That’s How We Got Here part four

I’m such a fucking liar. Up to part four. Whatever. Bernice King and Cara Beaty-Coffey SPEAK part three Tadashi is without BayMax today, who is safely in the garage pouting. He broke a lego set up leaping on top of a bookcase last night. Cats are so…Cattie. 😂🙄 Our Love by Chris Sligh And too…

We Are Broken & Never Again Left Behind Part One

If there is one thing 12 years past has taught Cara Coffey, it is that I’m never left behind. Rapture doctrine of the Christian Church kills people, I swear to GOD it does. People get to thinking, and raise their kids, that Christians are in a world that needs changing. I’m the spiritualist whose gotContinue reading “We Are Broken & Never Again Left Behind Part One”

Arrest Says @BastardSon_

THE BETTER WAY The FBI FBI Today from Washington DC I do not think the King is hearing ANY negativity about the FBI, and I know His Little Sister Cara Ann is NOT taking it. 4:33 PMC Mr. Tapper may or may not be talking about the same press conference. You may or may notContinue reading “Arrest Says @BastardSon_”