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God bless America. Get to reading Ya’ll. Bobby, Carolyn, and I ain’t got time for no shenanigans like what we put up with for ten years from you people. But like I said: God bless America in Jesus Name, amen.

I’ve got better behaved animals at this house than America has in a good many homes, Christian or not, right now. Judah Elect are clear: repent. The kingdom of heaven is still at hand. Who let the dogs out? I did long ago. You never do have time for stopping and repenting, dawg. Own it and so help me God: the rest of my family are almost here (5/15/2018) from Washington, DC, and it is raining at my house James 5 style all glory to God and in Jesus Name. Settle in. It’s time to read, write, testify, love, and keep at it until there are no hungry, suffering people on this earth forevermore all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.