BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL by Friedrich Nietzsche Translated by Helen Zimmerman


This author died three years before my grandfather lived a short life and died in a Texas Street like my brother and David Wilkerson according to Revelation 11.

These Men fought for my ability to be here, normal yet highly and spiritually active, expressing what I am going to continue to express forever about the return of the King of kings Jesus Christ and the Elect with Him to rule the World System and the Earth Core.

We will see what I write of this book upon this website. My son and I have earned the necessity for me to pay attention here, together.

Which Son, Cara? The one Robert Paul Beaty and Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr, stood over the crib of, gazing at Him lovingly. Robert Edward will be vindicated, America. You are bastards waiting to die. May the insanity visited upon Donald trump and Friedrich Nietzsche consume you lovingly by the prayers of a very righteous and passionate mother named Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey.

I didn’t destroy everything of my life writing. America would prefer that I stop. Stop writing. Stop being an artist. Stop mothering unless it is exactly what is expected of me. Stop being the girl I know I am. Just stop.


Choose Who You Serve; Beyond Good & Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche; & Nina Turner

Beyond Good & Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche pp. 13-14

If you are going to understand why I would put this excellent quote here, read the life story of @peterdaou. Wiki Life Story of Peter Daou

If you want deliverance from Insanity Trump and Pence Family, here is your book:

I continue. It is an exercise in discipline to read Friedrich Nietzsche. That is because his style is very intense. I am used to being intense. I’m not used to having such a saturation of words except with Leo Martello.

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