Romans 4:4 & the American Government’s Debt to #NotMeUS Part Three

Mitch McConnell, GOD, & Cara Beaty Part 2

Protestant Christians all over this land have a great time lording it over us little people, but they pay their taxes and don’t care that they are talking to a bunch of people who consider their teaching bullshit.

I don’t know anymore how anyone sits in Protestant pews. At least the more liturgical churches, not fucking withstanding the raping priest bunch, are best to me upon reflection. Their buildings are gorgeous, they do a lot of ministry work to the suffering, and they have their teachings very well scripted for years to come. That is a comfort in this age of information.

I’m tired of supposedly “swimming against the stream” like a salmon, are you? Gah I’ve been doing that for very good reasons for years. I now go to church on Sundays at a coffee shop where there is a Wiccan presence that is gracious, loving, and something I can use for connecting my spirituality more honestly as I sip coffee and do art work in unison with people I do not care you do not know about.


You are in way more debt than you tell us you are with your skewed numbers and polls and stats.

Now. Shut up and go talk to the Apostle Paul but don’t you dare tell me how to live my life out of Romans chapter four until you give my people of America Family Health Care, Universal Education, and a Living Wage.

Gah they cannot even get Medicare for All phased in. #wtf.

Separate Church and State, Tax Churches and stop absconding with our money. Shift funds to stimulate the economy not by putting money in the big peep pockets. Give it to the working people. We will work harder, be more robust, and crime will go down. This does not take a bevy of political people and lawyers to see that we are misrepresenting not only the Bible but the Constitution in the United States of America.

Bortac, a quasi-militarised outfit equivalent to the Navy Seals, has been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan by Ed Pilkington

The Lord is here. He knows what ya’ll are doing. It is simply up to Me to worship in the Holy City, Watch, and pray now. You all go on and keep killing His Real People, America. You are not honest with yourselves.

‘I Don’t Want to Go Back’: Many Teachers Are Fearful and Angry Over Pressure to Return From the New York Times

Death ‘I Don’t Want to Go Back’: Many Teachers Are Fearful and Angry Over Pressure to Return

Do I need to write anything else? Read the article and weep for the teachers (I’m one too, idiot America), the whole other of public school staff, the children nationwide, and the whole United States of America right now.

Game Over–Reality is Gorgeous–everything and everyone else, take a number and get in line to learn about yourself. You need to look inward and do the CORRECT THING BY THE CHILDREN AND OLD PEOPLE. Amen.

Kids, if you’re old enough, own this with us. Come on! Let’s go…..

Come on! Let’s keep going!!

Letter to Lucy by Frank Schaeffer

Give me a second America you forced his book off the Internet so I’m taking my sweet time putting it back up.

Frank ❤️ this tweet below on Twitter today and it’s 1:11 PMC here and hell hot so….

I think my big bro’s want y’all to do something other than just sit there with your penis or vagina buried nine feet under the sand. Ya think?

BTW idiot America I would vote Romney if you’d put him in. But naw y’all got a child rapist running in the Republican joint so…

I have the BEST big brothers World Over.

Twinkie is younger so I have the best Little Brothers too and I’m just the chicken caught in the middle of the road. 🙄

Uncovered No More Volume Two

It is finished. Do not judge these pictures. The burn marks on my father’s drafting board have nothing to do with anything but a child lighting matches in a quiet place it was not supposed to be; the wood of the board is very dry. Of course it was embarrassed and hid it; however, the American World System still tries to embarrass me about my past 12 years. You have no idea. Fuck off. I pray to God there is not a board standing from what the precious and beautiful hands of Robert Hilton Beaty Jr and Robert Paul Beaty built because I Am testifying living temple not wood hay and stubble.

As I wrote in paperbacks, I am accustomed to getting NO from the Living Father GOD so it is only Me submitting the properties my father’s DNA is upon where I was betrayed that I am submitting to God Male on the Earth. No human or angel is allowed where I just submitted it is the Holy of Holies. No worries; keep moving and don’t you dare verbally accost me either face to face or where it has to be reported to me that you said that about me. I will deal with you face to face henceforth, and I do not care what anyone thinks about the life of Davis-Beaty in the United States of America. I care about all families. That is very apparent July of 2020. ~Cara Beaty


I am remembering all the people I love today; it is a blessed relief from remembering betrayal. Here is a single from Casting Crowns which is so true: Love Them Like Jesus by Casting Crowns

In the mysterious article, 144 by Cara Beaty, you assume too much and care too little America. I have paraded Twitter handles on this website only for you all to turn away. Why did I put a little bitty blonde girl GIF on that article?

If you cannot answer that, you voted for trump last time and will bet with someone in my hearing that he actually still has a chance when most if not all of us have been putting our reputations and own health needs on the line since before the last presidential election for that murderous and raping ghoul not to be there.

I do not thank Evangelicals, Republicans, Russia’s Putin, the Catholic Church, and last but not least the Bible Belt and the Protestant Church today for the fact that many people will still turn away from my website when I have others like me on here agreeing with me, and you destroyed my three published works and publisher the very month that ghoul went to our White House and is still desecrating it so that parents can legally parade little white girls for Television Shows so that when they are older they can put a glove on (they’re 13) to give powerful men hand jobs and why, again, is Jeffrey Epstein dead instead of turning in all the compatriots of sexual slavery?

Yes, yes, he reads my website too, and I seriously doubt, Michael Shane Davis, that HIS eyes burn. Well, if they DO, He hides it on the Earth. I think all people calling themselves Muslims and Christians need to pick up the Good Book and read all parables concerning #TheMaster today, get to work, and stop turning away from this little girl’s blog. Thank you for your consideration.

As We know from watching Cara and turning away, a certain Jesus and I agree a lot. That is not the Jesus reading my blogs. Go ask him. He didn’t say.

Hold up

Okay; I quoted Revelation Thought of dead prophets in the street and told everybody to go read Revelation 11.

In addition, it’s probably true the Chosen Few know what I’m talking about to picture myself falling down white stairs in this cold cold hot town in Texas. Deep South, yup…you Cain’t get much greater possibility of hot hell USA than certain parts of Texas, etc.

That’s Cara; freeze summer.

SkyFall by Adele

We are standing tall but that doesn’t mean My Guys are not informed of the fact that if I get back into emotional pain I’ll delete and restart again.

Sweet Home America. Love this rigamarole of Washington Rinse Dry Fry Repeat. Oy.

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