Fuck Trump Part One


Thank you @itsJeffTiedrich. I’m going to color the pages I chose from the coloring book you promote on Twitter.

Our children are suffering, America. Some parents are so intent on keeping wars going, and rumors of wars, that their children who are younger are being torn apart when the other parent makes sure a voice of universal solidarity is what comes forth as well.

Ask me no questions. You will shout me down and I refuse your vitriol in my stamina makeup, Bitch.

One Man’s Protestor is the President’s Agent Provocateur by Heather Cox Richardson

According to another article I read last night on Smirking Chimp, AND I ALWAYS BELIEVE SMIRKING CHIMP, Antifa is not a terrorist group, but they have made mistakes. Their purpose is relevant. Game over Donald not-my-president Trump $ Fucking Wicked Company.

I am going to begin to link articles and my thoughts stemming from @SmirkingChimp. Hit the link, read the article, you’re where Jeff resides. As he says on Twitter, don’t blame him he voted for the email lady. Our Federal government needs to stop power-strong arming our real people.

We demand solidarity NOW

We do not demand solidarity tomorrow


….Incompetence is Great by Jaime O’Neill

Trump’s Campaign Resembles the Madness of His Administration by PM Carpenter

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