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Lucifer, Super Girls, Game Of Thrones And a Chicken 5/12/2019

As season four progresses, I do not care for how the Detective was a source of pain in Lucifer’s life because it is not accurate to the truth of Him IRL. I am not speaking to the despair that I know can be there in that ArchAngel’s life. I am speaking to the suffering of mortals when they discover Immortals among them. And while the Detective does in fact defend Lucifer and a church official gets punished justly, and while I realize this is necessary plot material for the show, it isn’t reality for someone IRL dealing with ArchAngels as I am as a person Elect in Tribe Judah. We know the truth. It is beyond painful when we have to hide ourselves because other people don’t believe us or see into other realms as we do.

It is beyond explaining the love in the life of Immortals who are for good. Yes, Lucifer needs deliverance. But He knows that because He knows the Bible is accurate though not a manual of full information. It is a copy of our lives transposed across prophecy. 

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