Lunar New Year 2020 Allegory Articles

This is a new phase (literal and figurative) in my life so bear with me. If there are only one or two articles this year as I educate myself on the lunar calendar which is hanging over my father’s desk off the dining room that should be mine but is not, I don’t love you whomever planned and executed this against me, you can be sure as I reacquaint myself with my more ancient and pagan self, so to speak, that each lunar new year will have various articles listed from four websites all glory to DEITY.

The feature image, here below as well, was taken in March of 2019. It is a way of saying Uncovered No More (Isaiah 61; also in the Gospel Record having been read by Jesus Christ) from the perspective of The Moon Goddess in mythical language. This allegory has to do with that part of storytelling which is Nordic Pagan, and that is equally where my RuneStone education is coming from. I have a page for RuneStone Invocation, Proclamation, and Prayer work. Rune Stone Invocation & Prayer Articles


A NOT Poem from 144,000

surrender from 1966

Vote Blue Is Me

Unknowable 3/28/2020 5:33-5:44 AM

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