5:44 North Korea & Trans/LGTBQ HELL

7:42 AMC 1/31/2023 I see the Red Sea from afar; it is the blood of the bullied innocents, the Genocide Victims, the raped and murdered peoples. While I can call up the book of wars and make the relevant statement of Hell on Earth, there is no power in me about it all stopping. SoContinue reading “5:44 North Korea & Trans/LGTBQ HELL”

Now perhaps my family can see why I’ve been viciously targeted….

If you think this isn’t a real deal, you are blinded by whatever is blinding you. I’ve lived among this wickedness. I’ve been persecuted by this wickedness. Check my twitters. I’m free now and told you all IRL and otherwise for YEARS how the King was in charge of His Timeline. I’ve seen groups ofContinue reading “Now perhaps my family can see why I’ve been viciously targeted….”

I wish we’d all been ready is HERE…. 3:33 PMC

When it speaks herein of the wife in bed, what Larry Norman probably doesn’t realize is what he means is men and women in this modern day give up and become eunuchs because of the stress. We are needed in full time ministry. I wish we’d all been ready, but here is the deal. WeContinue reading “I wish we’d all been ready is HERE…. 3:33 PMC”