The Cultivation of Christmas Trees by TS Eliot

6:33: I am having a Divine Appointment tonight as I finish with a book, which is a simple compilation of some of TS Eliot’s work, that I have been comforted by for several years. There is artwork, runes, breakthroughs hidden within the pages of this particular volume. I said I was going to allow aContinue reading “The Cultivation of Christmas Trees by TS Eliot”

“Shit like this….“ @JesusImposter_

So I guess the only person quitting UNM is me. But I will admit I had a breakthrough last night. Which breakthrough was privilege of helping a post-Christian baby boomer to see, finally after 20 years of trying as a person who lives him very much, how he hates himself and it is hurting whichContinue reading ““Shit like this….“ @JesusImposter_”

5:44 Journey of the Magi by TS Eliot

The King asked….. Seeing as how the introductory blog article ended up being SOMEthing I’m not sure it is (laughing because when Rune Stones or Tarot or both get involved, watch out ya’ll!!)…..I need to read Isaiah Chapter Two first, which I’ve decided, is going on my Nazarite Blog henceforth. Bible is going on theContinue reading “5:44 Journey of the Magi by TS Eliot”