Chavda Ministries International

Chavda Ministries International

Brother Mahesh and Sister Bonnie are Brother Mahesh and Sister Bonnie. I been seeing some lack of respect around here in Texas and the United States. Come on. Respect your elders or distance them in love. This is one couple who is to be respected with any other family represented in the pages of both Uncovered No More and Rivers International in Jesus Name, amen.

The Chavdas have no greater joy than that the children are loved, coming to Jesus, and fully expressing the arts Holy Spirit is teaching each one within. God knows the hair, or lack of it, on every child’s head and they need to see as I do that the children are released in their poured out Holy Spirit unction in Jesus Name, amen.



Hear me now, World: these are the elect daughters of Uncovered No More, Eagle’s View Ministries, Streams Ministries International, and Chavda Ministries International.

Today, (5/15/2018), as Alva Richard Coffey got a haircut, I took a letter and the tree of life in the feature image of this page to the UPS Store and Keegan checked me out sending this to Diane Jackson: $7.42. Yes, there is rest for the elect of God this day according to Matthew chapter one’s “42” in Jesus Name, amen.

Note the time on the clock in my dining room. This is the day of Edith’s marriage as I began to write the Double Moons Prayer Initiative in June of 2013. 10:33 AM never was so hot as in that hell from June of 2013 until precisely today. Jesus is 70. The world needs to act like it and that includes the state of Israel.

What state of the world’s affairs is this when Bernie Sanders, an American Jew, has to speak out for displaced people of Gaza while he was supposed to be president here and Donald Trump is being…..whatever THAT is. Nothing makes sense. Jesus does make sense. amen.

Meaning of Keegan off of

This man kept talking about guarantees–like if I could be guaranteed three days, or five, for this important little piece of mail to get to Diane. What I said to him, as I looked out the UPS store front wall of windows, was this: I don’t go with guarantees. They have expectations attached to them. He and I looked at each other squarely and I got the impression he agreed with that. I’m Irish (Beaty line), you know. And fiery too so that is an appropriate name for such a gentleman as that in Jesus Name, amen.

We all know this is the store where I mailed nine books. This is the store where I was waiting to pay and looked up in late 2014 to see on their TV screen how Edward Gilligan of American Express dropped dead on an airplane and that was directly after my brother Patrick appeared in a side-aisle at the Walgreens at William Cannon and Escarpment and checked me out buying pictures for my MIL–he swiped my American Express.

And then there is Diane and I. Or there is I and Diane. It really doesn’t matter. We both love John Paul and he loves us back. It is fine. We are going to laugh in the SonShine, us three and the rest of elect Judah, forevermore because we know He needs us to lead Him, Holy Spirit, and Father to that joy which THEY GIVE THE WORLD AS I AM that surpasses all understanding. amen. Judah must lead in wiping I AM’s TEARS AWAY. Yes for if Father cannot stop crying then we vow, oh yes Judah does, to not stop til He does. And HE is crying. My I AM is crying or it wouldn’t be gently raining outside at 9:30 PM on 5/15/2018. God have mercy on us: help us all to slow down, cry, laugh soberly in rejoicing with others, and choose peace with our neighbor and our own selves. But first, love God first. You won’t be able to do the rest otherwise I can assure you as a mother of Second John and prophetess in the office of it who needs to go now.