WHO! WHO? Here We Come World Health Organization lol

Fauci announces we are re-joining the WHO Ya’ll Ya’ll LOOK he’s smiling ruefully LOL Here’s my take. Elect me. I can think of something to do. I haven’t EVEN gotten out of my jamas today but hey!! There are pigeons eating seed in my backyard!! I’m about to have my second coffee…… Pigeon Religion byContinue reading “WHO! WHO? Here We Come World Health Organization lol”


And my artwork is called Betrayal’s Revenge StarLight Seas which transposes over to chapter three of Compromised: Counterintelligence and the threat of Donald J. Trump by Peter Strzok Here is the most recent artwork from Chapter Three where I am declaring what the FBI and CIA of America mean to GOD ALMIGHTY forever amen, whenContinue reading “REMOVE TODAY”

Shall I just CURSE IN THE TITLE ENGLAND #WTF are you doing?!?

Ministers set to halt plans for daily Covid tests in English Schools UK, Fuck this SHIT; Children MUST EAT What did you think, England? That I just love American children? Game over Boris Johnson & Tories. I may be dumb, but I ain’t stupid. I thought maybe ya’ll all of England wanted Brexit because TheresaContinue reading “Shall I just CURSE IN THE TITLE ENGLAND #WTF are you doing?!?”

That’s How We Got Here part four

I’m such a fucking liar. Up to part four. Whatever. Bernice King and Cara Beaty-Coffey SPEAK part three Tadashi is without BayMax today, who is safely in the garage pouting. He broke a lego set up leaping on top of a bookcase last night. Cats are so…Cattie. 😂🙄 Our Love by Chris Sligh And too…

Bernice King and Cara Beaty-Coffey SPEAK part three

BERNICE KING’S VIDEO LINK Oh, what a surprise. You got a prediction, as opposed directly to a prophecy according to 1 Corinthians 13, at the same time that you get part three from Cara BC. What Martin Luther King, Jr. said above is what I have said a billion ways. Due to the issue ofContinue reading “Bernice King and Cara Beaty-Coffey SPEAK part three”

Donald Trump was told to come directly against Cara BC, and they did part two

We Are Broken & Never Again Left Behind Part One Article, picture of the link from twitter below I repeatedly warned Christianity on blogs long gone as the deliverance from the curse was more apparent in the New Jerusalem of Austin, Texas, that they couldn’t use my ministry. They used my ministry, and they stone-walledContinue reading “Donald Trump was told to come directly against Cara BC, and they did part two”

@MollyJongFast and I are Worried AS WE SHOULD BE WE ARE GOOD MOTHERS

Molly is famous. I’m not. We’re both mothers and do not give one fuck what you think. Donald Trump, all his fascist, Nazis enablers, and a good many others SHOULD ALREADY BE IN JAIL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS. @BastardSon_ Says Charges of Sedition & Treason; 7:50 AMC Part One Donald Trump Must Be Permanently Banned from AllContinue reading “@MollyJongFast and I are Worried AS WE SHOULD BE WE ARE GOOD MOTHERS”

THIS with @TheTweetOfGod

A Colbert Christmas—Elvis Costello/Stephen Colbert Duet from AdamSchesingerMusic I had a conversation tonight. And in it I made the point I don’t care about embezzling money and all that grand theft going on. Well I do, BUT Touch a child kill their soul is IMMORAL…. and look here: Now. I believe in @TheTweetOfGod, @SeungMinKim, @loutrebrule,Continue reading “THIS with @TheTweetOfGod”