We Are Proud of Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Vice President Kamala Harris

America, after what the Republicans put us through, do not give me that bull shit that Kamala Harris is not yet our Vice President. More to the point. It is miraculous and beyond stupendous that the last REAL President and the current REAL Vice President are who they are, and it is very easy toContinue reading “We Are Proud of Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Vice President Kamala Harris”

Arrest Says @BastardSon_

THE BETTER WAY The FBI FBI Today from Washington DC I do not think the King is hearing ANY negativity about the FBI, and I know His Little Sister Cara Ann is NOT taking it. 4:33 PMC Mr. Tapper may or may not be talking about the same press conference. You may or may notContinue reading “Arrest Says @BastardSon_”

@BastardSon_ Says Charges of Sedition & Treason; 7:50 AMC

Joy to the World! Cara is writing another several parts, America, England, and Russia! Putin, shut up. Boris Johnson, axe Brexit. How cute. Donnie and company are going to jail, hey buddies international? I’m throwing a pagan circle. You’ll be nekked and shivering in the dark when I summon Lucifer to torment you, guys. Haha.Continue reading “@BastardSon_ Says Charges of Sedition & Treason; 7:50 AMC”

Hope Again, NOW

Let me speak to white folks: stay home. Worship by buying MLK’s book and you set up a blog. I have six. On Sundays this year, read this one and another one and another one and tell us what you think. Get a twitter. Use the hashtag #SermonFromTheSofa and tag one of my accounts. I’llContinue reading “Hope Again, NOW”