Elijah McClain

Get these cops in jail. Fuck the rest of this, it is murderous toward the people of my Love Life. Justice. We DEMAND justice for ALL. #WeThePeople

Officers involved in Elijah McClain case now on non-enforcement duties

You don’t like my tone? You aren’t looking at the wrongful jailing of so many truly innocent people so shut up and crawl back under the rock you came out from under to take another pot shot at Cara.

The feature image is the flag given to my mother after my father died. He served in France and came home and went into culture shock the country had taken such a downturn that he almost couldn’t take it. Dad was a medic and I carry on my keychain his dog tags that my mother carried on her key chain before me.

Fuck off. Fully fund the military. I am tired of Vietnam being played over and over again where My People are left to die and suffer after they defended our country.

Universal Education for our youth. Hands down, support the choices the parents make. Parents, support the system you are invested within. Win-Win. It is called #Solidarity.

Breonna Taylor’s Murderers are not Arrested Updated 7/26/2020

Isaiah 61

There is nothing but #Witness to say here. This is unbelievable. Let me tell America. The next article is going to make it that much worse.

But I will tell you I visited my parents’ public ashes as I shopped and put this article up from Twitter. And here is my tweet about that:

To plan heaven and do it right here right now for Nina Turner and Cara Beaty is to get the people in jail for the rest of their lives who took this dear woman from us, and the others.

The justice system needs revamping. I am hearing of minor crime people (I will not call them criminal as long as criminal is running free who are obvious) are held far too long for marijuana charges when many of us realize it should be legalized while Jeffrey Epstein commuted suicide (!?) and people like Don Trump and possibly Bill Clinton and others are still running free.

Money above people. Power above justice. NO separation of church and state. Women have less rights than men. Our dearest Black Skin People are the dead prophets in the street like my granddaddy, David Wilkerson, and my own brother, twice. (Revelation 11)

Oh my GOD!!!

Pinning again. Arrest them and get them to court.

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