh my word have you ever tried to tell an angel what to do? They don’t listen to stupid people who wear too much makeup, live in 2 million dollar places given to them by the prez who they are the spiritual advisorContinue reading “Call IT Please & Charismania, go home you’re done”

300 Hours; 77 Days by @loutrebrule

DM Him and ask why He is saying this. I have given many deadlines across the last 12 years according to the book of Revelation in the Ancient Text KJV Bible. Mr. Brûlé must call it for this and he is agnostic which means he likely will have nothing to do with the Bible. WhatContinue reading “300 Hours; 77 Days by @loutrebrule”

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