Positioning My Reading Self

I’m leaving the World of Media to a Degree. It is exactly 18 degrees, actually. I think three things on January 4, 2019.

Number One, Reading America should spend quality time with your gorgeous noses in a book.

Number Two, Twitter should be attended cautiously and FaceBook is for small business and quiet conversations with people we trust in various ways.

Number Three, I quite frankly and most seriously doubt Americans appreciate my sacrifice and my courage.

That I didn’t say 360 degrees is testimony to my accuracy of passionate feeling on this Page. OtherWise, I do not care, motherfuckers and fatherfuckers. You deserve every shaming you get from 2019 until forevermore. Study to show yourselves approved better from here on out. The choice is entirely yours.

Letter to Lucy by Frank Schaeffer & EGJ2