It is safe to say this Group is Tribe Judah Plus. We aren’t just Tribe Judah. We are the Universal Definition in the World of a good many things.

Get Us with @DrRTKendall, @GospelforAsia and @theChavdas in the same room and I’m thinking some defining goes on. Which this thought is hilarious. That’s because I’m a defining Dudette all right. Sheesh!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall; aren’t we exhausted of this StarFall? How do I tell them He told Me the Truth; standing in a man-made rain minding my own soothe.

The periscope is here; telling the truth. Sure, I’ve been a Jesus figure and the Moon Goddess in allegory. It’s what I Am with Him IRL that is the real deal and it took twenty years from before 2008 for Him to prepare the place for the King to have Free Will restored in the United States of America.

It’s nothing to Me that I Am expressed as #DayStar in the Modern Day what My Husband Isaiah in the Chapter 14 of Our Lives declared was some Random Male that got in a fight with Himself and GOD.

Boring ya’ll. You go ahead and call Me what you want. I need this whole shit show to lose again; this isn’t even a checkmate. It’s just Cara pulling another real testimony out of my Revelation Chapter 12 life in a progression of them as I move along.

Addressing Christians 8/11/2019

I cannot help it that it took him 39 years to get the point across. Next year, about the time we find out what the fuck is going to be done in the Federal Gov’t of the United States of America, He and I will be Year 40.

I’ll let Him tell it. Ha!


Being mythical or IRL Jesus Christ 8/12/2019

The Holy Spirit @TweetOfSpirit concerning Twitter Part One

@TweetOfSpirit Details Wickedness on @Twitter, Part Two

@SonOfGodAndMan & Twitter Deity Presentation Otherwise

@almightygod Has Spoken Female Freedom

@BettyBowers @Lilith1stWoman

There are Twitter Handles that are high powered: @jesus_twinkie & @DarkPrinceLucy & @ResurrectedDude & @TweetOfSpirit_ & @realleftjesus.

I don’t know what to say except We Who are They are pretty obvious in the Western World so that’s something anyway.

God Father Accounts: @almightygod and @godcallsbs and @thegoodgodabove. The God Show is a podcast I recommend but haven’t been able to listen to yet.

What the living hell that some of us have to block each other while America won’t impeach that damnable president and Twitter suspends @SonOfDadAndMom AGAIN. He’s got other accounts. I’m praying for Him and rooting for Him.

I have this to say: I’m beginning to see #godsquad accounts (it’s a possible trend–I blocked one today) say they are ShapeShifters and post sexual tweets.

Yeah no. Real ShapeShifters wouldn’t go that far. @SonOfDadAndMom makes sexual jokes with @s8n and a few others. But He also and more often perhaps spends time discussing serious political issues and calling out repressive ideology on Twitter. @s8n has done a face reveal. He is too young to Me, but I will deal with Him as I would My Children and I think @SonOfDadAndMom should not be making sexual innuendo jokes with someone that young. But does it stop Me from defending Him? Nope.

There is a difference. If you cannot figure it out go ahead, be my guest. Keep poking at Us Immortals on Twitter. They are handling it I can assure you. I’m not an innocent bystander. But I’m not in charge. Immortal Men are in charge. I’m bound to testifying it more and more and more on four websites, four Twitter, FB, and Instagram. There are other parts to My Story. Those parts are not your business.

Some of these accounts must block some of my four. I don’t know why. I wonder when I will feel whole, if ever. 😓

@PaulTrump, 1