@BerniceKing began Uncovered No More Again

Link from @BerniceKing telling Cara Beaty that Nope Lady, We need VOICE No no Bernice didn’t tell me that directly. Bitch, I told all of you we don’t need you over here in Uncovered No More land. We speak to each other naturally and now Bernice just proved it amen. Well, then there’s my morningContinue reading “@BerniceKing began Uncovered No More Again”

The YMCA Sucks

Just get that shit outta America all they ever do is make everyone feel like a fat baby unless you are white. Then they make sure your picture is as ugly as hell in their computer system unless you are the Dad figure if they don’t like your power. I have stories, lemme say. YeahContinue reading “The YMCA Sucks”