I Listen

Of course I’m a Nobody like Lucifer #TaraAnnMoons What is more, this following video is from Bethel’s The Loft. I Am now in a loft as one of the three places I dwell in one home according to Second John. Two of the three contain my Majick purified from the issues of humanity mixing sexualityContinue reading “I Listen”


Jeremy Corbin, say Hello to America’s Kamala Harris and Joe Biden Part 5 Three Rivers dot Water dot Blog introduction

Shade #DeityRealm

This one concluding today is pinned until I’m done defining Shade which is to say I don’t know how the hell I got here but hold on we gotta win apocalypse too. Jesus Christ how simple it appears to Bea. 5150 by Van Halen Indeed Status of Pastor Locke I set fire to the rain;Continue reading “Shade #DeityRealm”

The YMCA Sucks

Just get that shit outta America all they ever do is make everyone feel like a fat baby unless you are white. Then they make sure your picture is as ugly as hell in their computer system unless you are the Dad figure if they don’t like your power. I have stories, lemme say. YeahContinue reading “The YMCA Sucks”

19th Amendment

The 19th Amendment Only Really Helped White Women from Teen Vogue 19th Amendment to the Constitution While white supremacy is not here to stay, look at the two above articles and realize that the current Republican subset in the Federal Government of this nation are not reading the Constitution. I’m gonna post this and getContinue reading “19th Amendment”