Subset Leadership of Misinformation in Heavenly Doors #10742

1/6/2018: 12:04 PM Central Time: the infidel is removed worldwide within the open doors of the 144,000 elect according to Revelation 14 all glory to God and in Jesus Name amen. This will in no way be testified by me. I am silent as the grave and my lips were sealed a few years ago by my “prophetic flesh husband Prophet Isaiah” with a hot coal according to the entire book of Isaiah and the entire Gospel Record of the New Testament. Amen.

1/8/2018: it needs to be understood that the basic premise of this list was simple. Repel Cara because there is no way she is right. All of my children and I on this property, and my parents, were pushed past normal limits in the flesh and the spirit life for nine long years. That is how you get to today where it should be, when Bobby Conner came into Austin and talked about “coronation” the first weekend of September of 2017, that we should immediately be able to in unity have the very physical Jesus Christ come into the room and direct us all as Catholics and Protestants worldwide in all churches to tweak here and there and keep moving.

Let me tell you something that has been obvious for nine long years as it concerns the testimony of Cara Beaty in Austin, Texas. I still get anger out of Curtis when I don’t use the Coffey name as it pertains to me, in conversations.

I birthed children for Curtis, but I’m not a Coffey. Curtis always demands that his way of thinking be that of this entire household and he expected me, for 28 long years, to think his way because that is how Curtis thinks a Christian marriage works. Women in Curtis’s mind–along with this whole list below where there is only Hispanic and White colorings of skin–think of wives and mothers as older children.

This whole base-line thought process is called male chauvenism and supremacy of whichever skin-color that male, or female who demands to be right in this same vein/artery of love grown cold, resides and does their “work of the ministry” of whichever fucking religion or non-religion they ascribe to. (Revelation 13 & 17 principles combined here)

And this base-line is how you get my children being taken to places of both not taking care of themselves and being desperate in their public lives–if you saw that. Gossip did not kill my children or me. So. Now you deal with God Alone because Jesus certainly does not want to have anything to do with you.

Let me ask American Christianity something: if Jesus Christ informed them all at the age of 33 that he could wipe them out right then and there, how much more today in Austin, Texas, as it concerns the absolute, out-right, in real life persecution of a prophetess in the office of it on a premier heavenly door property with all her 13-15 children? How much more, oh Synagogue of Satan? Anathema! You are Anathema! to me because you are so selfish and self-serving. My children suffered, and suffered, and suffered. My testimony is true. And you put Donald Trump in the White House. What the fuck? 

This page is here due to high elect Tribe Judah Cara Beaty, Mahesh Chavda, and Bobby Conner. I take it one day at a time and Jesus is in complete charge. In 2017, on the first Friday of December, Mahesh Chavda told me The Job is finished. 

Bonnie Jones

Joyce Meyer

Bill & Beni Johnson with Kim Walker-Smith

Charles & Stephen Simpson; Bill & Diane Lawler

Rick Warren, John Piper, Kenneth Hagee, Graham Cook, Michael Farris

Shawn Bolz

 Bill & Sue Hart

Joel & Cheryl Davis

Richard & Julie Joyner

 Michael & Debi Pearl

Jerrel & Wanda Hein

Aaron Hicks

Recie Saunders 3; Toby & Mary Virginia Petty

Curtis Coffey, Amanda Coffey, Alva W. Coffey, Marci Coffey

James Arrington, Matthew Calk, Adriana Arrington

Cathedral of Praise

Austin Oaks

Restore Austin where my youngest child is being held hostage.

Franklin Graham

12/21/2017: This is not your house. This is Dad’s House. This type lie with defiant disobedience is only part of why this page is here. You will stop with me American Christianity. I love God first like you are supposed to do.

As the wife of Curtis Edward Coffey, I have never, nor will I eternally so to speak, ever, ever, ever deny the testimony of the grace of GOD in Curtis Edward Coffey’s life. He never, ever, ever will be able to say that about:

Cara Ann Beaty in Jesus Name, amen. Judge me, fine. Go to hell in the second heaven and burn there until you can come out bowing your knee to God the Father because every knee bows in eternity. Curtis denied my paranormal side as explained in the Periscope. Curtis continues to try to push buttons privately to get out more information and to try to get me to testify this around to including him in to my high elect life. I took over his will until I gave it back to get to the place of the return testimony of Jesus Christ. I informed him at that time how I gave him his will back but he may not even remember it, and that was after I saw 7 foot Justin on November 16, 2016, which of course was a New Name Jesus Christ. Curtis is not allowed to see the recording of that and I don’t know why. I do not want to know about anyone else anymore after the hell both Curtis and me have been through. I got angry at Jesus Christ in the spirit life today. He was glad. He wants Curtis and me safe in our current circumstance in the flesh emotionally as we continue to dwell together, and He is in charge of us and is getting His Jesus Will being done on earth as it is in heaven as it concerns the testimony of Cara Beaty, author, of Uncovered No More–so I’m sharing this to make clear what I am saying and why I am saying it. 

But after I got my free will free since I knew Jesus had already revealed Himself to me in a body form which I knew eventually was going to happen that I had fully informed Curtis about for 8 long years, my life privately got worse as I learned that the free will of humans can still sin without Satan on the earth–that is my live @CoffeyCara1 ongoing Periscope/Twitter testimony and I tell only what I am comfortable telling and then keep moving. I feel safe doing it this way in Jesus Name, and I have blocked Curtis and Mary Virginia on Twitter.

So back off Christianity and go back to your own business as I hear Beyonce’ sing Run the World (Girls) while Jesus was somewhere today to help me here and a lady made sure to smile at me at that place, sent in by Jesus, with a shirt on that said, Speak Out. She was of slightly less chocolate color as Beyonce’. I don’t like white chocolate. I hate it, actually. Do you have any questions, Babes? 

Sorry. But an angelic marriage gets me authority I never asked for. My whole family hates Tara Ann Moons which is an email address. I never went by that name. An angel in a dream called me that and there is Tara Lane on the other side of 290W to give you living, factual, first heaven proof that my testimony is true in Jesus Name, amen.


I Told Jesus by Roberta Flack on YouTube

Glory Bubble Manifistations & Unification within Them

Civil War being Brought to a Close


On January 2, 2018, at 4:39-4:40 AM, I placed the Introduction of Uncovered No More: a four blood testimony (vol 3) upon this page which remains. I asked Jesus this early morning if I would delete this honesty, if I should delete this honesty—in a page representing the full death and resurrection of a little girl named Cara who lives in Texas. Supposedly, mysteriously, this little girl lives in Texas. And Jesus doesn’t care until He does—is what my discussion in the spirit realms with Him was this early morning as I watch 4:43 turn to 4:44 AM.

So here is the deal: this page and Introduction is only the beginning. That book will be the last publication on this website blog of Uncovered No More. 

1/7/2018: I want to hit delete on all names. I must stand now by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ and move on leaving the rest to God.  Names will henceforth only be added all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen. Count it all joy, people who betrayed me. Count it all joy. You aren’t doing that and I cannot care–so help me GOD. What a shit-load you are to I AM. Whatever.


Let me introduce myself today as I begin again. While I say I am beginning again, to write this book means I also delve back into my past across 49.5 years to tell a ministerial story that I’ve written across three other books in a different way.
My first two books are in the process of being released into a second edition at this time, and they have been re-titled A White Stone: one pilgrim’s journey and Praying for America: Christians are clothed, loved, and comforted.
I removed these two books from publication and sale in 2014 in order to continue to thoroughly deny the “666” according to Revelation 13 because I was in a rather large deliverance story that is being told in this third volume. They are titled differently now because at first, they were two volumes titled Uncovered No More. As my story progressed, I realized Uncovered No More is our ministry in Austin, Texas, and not only books.
The third book is called The Untold Story of Uncovered No More. It has a sub-title in my heart of hearts that comes forth in the conclusion of this book. It is also to me a lovely though difficult tale of A Haunting Episode of Bereavement, and so that is the sub-title. The untold story is now on a thumb drive and out of my Dropbox. Thus, this book is the third volume and the untold story is not numbered in this set.
If something of importance needs to be kept in your memory for later testimony in this book, I have bolded it for your convenience so you can remember it. This is as according to the new names and white stones of Revelation chapter two. Only God knows our names in this place. I don’t understand new names and white stones yet as fully as I would like; however, I can say that as a prophetess I see the connections associated with Revelation 2:17 and so I have a responsibility before God to testify these connections sometimes as I see them. The ministry of Uncovered No More is a white stone, and I know a few other ministries that are conscious of how they are white stones, too.
I was born in Dallas, Texas, at Baylor Hospital on April 14, 1966, to Robert H. and Mary Virginia Beaty. I have one sibling, Patrick, who was born on December 10, 1963. He died September 27, 1980, at the age of 17 from a heart condition which strikes a person suddenly with onset of symptoms. Patrick was jogging with my father and me in the early morning when he collapsed and went unconscious the first time in 1978. He was miraculously revived at the hospital and lived two more years.
In 1980, Patrick was convicted by the Holy Spirit. He was under strict doctor supervision and wasn’t allowed to exercise. He had to take medication. But in this state of affairs in his life, he felt that he understood how he was giving into fear of the wrong kind to not do some of his normal activities that he used to do before his first collapse in 1978. So he told my father one day right before his death that he had to come against this fear. He was going to begin to jog again.
However, he never stopped taking his medications though the side effects were difficult for him to live with because he was sleepy all the time. The other thing he told my father was that he loved his sister very much as he told Dad what he was going to do. Dad released my brother. Then he died while a neighbor boy was timing his first jog after his initial collapse.
As a prophetess with a fierce calling on my life who was unaware of this fact until September through December of 2008, I listened to my husband Curtis tell me that I was going to write a book called Uncovered No More on September 24, 2008. The next day, I was hit with a large demon of insanity. The demon talked through my voice. Twenty-eight years and only two days earlier, my brother lay in the street as one of two dead men according to Revelation 11:8-11—he was a literal, physical dead prophet in the street is what I am saying.
The first man who laid dead in the street is my paternal grandfather, Robert Hilton Beaty. He died while his wife, Grandmother Eara Davis-Beaty, was about six weeks pregnant with my father Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr.
Grandpa’s driver’s side truck door was broken so he had to hold it closed while he was driving. To avoid pedestrians, Grandpa swerved and let go of the door. He fell out and his vehicle ran over him. He laid dead in the street on October 21, 1933.
My grandparents were poor, and Dad was raised during the Depression and served in the military as a medic for part of his young life. He was stationed in Europe.
I remember Dad’s stories about how things had changed so much between the time he left America and then shortly after came back into this country when his years of service were over. This is noteworthy because his daughter now knows why things were so different in America to a degree.
I have experience testifying in real life alongside the book of Revelation for about six years now. But that doesn’t mean I come to conclusions in my writing. I simply have learned to testify and move on to the next season of what I need to do as a prophetess.
Revelation is a very mysterious book, and it is also allegory that spans eternity and time, both. That is not something any one person, or even group of people, can interpret wholly ever on this earth without being with I AM face to face according to First Corinthians 13 and Revelation 21 and 22.
All statements of testimony and commentary that I write in this book assume this humble position. I don’t anymore call what I write “prophetic opinion” because of the nature of faith that I must maintain as I testify. However, when I pontificate in commentary, it is more like I am asking any reader to think through this thing with me so that you can have your faith, hope, and love levels increase according to First Corinthians 13 as I have had happen to be writing this book.
You may not agree with me occasionally; and, I don’t think that should be an issue in the larger scheme of things as it concerns the return of Jesus Christ to the earth. But of course, that is my opinion and it isn’t even “prophetic”. I’m just accustomed to Christians arguing more often than not about first one thing and then another, and if a body is talking about Revelation, well, watch out!
I left your little arrogant circles of fellowship long ago, oh Christian Nation of America. But I have talked to ever so many people who know how to pontificate with me. One of them here recently is now beginning to pray with his dear wife when in 2013, his testimony to me as I prayed for him and helped him with something, was that he was an “atheist”. He and I naturally talked about Revelation not long ago in light of Armageddon and the world wars. It was a very interesting conversation and we didn’t argue even once.
I do not know anyone writing like I do. That makes me feel very alone, and sometimes lost, as a human being. As a Christian, I have learned a lot the last seven years. I have also cried a lot. The story of this book is very sad. While I shared the literal two dead prophets in the street of my Beaty family, there are six men who represented a larger picture of death in this book according to Revelation 11. And I am a woman; therefore, I am the biblical weaker vessel. These facts of my life torment me nowadays quite honestly after having lived through the testimony of this book.
In a world where we can, generally speaking, get a conclusion in 30 or 60 minutes on the television, not coming to conclusions for any person is almost a sin somehow. But here at the front of this testimony, I am going to state quite clearly that I don’t come to conclusions. I will not pontificate upon “when” Jesus Christ is going to return “in the flesh life”.
But what I will do is share a dream my mother says I told her I had. I have no memory of this dream, but what I have found about me is that I have no memory if that particular memory would have hurt the general outcome of my life, and when I say that please hear me: this book is about my life alone. However, if it is about my life then it is about every human being that ever has lived or will live. I saw to this sort of mentality in my own prophetic soul and spirit as I lived through this ministerial, second and third heaven, story. Every person matters.
In the dream, there was a large puzzle in front of me and only one piece was missing. I guess I was that piece and I knew it. It was placed into the puzzle.
Forty-seven years after my grandfather lay dead, and my life was sealed with a rather ferocious testimony locked inside my 14 year old body when I saw my brother’s dead body on Potomac Street in Garland, Texas, before the medics took him to the hospital. The doctors of the emergency room quickly pronounced him dead.
I am a little book according to Revelation chapter ten. I was handed to the Apostle John in Revelation, and when he “tasted” this testimony it was sweet as honey. But then, this book of the ministry of Uncovered No More turned bitter as I worked with the Archangel Michael in the war called Armageddon in Austin, Texas, and within heavenly openings according to the heavenly doors of Revelation chapter four.
I only interpret what I need to out of the book of Revelation, and the rest of the Bible, to get what I am called to do done as a prophetess. Then I back track, ask forgiveness for my misinterpretations, and move on.
So Heavenly Father, I ask You to forgive me as I begin to write this book for any writing and pontification that is inaccurate to any degree. In Jesus’s Name, amen.
There now; you just watched a prophetess keep moving. It matters, but in the larger scheme of things when it comes to understanding the entire book of Revelation, you have to have a balance and I don’t know about that. Consequently, I have looked like the consummate fool numerous times because I am more aware of how I’m living in the second heaven—or what Science terms the fourth dimension—and on the earth at the same time than most people around me. I hide a lot, but still, I’m considered weird and have done a lot of things nobody understands.
It is true as Jesus Christ speaks to us in John 21: the disciple whom Jesus Christ loves remains. We are now in the times of Noah according to several passages in the New Testament which I will list here for reader review: Matthew 24; Luke 17; Hebrews 11; First Peter 3; Second Peter 2.
It is time to continue to watch and pray with renewed fear of God in our Christian midst worldwide, and I aim to scare the living daylights out of Christians with this book because I did not find you ready in America across my seven years of tribulation. On the other hand, we all are just where we need to be all glory to God. It is for one reason that I can one hundred percent accurately state this fact of the matter world and time-wide:
John 16:32-33 Behold, the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone: and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me. These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.
I was publicly testifying in hell and snatching people out of the fires of it according to the book of Jude and alongside the Archangel Michael while I testified to overcome according to Revelation 12 alongside the Archangel Gabriel within the seven years when I found out the calling on my life. It was and is very painful to my family, so please, would you pray for them? Keep in mind that I have a rather large, tightly woven, immediate family. So I am asking you to pray for a lot of people.
By the end of my seven years, I was rebuking the “666” explained in Revelation 13 off of humankind, and it shocked me every time I enacted more prayer initiatives and kept addressing Lucifer.
By the time that I switched my ministerial blog ( over to a WordPress account, it had been a place of testimony for four years and 25 weeks. That was in around September of 2015 when I made the transfer finally, and shortly after that my son Patrick went to Europe on business. However, it is duly noted in this book when I “wiped the blog slate clean” at my .com. It lay dormant for several months and then I got the transfer accomplished.
Patrick Stephen Coffey is protecting me right now as I write this book. Patrick and I were born on April 14. The Azusa Street Revival began on that date in 1906, and my grandmother, Eara Davis, was born in 1906.
These are all prophetic markers for the calling on my life explained gradually in this book. In addition, please see the progression of “666” in this introduction with both Azusa Street and my grandmother’s birth year and mine. 1966 is a year full of prophesy and music that are for a purpose of testimony toward the deliverance of the curse according to Revelation 22 world and time-wide according to the testimony of the ministry of Uncovered No More according to Revelation chapters seven, 14, 21, and 22 all glory to God.
Grandmother Eara was pregnant with my father, who was her sixth child, at that tragic time of Grandpa’s death. They had already lost Howard Clayton Beaty as an infant to starvation, and then the other four children were obviously older than my father—John, Shirley, Robert Paul, and Edward Kenneth.
Grandma remarried but had to divorce the man because he wasn’t good for the children, so she raised her family alone for the most part in San Antonio, Texas. She died of uterine cancer painfully in 1948 at the age of 42. I was 42 three to four months after my tenth child Robert Edward Coffey was born when the demon of insanity hit me.
I need to make one final note about my paternal grandparents. Both of them had parents named John and Mary, Davis and Beaty respectively.
My mother, Virginia Beaty, was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and across the street from Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church. My parents were married in that church and I was sprinkled there as a baby. My mother’s brother Edward John Klonek is my godfather.
Dad and Mom met in a watermelon garden. I love that detail. Grandma Soledad Klonek, a faithful Catholic woman who raised ten children all glory to God, helped make ends meet by raising watermelons and selling them by the slice. Bob & Virginia Beaty were married in March of 1962. My husband Curtis was born in October of 1962. My brother Patrick was born in December of 1963.
On September 17, 2008, Alva Walter Coffey, my brother-in-law, was almost killed by a motorcycle accident. I prophesied his near death experience a year and a half before it happened to his second wife Marci. They both called me “of the devil” shortly after the accident and still hold to that story. They are liars.
Walter attacked his first wife twice when she would try to leave him for a divorce. One of those times, his own father had to pull him off of the dear woman. This Christian lady, out of love and respect for my parents-in-law, held onto that little horror story of her life for over 25 years. She tearfully told me the truth in late 2015.
Walter molested at least one of his children when they were younger. I didn’t understand that until early 2013. But due to the calling on my life that will be explained in this book, I know now that I had righteously handed Walter over to Satan for destruction of the flesh unto saving his soul according to the Apostle Paul in the New Testament when I prophesied the accident to his second wife. He has yet to apologize to his first wife or his children at this late date; therefore, I cannot accept him back into the congregation of Mississippi because that is where this sad drama of my husband’s family took place.
I need to make note here that Jackson is the capital city of Mississippi. And, there are heavenly openings in that state. The steward’s last name is Davis. And, this Mr. Davis is the only prophet I have spoken with face to face at the time of the publication of this book as it concerns heavenly openings. The testimonial miracles we both have experienced and witnessed in our places of ministry are too numerous to testify even as Abraham’s seed are too numerous to count as the sands of the seashores across the world and time all glory to God.
Since September of 2015, I removed the Klonek family from my maternal blood-line and replaced them with the Davis family of Mississippi even as my paternal grandmother is Eara Davis-Beaty. I had to do that for reasons that I will not explain in this book because I love my Klonek family. They are not of the same tribe as Uncovered No More, and that issue of my ministerial life will be explained slowly throughout this story but it won’t be explained point blank if that makes sense.
Mr. Davis is my witness in this matter as are both my mother and my husband. I submit one to another according to the book of Ephesians at all times and to the best of my ability; however, the testimony of this ministerial story is going to see me also admit how people refuse to talk to me. I hold no ill will toward those people and I assume they are doing the work of the ministry as I am doing. I cannot know their new names because only God knows these names according to Revelation 2:17.
On a ministerial level, I handed Walter Thomas White of Voice of the Martyrs over to Satan when I published my first book in 2011 by putting him and his wife into the dedication of the book with Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand.
Their names, sadly, are still in my first book as stark testimony of the truth of what I am saying. Tom White committed suicide in 2012 when he realized the fact that he had molested a little girl was going to be made public. He did this to protect Voice of the Martyrs. And while I think Mr. White would have better served the purpose of worldwide deliverance according to Revelation 22 to have gone to jail, I understand why he did what he did.
We are in the times of Noah and everyone pretty much hates on everyone because as Jesus Christ told us, the love of many will “wax cold” (Matthew 24:12). The Voice of the Martyrs needs to keep moving in the calling on that white stone’s ministry. So most of us on a ministerial level do what we need to do at least some of the time as Christians to survive the dire circumstances of our lives worldwide against the serpent dragon according to Revelation 12.
Satan killed my grandfather because the Beaty family is high elect according to the 144,000 remnant seed and their women according to Revelation 14, and Satan knew my whole life what I began to find out by a demon of insanity talking through my voice in September of 2008: I have a high calling on my life and so the serpent dragon had already been chasing me ever since my grandfather died in 1933, and that is as according to the woman of Revelation 12 whom I identify with.
This testimony which is about to be written is straight out of the book of Revelation and within the framework of blood moons across time according to Joel and Acts chapter two and Revelation chapter six.
The first set of them in this age came to pass the year after Christopher Columbus sailed the high seas as all Americans know quite well if you are privileged with being able to read. So that was 1493. Every time blood moons happen, the Jewish nation also has significant things happen. And now in 2014-2015, the ministry of UNM is a meaningful part of this testimony.
The first one of this season was on April 15, 2014 which is one day after the birthday of the Azusa Street Revival, me, and my first born son. The last blood moon was on September 28, 2015, which is one day after the death of my brother 35 years before.
In this book, I am trying to focus enough in my thoughts in order to tell about worldwide redemption coming out according to Revelation 14 where the 144,000 remnant seed people are spoken about. We have the seal of God on our forehead, and we cannot be removed out of the Book of Life in that place.
Are you one of them if you are a Christian reading this book? I do not honestly know about that. You know about it only if you are chosen that way. My exceptions about not knowing about anyone else are written within the introduction and first chapter of this book. There are several families in my story who are elect with me, and this story will obviously tell us that reality for UNM.
But if you are deleterious as a Christian—thereby being an unprofitable servant and/or goat–as I have already testified is true about my brother-in-law, you have been separated and therefore, you are not a part of my family.
One prophet I need to point out whom I appreciate very much but have had nothing to do with in the spirit realms is Paul Cain. That man of God has suffered, and suffered, with the sin of many things. He has properly repented and is being held accountable as far as I was able to ascertain when I read up on him a little bit on the Internet.
May God bless, comfort, and keep this man for how he has, and is, suffering with sin unto further redemption that I admit I don’t understand as I begin to write this book. There are so many avenues of redemption in the world which God brings forth time-wide that it is not ever possible to express it all fully in any piece of writing save one: the Bible.
Do not expect me to write all “flowers and fluff” about some of these people who are in my core family, though. I love us all, but I’m a rather strange woman of God: I can love you and be all “fluffy mama” in one breath and take you out in the larger scheme of things with the Sword of the Bible in the next breath. I will not explain this happenstance of my life at this time.
But I will explain how there are a couple of ways to be “slain in the spirit realms”. The first way is simply when someone is overtaken by the Presence of God Holy Spirit and falls, or is lain down, during a time of ministry.
The other way, though, is pure pain. And that way is being slain in the spirit realms according to how we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony if we do not love our lives to the death. There is physical death and there is spiritual death.
I have died, and still do, over and again in the spirit realms. Sometimes, I feel the wounds in my soul life that have been inflicted. Any reader will see this type of issue of my life more often in my allegory than in my commentary. Sometimes, I will admit prophetic pain of myself, or other people, to help others understand their own soul pain.
Occasionally, I must use the Sword of the Word of God coming forth out of the Mouth of Jesus Christ (Revelation 2:16 and elsewhere in Revelation) to help my people of Christian America. Not long ago, a rather young, arrogant prophet was sitting at a lunch table with me. He is a steward of one heavenly opening in a church building, so I had gone to that place to hear this testimony in order to help us all have unity in the heavenly openings. This is another example, as my brother-in-law is, of the kind of work I do unseen to the naked eye.
I ministered to him as we were eating lunch together in the house of a prophetess who is my friend. When his wife told us she prays for Satan during our conversation while we ate, I knew how that young man and his family needs deliverance, so I initiated the deliverance quietly and quickly. I will usually see myself take their head off with a sword in the spirit realms. Sometimes, I will stab them in the stomach even as Judas Iscariot fell on a sword and took his own life.
Since I have had confirmation from Mr. Davis, the steward in Mississippi of heavenly doors, that he knows which tribe his family is within and since I already knew the same thing as a woman highly called as I am, I will release that information: Davis-Beaty as it pertains to stewardship of heavenly doors in America is in the Tribe of Judah.
I may as well admit the truth in this introduction: there is disparity within the ministries of the United States of America dealing with stewardship of heavenly openings. That is all I am going to admit about such things in this book. The rest of it is my business alone because I am the heiress of the property in Austin, Texas, where the heavenly doors are. I will explain this situation of heavenly doors in Austin later in the book but my point here is that when you are dealing with heavenly doors, you are within the second heaven more than the first heaven. And that means you see a lot of paranormal activity constantly.
I wasn’t aware of that activity until after September 25, 2008, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening. After I had blinders removed in November of 2008 according to the testimony of the Apostle Paul in Acts 26, I began an education process of interpretation. The longer I live as a “steward”, the more I understand. That process will never stop I imagine. I have also called myself a “gatekeeper”. These two titles are, to my understanding, one and the same.
All of this testimony is because Beaty is high elect. We love; we tell the truth unvarnished; and we love the Lord our God first no matter what anyone else around us is choosing to do. I don’t know why we are that way, yet again.
Let me give an example using another high elect family in my ministerial midst that will be told about later in this book so any reader can see what I am talking about: John Paul Jackson of Streams Ministries International used a sword in around 2003 to ordain some women into the ministry.
My parents and a second cousin of mine from my maternal family who was a friend of both John Paul Jackson and Bob Jones of Bob Jones Ministries were in attendance. Dad went away knowing something was not right, and so he submitted some thoughts and questions about it to my second cousin and asked him to talk to Mr. Jackson.
He was told something like they were not looking at that part of the New Testament record to have used that sword to ordain women when Dad asked about women in the New Testament in light of First Corinthians and other clear passages which give directions for women as Christians in the churches and homes of Christian families.
I was a rather degraded prophetess in 2003 who could have cared less that John Paul Jackson used a sword to ordain women. As a matter of fact, back then, I wore head coverings all the time except when I was in bed at night.
Let me think. In 2003, I had seven children, I was home schooling, my mother-in-law had been living with me for quite a few years and was becoming increasingly difficult to deal with, and I had three more children to bear for my husband, Curtis.
We mothers are multi-tasking something or others as Christian women according to Second John, and so I didn’t have time to care about people of ministries that later I had to come alongside and help while they led me to the place of this third book being written.
Today, I am not that tired, degraded, sick, loving, woman of God. I am more broken than that time in the spirit realms as a prophetess; however, I am now seven years past my tenth child and going into menopause, and that is my definition of “heaven on earth” I am laughing to say.
I am loving to be sure, but here is what I would have done in about 2013 after what I was going to go through from 2008 until 2015 had I witnessed John Paul Jackson using a sword: I wouldn’t have hesitated. I would have walked up on that damn stage, grabbed the sword out of John Paul’s hands, and bonked him on the head with it in the spirit realms.
He’d have gotten a rather hard, long look. Then I would have picked several people out of that crowd, including those women he was ordaining, and ordered them all into a conference room somewhere and told the worship team to turn it up and sing a lot.
After that, we would have had a “mama talk” and let me simply say his wife Diane would have had some apologies handed to her post-haste by some women and that husband of hers. I would have fixed them all dinner and loved on them until they knew it was going to be okay, but they all would have understood how they had better straighten up and “fly right”.
John Paul Jackson was living in the church sin of Thyatira in the flesh according to Revelation 2:20 to use that sword to ordain women in 2003 as another gatekeeper, or steward, of heavenly openings in Salem, New Hampshire. Both of us as major, or ministerial level, prophetic people were working toward the testimony of this book our entire lives along with the entire lives of our parents and grandparents. This testimony extends to the fourth generation of our children as expressed in Exodus 20.
I am smiling. Of all the families I know who are stewards of heavenly openings, the Beaty-Coffey clan is the one with ten children. I am yawning at this moment. God help me, because I’m tired. People often ask me, or Curtis, if it was “all from one woman”. And yes, it was. I have the tummy to prove it but I keep trying to get it a little more flat by exercising. I have joked with my family a time or two and admitted that we “big mamas” have confused belly buttons.
In the end of it all as it concerns Mr. Jackson, I was going to have to die by a sword in the spirit realms according to Revelation 13 because if you use the sword in that chapter, it is clearly stated you must die by the sword. I’ve written it before and will write it now that if there was any person in the United States who I would have picked to have slain me with a spiritual sword, it would have been John Paul Jackson of Streams Ministries International.
That I never met him before he died, after the death testimony I already released in this introduction about several people in my family, is the death of me in the United States of America. But that is only in the spirit realms as a prophetess and I am well practiced at getting up again according to the resurrection testimony of Jesus Christ the King of kings all glory to God.
Mr. Jackson gifted the mountain, and heavenly door in New Hampshire, to someone who is now the steward of it. That was five years ago. I have met this man and shaken his hand in the Streams Ministries International building in Flower Mound, Texas, a little before or after Labor Day, 2015.
I am thankful for the people of God across America who work within the heavenly openings as I am doing all glory to God. But I will be honest: once a steward always a steward. And that man may be doing the work of the ministry, but it was not him whom I’ve worked with in the spirit realms. It was, and still is, the Jackson family of Streams Ministries International whom I work with though I respect the work of the other gentleman.
As a result of the above testimony, I have given John Paul and Diane Jackson credit in the highly prophetic allegory of The Double Moons Prayer Initiative which was written as my oldest child Edith was married in June of 2013 and her sister, Lydia (#8), also had a birthday in July of that year. Edith & Tim’s marriage date was the summer solstice and largest super moon of 2013 and Lydia Joy’s birthday, when she turned nine, was the second largest super moon of 2013. According to the number nine, is it not so how judgment must begin in the house of God?
Nowadays, I am very thankful John Paul Jackson took his little sister out in 2003 with a real sword while my parents were in attendance witnessing it. Let this be a lesson to the rest of American Christianity: get your filthy judgment off the ministerial prophetic people of your life. Yes, oh Baptist, it is your life whether you like that or not.
Do you honestly think that there are not major and minor prophets here, now, today, when they are very fully described in the Old Testament? The only thing that is fulfilled is clearly written in the Bible that it is being fulfilled. You go figure it out, oh Baptist and other milk-drinking Christians.
Otherwise, I would suggest a good many, Laodicean, lukewarm, Christians of 2015 in the United States of America fall in repentance because I’ve seen death, I’ve experienced death, I’ve faced Satan, and now I am so tired of the sin of the body of Christ across America there are no words for my exhaustion. All of the doctrine, and counter-doctrine, concerning the last book of the Bible that exists in this country is quite frankly shocking. This is an understatement.
And when I say all of this in love that is not grown cold, I’m not talking about all Baptists. I’ve read and heard testimony about how some of the families in this very book are or were Baptists. So please evaluate yourselves, people of God.
This last set of blood moons happened in 2014 and 2015; therefore, I was set on a prophetic timeline course which is fearful, indeed. The last of the current four blood moons is happening next week. I am writing the initial second draft of this book one week before my entire prophetic life is over in the United States of America in one manner of speaking.
I am a prophetess on a ministerial level. That means I am in the office of it. I am married to the prophetic unction of Major Prophet Isaiah, an angel in the spirit realms—according to the angel Jesus sent to testify in Revelation 22—and my flesh husband Curtis Edward Coffey.
Curtis and I married on February 4, 1989 during one of the worst ice storms across the southwest in our modern history. We began our married life in the outskirts of Jackson, MS, because Curtis and his family lived there for most of his young life. They moved to that area, and settled, when Curtis was ten years old.
This happenstance is as according to the waters of Revelation chapter 12, and Curtis witnessed a flood in Jackson in 1979 as a teen. I was born with the other marriages in place on my life; however, I was not awakened to this fact of the matter until November of 2008 when I had blinders removed from my sight according to the Apostle Paul. I awoke to the words, “I can see, I can see, I can see……” being stated emphatically in my mind.
I highly identify with the Apostle Paul in the modern day though as a woman in the office of prophetess in some ways. He never saw Jesus in the flesh life by the time his blinders were removed. I will testify in this book how I have had Jesus Christ come to me in the spirit life, and by the conclusion of this book all readers will see how my sixth child, Alva Richard, had a very distinct vision with Jesus in May of 2015. He didn’t see the Lord’s Face, but it was a beautiful, and heavenly, encouragement to all of humankind that I have duly reported on my websites and in this book.
I have never seen Jesus Christ with my flesh eyes. It will appear like I have seen Him in this book, and to be honest, Jesus comes to me in the spirit realms. But nonetheless and despite all of the testimony being written herein, I have never seen Jesus with my flesh eyes. It is now my living, and dying, deepest desire and consuming passion to see Jesus Christ with my flesh eyes.
Curtis and I have twelve children, but two of them are above stairs because I miscarried. I highly recommend the book Heaven is for Real to understand my testimony alongside the book of Revelation. Curtis and I have adopted the two children of his brother in the spirit realms, so the total number of children for us in the spirit realms as far as children, and their families as well, is 14 even as it took three sets of 14 generations to bring Jesus Christ to us in the flesh life all glory to God and according to Matthew chapter one.
I recommend Heaven is for Real simply because it confirmed for me what I, and many of my children, see in the spirit realms. Colton Burpo went to heaven for a short space of time as a child and witnessed many things. As I am sharing above about the vision experience of Alva Richard with Jesus, we are no different over here in the flesh life and without a near death experience in the flesh. Thank You, Father, for sending testimonies like the Burpo family’s testimony, and I ask and pray complete and total comfort for that family for the rest of their lives.
I assume that if I mention a chapter of the Bible, you as the responsible reader will put down my book and read the chapter immediately after you’ve perused the chapter in my book. Otherwise, I assure you, you will not understand my testimony.
I am a woman who was locked into the weeping and gnashing of teeth explained by Jesus in Matthew 8; 13; 22; 24; 25; and, according to the parable of Lazarus and the rich ruler of Luke 16, for a seven year tribulation testimony. The publication of all three of my books and the cessation of the blood moons in this time signal my complete release from that hell hole.
I will tell this story how I need to tell it, but that is complicated. I must take the example of the disciple whom Jesus loves, John, and cut out a whole lot of the details while going straight to my testimony.
As I wrote in my second book, there is a lot of the story of Jesus Christ not written because I suppose even as my Bible mentor, the disciple John, that if I were to tell it with him and the others of Bible authors along with other Christian authors world and time-wide, there would not be room in the world to contain all the books although the Internet tries very hard, doesn’t it?
The Internet is a very clear and physical manifestation of worldwide unity and a thousand years are as a day while a day is as a thousand years. But here is the problem with me: I don’t agree with anything of the Christian construct teaching out in the great and wide world of American Christian doctrines, and yet, I agree with all of it. This is after seven very long years when I had to learn about myself after having already lived 42 years by the time the fuller call on my life began to come forth. You don’t walk out of your life like I’ve done without some serious things happening. Talk about mid-life crisis. This testimony was, and still is, a major crisis to my womanly soul.
As I testified earlier, I have interpreted the entire book of Revelation according to Revelation 11 and 13 in one manner of speaking. This means I understand some things about “Christianity” nowadays that are rather shocking indeed. And I will explain all of that in this book. However, this is why I would have stated the above paragraph. I don’t agree with Christian doctrine and yet I do. It’s a mixed bag when we start talking “doctrine”.
Let’s as Christians admit the truth: we are every bit as political and money-hungry—for money is the root of evil and the root of power as it pertains to the world systems of the earth–as our unbelieving counterpart sometimes.
Humankind is being delivered of the curse according to Revelation chapter 22. I know about that, have faced Satan in hell, and am moving on free from torment I received as a result of the serpent dragon as explained in Revelation 12.
You will find by the end of this story that I am a caged human being now: America is my prison cell because as Jesus Christ pointed out when He was here the last time as a Human, a prophetic person is not known in their own home town.
I love humankind. I don’t love Christians more, or less, than I do other humans. That includes my husband and my children; therefore, it is assumed in Christian construct that this prophetess is not submitted to my husband properly most of the time.
Although, as of the writing of this book, I have a few churches and ministerial places where I can safely reside. They understand me somehow though I haven’t told any of them the story in this book. We lived it together across all our lives, and these people effortlessly know this because they are elect one way or another but I never come to conclusions about their lives simply because as is stated in Revelation 2, only God knows their new names.
I wholly identify with the whore of Revelation chapter 17 who sits atop a mountain at the same time that I identify with the woman in Revelation 12 as a prophetess. I am a polygamist spiritually, obviously, and to my own hurt for the rest of my life without Jesus Christ here in the flesh life.
I will never heal from this testimony I’m writing this week right before the fourth blood moon. I will move on, though, but that is two different things entirely. I speak from 49 years of experience.
I am not going to address the issues of my current life and how I must live it telling this tale in this book. I need to maintain some privacy because clearly, if you haven’t already figured it out, I know that Jesus Christ is soon returning.
I simply don’t know when so do not expect me to release any thoughts about a “when” like some idiots out there who give dates of the return of Jesus Christ and the rapture of the “pure and holy” Christian people who are thinking they are “going on up”.
The last time someone did that confirms my testimony because that fellow Christian prophetically testified that Jesus was coming on my tenth child, Edward’s, third birthday. If you think that way as a Christian, stop it immediately and tell yourself what I know is true. Go ahead, American Christian, repeat after me:
I am a goat. I am an unprofitable servant. I may be a milk-drinking Christian.
And then, repent with me according to church sin clearly outlined in Revelation chapters two and three because judgment begins in the House of God (First Peter 4:17).
The churches of Revelation were all from Asia, and now everyone knows why China is going through what they are and why North Korea is struggling the way they are in the modern day while South Korea has the biggest church the world over. Oh American Christian, please I beg you, watch and pray! About 22 million Chinese people died during WWII while six million Jews died in the Holocaust!
If you do not understand what is happening with Asia or the rest of the world, please go to two ministries to be educated and to help persecuted, and poor, people worldwide: Gospel for Asia and Voice of the Martyrs.
There are plentiful, upright ministries that support widows, orphans, and others who I call “the turtledove” according to Psalm 74 world-wide. Remember how Jesus Christ told us we would have the poor with us always and don’t be overwhelmed as an American, though.
I am not trying to guilt you in this book. There is a difference between the conviction of the Holy Spirit and guilt trips of demonic torment. Ask a mature Christian to explain these things to you if you cannot understand what I am saying, or at the moment, you can read three of my websites for such information: is my ministerial testimony, is my personal blog; and, is where I write about Christian themes like the difference between guilt and conviction of the Holy Spirit. I release publication information at my old .com that is now new, and the address is still
As an aside, if anyone decides to show up to heavenly opening properties after this book is released or if anyone tries to mimic Uncovered No More in any way, shape, or form, you already have forgiveness retained toward you according to John chapter 20 in a variety of ways both publicly and privately. You may see some of that work, a very small portion of it, on a couple of my websites at this time.
This means if you sin against me in these ways, angels will take you to weeping and gnashing of teeth according to the Revelation story. I don’t worry about that sort of thing but I will warn you. I’ve seen angel men of God now a few times and even worked with one, and that testimony is in this book.
Don’t assume I want notoriety or publicity for any of my testimony. It is quite the contrary. Leave me alone. On the other hand, if I am seen publicly later in my life, American Christianity may assume that I am publicly seen for the sake of the love of Jesus Christ. There is no other reason I would be compelled to do anything but live my life quietly with my lovely family for the rest of my born days all glory to God. Even as Anna the prophetess stayed in the temple, so that is how I conduct my life anymore. My middle name is Ann.
I will admit here at the front of this ferocious testimony that I identify with Jesus Christ across His 33 years on the earth which took 42 generations of Jewish history before His death and resurrection, and my grandfather’s death year speaks the truth of what I am saying. That is why I will embolden a few things. They mean something.
I didn’t realize this true reality of my life until 2015, and precisely, about two weeks ago. This is because had I realized the fullest import of what I am writing in this book before two weeks ago, I would have probably lost my hope more times than I actually did lose it across the last seven years, and it is my testimony that Jesus Christ has a hard time bearing the pain of His elect so He carefully leads us through valleys of the shadow of death painfully crying all the time because He hurts if we hurt. (Psalm 23)
It is just like my husband Curtis. Every time I birthed a child for him, he cried deeply inside of him for the pain I experienced to bring him another little love child to father. I AM is no different than the fathers of this world. This I know like I know myself. I watch Curtis and fall in love with I AM more and more because of the father my husband is.

Enter a Psalm 10
1 Why do You stand afar off, O Lord? Why do You hide Yourself, [veiling Your eyes] in times of trouble (distress and desperation)?
2 The wicked in pride and arrogance hotly pursue and persecute the poor; let them be taken in the schemes which they have devised.
3 For the wicked man boasts (sings the praises) of his own heart’s desire, and the one greedy for gain curses and spurns, yes, renounces and despises the Lord.
4 The wicked one in the pride of his countenance will not seek, inquire for, and yearn for God; all his thoughts are that there is no God [so He never punishes].
5 His ways are grievous [or persist] at all times; Your judgments [Lord] are far above and on high out of his sight [so he never thinks about them]; as for all his foes, he sniffs and sneers at them.
6 He thinks in his heart, I shall not be moved; for throughout all generations I shall not come to want or be in adversity.
7 His mouth is full of cursing, deceit, oppression (fraud); under his tongue are trouble and sin (mischief and iniquity).
8 He sits in ambush in the villages; in hiding places he slays the innocent; he watches stealthily for the poor (the helpless and unfortunate).
9 He lurks in secret places like a lion in his thicket; he lies in wait that he may seize the poor (the helpless and the unfortunate); he seizes the poor when he draws him into his net.
10 [The prey] is crushed, sinks down; and the helpless falls by his mighty [claws].
11 [The foe] thinks in his heart, God has quite forgotten; He has hidden His face; He will never see [my deed].
12 Arise, O Lord! O God, lift up Your hand; forget not the humble [patient and crushed].
13 Why does the wicked [man] condemn (spurn and renounce) God? Why has he thought in his heart, You will not call to account?
14 You have seen it; yes, You note trouble and grief (vexation) to requite it with Your hand. The unfortunate commits himself to You; You are the helper of the fatherless.
15 Break the arm of the wicked man; and as for the evil man, search out his wickedness until You find no more.
16 The Lord is King forever and ever; the nations will perish out of His land.
17 O Lord, You have heard the desire and the longing of the humble and oppressed; You will prepare and strengthen and direct their hearts, You will cause Your ear to hear,
18 To do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, so that man, who is of the earth, may not terrify them any more.