In The First Place

Some key questions are just that; KEY so I shut up and throw #RuneStones and let them speak what I could but nobody listens anyway what is more I need to control the absolute rage I feel when such a key question is simply put on a hell site called Twitter. Does America have anyContinue reading “In The First Place”

8:44 PMC and The #BlueMoon My Love @BerniceKing

I am so broken; I am so broken; they have taken My Lord and I don’t know where He is tonight and Bernice is so broken; Bernice is so Broken; they have taken OUR FATHER’S words and made them lies in the Christian and Catholic Assemblies. And there is no pain greater than this thatContinue reading “8:44 PMC and The #BlueMoon My Love @BerniceKing”

@BerniceKing began Uncovered No More Again

Link from @BerniceKing telling Cara Beaty that Nope Lady, We need VOICE No no Bernice didn’t tell me that directly. Bitch, I told all of you we don’t need you over here in Uncovered No More land. We speak to each other naturally and now Bernice just proved it amen. Well, then there’s my morningContinue reading “@BerniceKing began Uncovered No More Again”

@barackobama JUST VOTED for Kamala and Joe & Drank Cafe’. Yup 👍🏻

Nanny nanny boo boo Mr. President I’m not lazy I stood in line Yesterday (last week actually) by the BEAtles AND finished a coloring picture AND read from my fart book because issues are so damn idiotic in the form of stupid people. Moving on.

Show Me This Red Alone Forever

Anything made by humanity being sold in America that has the color red within it will not be purchased by me. You either give me my proper representation within the federal government or I will begin to release very honest video just like I did on a random twitter of mine today because the CardsContinue reading “Show Me This Red Alone Forever”

Best Counting Book Ever 123 by Richard Scarry

Have you ever been scared? I live in a lot of fear these days after what has happened to me. I do not dwell there and this fact is why I have blogs and active Twitter. America has never broken me, and it is never going to. I cannot move, you see. That means I’mContinue reading “Best Counting Book Ever 123 by Richard Scarry”