From the archives: Black Lives Matter co-founder reflects on a life of activism HISTORY OF WOMEN OF IMPACT Black Lives Matter co-founder reflects on a life of activism

In this interview from National Geographic’s 2019 book “Women” Alicia Garza discusses the power of persistence in fighting injustice.

This woman, Alicia Garza, is such a gorgeous Goddess, like Me, Tara. And I cry to hit “publish” because it has been my hope for 12 years for the World of America to hear US. You do not seem to hear US and I am broken, Loves. I am broken for who can know the mind of Woman?

We know OURSELVES and carry You in our Wombs. Cannot you connect the Dots? I visited the trees at Cook Walden Sunday, July 19, 2020 and it is 7:44 AMC July 20, 2020. That’s a lot of 20, isn’t it? The letter T is 20.


Come As Close As You Want by Misty Edwards

#ThankYou Mr. Midnight; time can begin to be a comfort to Me now. I believe You.

Our Fore-Mother speaks. She speaks with our Fore-Fathers and says, You will prevail amen.

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