Bring to Justice 1

Huff post article shown below, with comment from @BastardSon_ Christianity has a high expectation upon the rest of us to take all the blame for mindsets that lended themselves to this illegality that they agreed with when they had some of us in their midst the whole time giving them the truth. We are persecutedContinue reading “Bring to Justice 1”

I Did NOT Want to Release That Last Article

Okay LAZARUS and @DarkPrinceLucy Need This Video Watched Whilst that video makes sense, it made sense 12 years ago; and, it made sense in 1967 as King, Jr. and Malcolm X were assassinated. If anybody hadn’t noticed the Holy War, maybe you should now. The gas you buy and the pew you set your backsideContinue reading “I Did NOT Want to Release That Last Article”

Moving ON Begets Truth Restored and Growing—@MaryLTrump

Mary Trump Status pictured below I have followed them all on the account I was upon when I encountered the excellent video. I will retweet. If you want to be a part of my life, and of the life of the King of kings, at least for a short space of time He Alone KnowsContinue reading “Moving ON Begets Truth Restored and Growing—@MaryLTrump”

@MollyJongFast and I are Worried AS WE SHOULD BE WE ARE GOOD MOTHERS

Molly is famous. I’m not. We’re both mothers and do not give one fuck what you think. Donald Trump, all his fascist, Nazis enablers, and a good many others SHOULD ALREADY BE IN JAIL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS. @BastardSon_ Says Charges of Sedition & Treason; 7:50 AMC Part One Donald Trump Must Be Permanently Banned from AllContinue reading “@MollyJongFast and I are Worried AS WE SHOULD BE WE ARE GOOD MOTHERS”

@BastardSon_ Says Charges of Sedition & Treason; 7:50 AMC

Joy to the World! Cara is writing another several parts, America, England, and Russia! Putin, shut up. Boris Johnson, axe Brexit. How cute. Donnie and company are going to jail, hey buddies international? I’m throwing a pagan circle. You’ll be nekked and shivering in the dark when I summon Lucifer to torment you, guys. Haha.Continue reading “@BastardSon_ Says Charges of Sedition & Treason; 7:50 AMC”

THIS with @TheTweetOfGod

A Colbert Christmas—Elvis Costello/Stephen Colbert Duet from AdamSchesingerMusic I had a conversation tonight. And in it I made the point I don’t care about embezzling money and all that grand theft going on. Well I do, BUT Touch a child kill their soul is IMMORAL…. and look here: Now. I believe in @TheTweetOfGod, @SeungMinKim, @loutrebrule,Continue reading “THIS with @TheTweetOfGod”