John Michael Talbot, greet Father Pat with a Judah Holy Kiss on Convict Hill

When you really want to take it up a notch Tribe Judah style, you go to the Catholic Church. One time in 2017 when my humor was low, I was called by God Father over there to St. Catherine of Siena’s Catholic Church on Convict Hill. Father Pat was at the mic. He saw me, of that you can be sure.

Immediately he jovially talked about hell fire. We had our laugh. I didn’t stay long. Father Pat and I are a little too too dangerous with Jesus Christ in Austin, Texas, and I didn’t want another fire or flood to break forth particularly since one day in 2016, I strolled through that lovely church because Jesus called me. He had blond hair that time.

Anyway……..then I went to SynSatan across the street over here at 78736.  They are calling themselves Pentecostals over there. Naw. I done told that pastor to show up at Cathedral of Praise on Friday night. He disobeyed a prophetess. I ain’t going to Cathedral of Praise on Friday night anymore because they ain’t Tribe Judah though HH certainly tried to wing it and bring it in. Lemme guess, Jesus-style: Cathedral of Praise on 360 is Tribe Benjamin and I already helped that elect along just a little bit for a few years. Oy.

So if the Pentecostal Church across the street from Uncovered No More wants to get another trip up the aisle from this Little Sister the same day I popped into the Catholic Church down the street–wearing jean shorts, a white top, and my work boots on a Sunday–they will get their stinky Ass over to Cathedral of Praise and meet their natives. Yeah I’d like to see bill and that pastor over there across the street get along. I bet some cussing breaks out.

ANYway…….John Michael Talbot and St. Catherine’s of Siena are Tribe Judah. That’s as plain as the nose on the face of Jesus–whichever form that is excuse me for saying so in Jesus Name, amen. Signed, Dizzy Chick.

Pentecost Sunday — Gospel of John 21:20-25

LOLOL ok John Michael: can you imagine John Paul Jackson being raised from the dead? Yeah, I bet, Judah Bro, that you can Imagine by John Lennon that, hey? ((hug & holy kiss))

Curtis admitted two nights ago (this is 5/20/2018) that things were complicated for him. Yesterday morning he wore the shirt I BOUGHT FOR HIM LAST FATHER’s DAY which says Best Dad Ever. I gave him that look I give boys 2 men, you know?

Does anybody know how many times Curtis the Baptist like Franklin Graham the shit-load told me in 2008-2013 to just keep it simple? Then he proceeded to help America destroy volume 1 where I told the world I was listening to him about KISS.

I don’t kiss ass, anybody’s, obviously. All the Baptist Wives be like, Cara never submits properly so this page right here proves it.


I can tell you who doesn’t submit properly. Would you like me to list it here under my six laughingstock Jokers that is John Paul Jackson and Cara Ann Coffey, authors, prophet, and prophetess of Tribe Judah?

Everybody else, all 12 tribes elect and otherwise, damn you all to heaven:

KISS–John Paul and I ain’t doing that no more. They keep killing us.

I just told you to simplify. Step 1, Dawgs: get a bowl of dog water. Step 2, Rats: Stick your freaking head in it. Step 3, Ass Holes: Towel off. Step 4 according to Jude whatEVER you are: go back to watching and praying, but do it Judah style from now on, OK? OK, in Jesus Name, amen.

Oh yes, and—I had on jean shorts, a white shirt, and my hiking boots on that strange Pentecost two years ago when I introduced the Catholic to the Protestant and kissed my little Hispanic Pentecostal Benjamin sister, giving an offering, that day. *shrug*

Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary — JMT Gospel Reflection

Pigeon Religion by Dr. RT Kendall