Uncovered No More Volume 3 Excerpts

No, no American Christianity; you do not get that first volume’s easy testimony on this website, you damnable idiots. Just because you speak in the flesh what I realized in the spirit long ago; long ago does not mean you get to keep the narrative you took from my writing and keep slinging stupidity at the world with it.

I will take from the last volume of Uncovered No More henceforth, and if you even whisper shit from that first couple of books I have my ways and means to write back your idiotic pontifications and slam you publicly but that isn’t this gorgeous book here at this dot blog. 

I’m your worst nightmare, Western World, over at Cara Beaty WordPress blog.  

Go ahead. Trim me up publicly how you’ve done privately and link it to taraannmoons@gmail.com. Let’s get to it in cyber-war, shall we?

I’m going to war with you thought police out there that are not for Peace On Earth Good Will to Humankind and the Earth and the Animals and every living thing, even inorganic material like rocks. All Creation worships, remember?

I remember when Dad and Mom were building at GoldenWood in Austin, TX. Dad and I would be out clearing the property, maybe he had a fire going burning off brush and we would be trucking rocks out.

Cara, I think these rocks breed in Austin. 

I’d look at Dad, then we’d smile and keep working. And I have this to say: there are rocks and there are rocks. Last time that Dude pitched rocks at that church as I was walking out yet again, he walked back to the church and I walked to my car parked by the cross over there after I watched him pitch rocks at a fence directly across from my Toyota. I was like, OKAY, I can’t disagree with that pitching style of this My Dude, no I cannot.

We nodded at each other in agreement, somehow, and I smiled knowing what he was communicating. This damn church needs to get over their exclusivity of religion and this dear Woman needs a sign to keep moving because she keeps getting controlled and framed within Christianity’s Nightmare. 

But here is the truth NOW: I know exactly which ARCAngel sent that young man into that church to send me a message safely. People have and do wear Tshirts around me, and leave other signs occasionally. It took me a while to determine which of the three major ARCAngels in the Bible Record it was generating this communication IRL, and you are not going to get the information about how I interpret things like this. It is none of your business and all of mine.

(Curtis has witnessed this publicly and laughed as I cried inside because it was a black young man that bravely walked up to us sitting outside Whole Foods at Hill Country Galleria and then when he knew I’d read the shirt he walked quickly through Whole Foods because his mission was complete.)

I smile NOW. Christianity’s Nightmare is henceforth my specialty. What about Michael Shane Davis in Mississippi? I asked him to take a look at my writing from my old website blog, the one I had back in September of 2015 when we had just completed the fourth blood moon like what I wrote in my Double Moons Prayer Initiative. 

He came back in the room with his eyes blinking and watering. “I can’t read it Cara. My eyes burned.”

Yeah then four of us took a stand against Satan in his kitchen and his son spontaneously burned a prayer list of Evangelicals and Protestants I handed to Shane to pray with me about. His son’s name is Justus.

My ninth child saw the Angels in Spirit Life in their living room, some in the living room, some on the other side of the living room wall connected by a heavenly doorway in that portal. What is more, Justus sat on that very couch and watched the wall spontaneously combust.

But I was the one who brought Shane and his family back the tradition of Taco Thursday if my memory serves correctly. I fixed tacos, we talked, and he told me later that was a Davis family tradition. I simply remember going to the grocery store that day, getting what I needed to cook, and being thankful Cookies and Cream Ice Cream was Justus Davis’s favorite ice cream.

And now I cannot be with my family. You have injured the Davis-Beaty, America. And my typing hands will murder your lying life 24/7, 24/7, 24/7 in Jesus Name, amen. The Sword comes out of His Mouth and my Fingers as an Author.

We are Tribe Judah. We do not care one fucking rat’s ass what you think. We keep moving amen. Here we go. Up past the moon, the stars, the Sun, here we go. I’m just dreaming. I’m just dreaming and it comes out my typing fingers America. It is all glory to GOD.

If you don’t understand what I’ve written, asserted, or conversed with you, chalk it up to intercession and proclamation. That’s what I respectfully do for you all the time. If I raise my Voice, yeah it’s because you talking shit. Stop talking shit and we can get to know each other better AND understand one another better.

Judging me to control me is talking shit. Any questions?


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Please Forgive US, President Barack and First Lady Michelle OBAMA

December 22, 2013

Double Moons Prayer Initiative, June through August, 2013, by Cara Beaty

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And I Love You So by Don Mclean #InterActiveSongList 7:31-7:33 AMCE 3/7/2020….the people ask how, and He tells them He doesn’t know. Well, Tara knows and that is the truth so help us All GOD. Leave Me Cara alone until…….I will color, and you will bow the knee to Jesus Christ the King of kings. 

3/6/2020 after I finished that last article, Curtis was My #Witness in text messaging:

Rejoice with me please. I thought I was shackled to releasing more of my third book. I’m free tonight. 💚