Prophetic Incidents, Masked

I had already purchased this small coloring book at Barnes & Noble in 2016. I keep it safe at all times because I have had my possessions both stolen and searched across at least six years. Notes from Saturday, June 16, 2018, from the back of this blank page. Not all pages are blank by a long shot (smile)–but this one was. I have torn pages out of this book. What remains is being completed before I begin a pocketbook, beautiful horse coloring book that I purchased off Amazon and a family coloring book which testimony is already written. Picture of that book below: License Plate: Rock3R; meaning: R is the 18th number. As according to Times Three edit #4400 and One Rabbit’s Eyes & a Crowing Cock Part 5 (edit #11167), I am accomplishing deliverance work with a certain Justin who has been testified earlier on this website. Hide and seek, humanity. Hide and seek. Don’t assume; just keep. All your worry and hate to yourself. So that real people can be helped. He was wearing purple. The leadership was written before I saw the license plate was seen today. The three of R masks the title of Times Three and is of course the Trinity while you need to note, which I did in writing, where the letter R are in the three names after you scroll down. Those three people have high authority with Jesus as it concerns 18. As to 36, lol, that’s left to Jesus, Angels, and me in Austin, Texas, and in Jesus Name amen. Let’s take this party to the Full Circle in Austin, Texas, soberly, decently, and in order. As to Rock of Church Peter, I suspect even as I have testified in writing or video that I’ll just leave hashtage #Peter on Conversations with Paul here when Jesus finishes out the deliverance of that very, very, did I say very? convoluted man named Apostle Peter. Shaboopie I need a power nap. It is only 3:17 PM. What a Saturday this has been.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, 2018. We are celebrating with Curtis. Mom made lasagna, I got an artisan loaf of bread and will fix a fresh salad, and he picked out HEB pies. Mom is going to buy Curtis a T-bone on Monday, June 18, 2018 for Father’s Day. They will eat that together at my father’s house. I will saute some mushrooms and add a dash of wine. Mom and Curtis deserve, and have fully been vindicated to enjoy, a meal together quietly for Father’s Day. Yay God and in Jesus Name, amen.

I am saying Happy Father’s Day to John Paul Jackson to color this book, but first things first. I will share it with my new horse pocket coloring book but I will not begin either one of them until after this botanical pocket coloring book is finished. All good things in their time (Ecclesiastes) in Jesus Name, amen.