ARC of Covenant Forevermore #8994

I’m having a rough time of it for nine years. But in this tenth year of mine coming up where we all are finding out some lovely things about our lives whole across the world, I have this to pray after I talk about my feelings for a minute here in a little place of heaven called Uncovered No More on Weir Loop Circle in Austin, TX, at the zip code of 78736.

My feelings: I wish to God Protestants had trusted the work of Christ in their little sister better than you did. You’ve cost my Beaty-Coffey family and the family of Davis in heavenly door ministries in Mississippi more than you understand in all of your Christian largess. That being said, my feelings not ignored, I do indeed know the value of forgiveness where I AM is concerned. And, once I get over being self conscious of how powerful the testimony of Uncovered No More is, then rest assured all the churches I’ve said I wouldn’t step foot in will indeed see me. Why? Jesus Christ, him crucified, and him risen again is why you will see me. But when you see me next time, realize that isn’t me. It’s me, whomever that is, which I AM is defining every day in a way that is embarrassing to your little sister in this little house my daddy and uncle built, as I keep moving as a strange prophetess in the office of it.

If I have ever mentioned you anywhere as Christians, we all know you are forgiven. Bob Jones of Bob Jones Ministries lost his soul for me to be able to say this, and that process began Valentine’s Day, 2014 when he passed away. I’d done some work earlier, and that dog named Valentine is now owned by Eara Abigail. He still loves me as his little sissy, that Valentine. Now. Here is my reality: it is entirely possible I just snatched Bob Jones hard-set from burning and his soul will live again. There are testimonies on the Internet of people being held in holding tanks: in other words, they didn’t burn like Hitler did before Hitler was destroyed, and he was. Bob Jones has some faithfulness in his life. I know that. But if you are me and Christians have misunderstood you and defied you to the point of no return, you have to hold their feet to the fire in the first heaven to have the testimony that I have. I will never, ever, forget the face of Jesus named Justin who blocked me off in a kitchen desperately just so I’d say one thing to Him. I complimented a necklace that represented to me my daughter Esther Grace. And Esther Grace is named after two women of God the world was not worthy of. 

I almost went away again last night. I didn’t get tempted to hit delete on two of my three blogs; however, I did get tempted to disappear forevermore and let Jesus do His work alone again. NO. Every time I see Jesus save for a very few times in the very churches which are being refined right now in Austin, Texas, He is alone, alone, alone. That breaks my heart. So Protestant and Catholic Churches, I have this to pray:




March 12-13, 2017 is Purim. March 12 is my ARC’s birthday. And let’s remember our Queen Essie Gracie and her heart she made during worship at Cathedral of Praise in 2016. Yay God:

Happy Purim, Israel. I’m celebrating with the Jesus People Jews in Jesus Name, amen.

An excellent explanation of Purim from  off Refinery 29 dot com. Thank you Sara Coughlin.


Do NOT Mom Me finished 4:11 PM

Ed and Ess are sitting at the dining room table eating cereal before we go out for just a wee minute. I’ve got a coupla errands to run and a little letter to send to three ministries. I’ve decided Two Day is best–and so help me God I’m not spending any more of my money on postage after ya’ll already lost me my publisher. Check out the ARC. It’s changed, Babes.

And…..I told those two kidz they needed to pick up their stuff. I mean…..paper, two pairs of shoes, and four socks–I am not looking to see if they are paired properly, people–are sitting right here for my black tennie-booted shoe to see while I type this article. They’d been out cutting limbs on trees and then plopped down to watch a pink dinosaur, but now they are eating cereal.

So when I told ’em to get in here and pick up their stuff, and since my paper plate is still on the desk, those two buggers had every right, one would suppose, to mouth off. Thus, the title of this little article. I need another cup of coffee. I am just saying. My bigz are getting me a Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine for my birthday this year. I told ’em that’s what I need. Patrick’s on it. He won’t let me throw him a party, but I’m throwing we one, if that makes sense. He’s about to be 24 and I’m about to be 51.

I asked Curtis to get me a paint ball pistol. He said no. I wonder why? (smile)

Anyway. I need to laugh. Do not Mom Me, American Christian Church Babes. I’m still working out our salvation with fear and trembling over here in Austin, TX, all glory to God and so help me God when you come up behind me and hug me while I’m in the river in front of the church stage (every one of them, Babes, across the world) just to cover your little sin issue, there is hell to pay, oh yes there is in Jesus Name, amen.

Sweetheart, I told you to stay away from me because I need to focus somewhere or other around here on this blog–they don’t have time to read my blog. It isn’t important. Their ministry appears to be, but that is their opinion and not mine. Bye-bye Baby on the treetop. When the wind blows, the cradle drops in Jesus Name, amen (Rev 9 and 12).

Oprah Winfrey Interviews Madea


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee:

“Just Tell Him You’re the President (Season 7, Episode 1)


Ellen & Wanda Sykes on Barbies and Her New “Girls”–but I share this with caution. It isn’t balanced because I’ve heard how young, spoiled rotten, little girls are treating my son and spoiled rotten little girls need to get over themselves whether they are 2 years old and their mamas don’t know nothin’ about training them or whether they are 102 years old and still being little asses in wolves clothing calling themselves “right” just like those sorts of beastly males do. I’m not being political here. I’m being HONEST.

Tim Hawkins – about ungrateful kids

Despicable Me 3 Trailer


Hahaha…..don’t get coffee at Whole Foods right behind me with that little smile on your face, Babes. Get out of town in Jesus Name, amen. Remember? When Despicable Me 3 comes out, it’ll be me ‘n Bobby Conner, with both of our families, drinking wine together in the spirit realms right? You remember that, right? Naw, you didn’t. How could you when I hit delete so much since you are so……..well meaning in your application of the Word of God ’round about Austin, Texas, where the Coffey family is just trying to have a life all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.

That was a nice little conversation Curtis and I had in my driveway at 1:11 PM today. I told him I’m a little sleepy since I’ve been awakened at 4:44, or 4:43 turning into 4:44, for a couple mornings the past few days all glory to God. Yes, all glory to God. I don’t particularly care whether you think you needed some glory or not–let’s let God decide that, shall we? Right on Target. But you aren’t. Blood to the bridles again today, my Beloved, and you need to watch your step around the Jesus People. You are giving yourself away left and right. amen.