Brokenness AGAIN 5:55

Apple Music broken-beautiful by Chris Sligh

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I can now say why I removed “my John the Baptist” and it is because my John the Baptist deserted me and was several people.

But the point is: I knew John Paul Jackson helped me write the Double Moons Prayer Initiative and gave he and his wife credit. To my knowledge, Diane hates me just like several other people close up.

Perfect Storm Prophecy by John Paul Jackson

Was being produced at the same time my books were being produced. Let me think. John Paul was gone, or was he?…when djt made it into the White House.

I don’t channel John Paul. He and I are each other above and below stairs. We would have never sinned against our families or one another if we’d worked together. My mother’s family thought they controlled me and my mother’s oldest sister was caught trying to get my mother to kick me and my husband off the property at Weir by my ninth child, who told her father. It is possible she would recant now. Listen to my goddamn current event video, please.


It is as easy as one two three poof! To move streams ministries international to manor, texas and I’m not telling you idiots of Texas who know about me, whomever you are, the whole story.

Christianity is such a fucking mess. It’s been a mess the whole fucking time this country existed.

Glad I got my Bro AND Scott Evelyn out. Rest of you bitches get yourself out.

Goodbye. The Single above is actually pro-life. That’s a long and short story about Cara Coffey. However, I’m pro-life AND pro-abortion, which cuts me entirely out of everyone’s life that’s ever known me.

Americans fight.

I’m never been American even though I happen to be a God-damn (father figure deity) citizen.

I Agree #ArmyOfOne

Ted Cruz is from Texas. I take this very personally. He is a traitor. 😡
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And I need that humor toDAY 👍🏻🙄


Do not forget Snoop Dogg at Super Bowl 2022 AND that march to LAPD

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My opinion.


I changed my girl mind…

and give not one fucking rat’s ass.

The feature image is the man who killed and injured over a dozen people yesterday on July fourth for fucking crying out loud. He was also seen at at least one MAGA rally.

In light and darkness, so to speak, of the January 6 Hearings, what did you expect me to do, America? Pretend that being a girl who knows how to change my mind to keep up with these two Gentle Men is not correct?

But, you say, those two Gentle Men are parody Cara or if they had the balls they would put their real pictures on their twitter to proclaim their truths like, say, Ted Cruz.

You ever been a shape shifter like the King of kings, America? Because if there is one metaphysical trait openly in the Gospel Record of the New Testament of the Bible which should have the book of Enoch in It….one thing that is obvious?

If you’ve seen Jesus, and I have, you’ve seen the Father is also well approved in the New Testament. Hell and damnation ya’ll, I’ve even got Satan AND Lucifer on my side this time and the one thing they want Little Sister Me to do it is find time to read Enoch’s Book.

That’s why I’m cancelling the YMCA today, hopefully. You motherfuckers are stupid over there. Nice, but stupid. And you are mistreating people. I seen it with my eyes wide open a whole bunch across my life.

It’s 1:44 pmc in and around #ATX

So I’m mixing DEITY AGAIN.

Ya’ll go figger who is who. I been your target for 56 years. Nope. They gonna get you now and I’m staying outta the WAY’s way.

You’re welcome, Jesus.

PS Father God: I’m on that God Pod, it’s in Drafts. #ThankYou Sir.

You call God Father crazy and I will kick your ass metaphysically America, Europe. KK. Bye.