Prophet Isaiah is Here




In October of 2018, there was a Trinity manifestation completed with three adults and one of them I must withhold the name of because his ministry is not large enough to withstand what both Bobby Conner and Cara Coffey have withstood as heavenly door ministry operatives. What is more though, the Trinity manifestation does not supersede that of Cara Coffey, Bobby Conner, and Mahesh Chavda as it concerns Judah Church Austin Cathedral. Let it be known that we are a manifestation of all twelve tribes now after a multitude of deliverance moves on the part of Uncovered No More. The first name of the other piece living near Austin is Dave. He is an impostor and I had to put torment on Bobby Conner for about two years to withstand the anathema of this man to my ministry and visage. I forgive him. 

I have seen to the purification in the New Jerusalem of the heavenly door ministry construct and ordained another entity/immortal into our presence with John Paul Jackson, Bobby Conner, Mahesh Chavda, Dr. Richard Tate, Frank Schaeffer, Michael Shane Davis, and KP Yohannan. It is all glory to GOD and in the Name of Jesus Christ amen.

A Public Letter to Tribe Judah 13

Whom I’ve mentioned here have caution: we are none of us a separate entity all to ourselves. We are a Work of God Almighty in the New Jerusalem and we will behave that way with our families as Tribe Judah or so help me God I will have to interrupt this ministerial work of Isaiah (66 chapters and Dudes, I am the only one born in 1966 with a second birth on my birthday of my firstborn son) and go back to blood-letting of the immature and goat crowd in the United States of America. I do not care. Lucifer does not care, Michael does not care, and Gabriel does not care. Are there any questions? Good….let’s keep moving.

To be clear: I have an internal Trinity across generations. I will not release that information but this headship is primarily about what Bob Jones of Bob Jones ministries did get right: the generations forevermore of the youth are with us all glory to God and in the Name of Jesus Christ amen. (Joel & Acts 2; 2 John; Revelation 12, 19-22)

Charleston Shooting Wiki Article–June 17, 2015

12:12 PM 10/27/2018: My chapter where they my Loves are listed is forthcoming on Rivers now. You earned it America. I burn in Hell. My Loves Burn on Earth and I will continue to praise GOD ALMIGHTY all glory to God and in the Name of Jesus Christ amen.

Synagogue Shooting Report from Reuters–Saturday, October 27, 2018

This is one day prior to the birthday of my firstborn child’s 28th birthday, Beloved. You have mocked GOD on my Account as Tara Ann Moons and so help me GOD it is none my business any longer. You know, America, that I know perfectly well how to leave the rest to GOD amen.

Isaiah Chapter 1