‘I Don’t Want to Go Back’: Many Teachers Are Fearful and Angry Over Pressure to Return From the New York Times

Death ‘I Don’t Want to Go Back’: Many Teachers Are Fearful and Angry Over Pressure to Return

Do I need to write anything else? Read the article and weep for the teachers (I’m one too, idiot America), the whole other of public school staff, the children nationwide, and the whole United States of America right now.

Game Over–Reality is Gorgeous–everything and everyone else, take a number and get in line to learn about yourself. You need to look inward and do the CORRECT THING BY THE CHILDREN AND OLD PEOPLE. Amen.

Kids, if you’re old enough, own this with us. Come on! Let’s go…..

Come on! Let’s keep going!!

Yin Yang Baby

Meanwhile I doubt my kid will mind you seeing what he’s putting on my camera files today y’all omg.

Cool Dude. No, I do not know the game, meme, troll angle, political slant, GIF or whatever, ya’ll. I’m just the one who is switching the laundry.

Ólafur Arnalds – Particles ft. Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir

Tyler Perry and I say we are not wasting time though we are exhausted and feel like all our times of our ancestors are wasted times since we have THAT old set of the Republican Party and the Evangelical nightmare of primarily the Protestant Church doing what they’ve been doing while capitalistic power players with families who have billions of dollars look on and break the whip across Tyler Perry’s back constantly.

You got that correct. I’m white too, Wall Street. You protect a gal like me, and that wasn’t protection for 12 years that was control. But hands down, when I need perspective, I go hug a black man in the aisle at Target. That happened. He is gorgeous and equally a Christian. Have a nice death, Evangelicals and Republican old farts and young ones determined to keep fighting.


I am remembering all the people I love today; it is a blessed relief from remembering betrayal. Here is a single from Casting Crowns which is so true: Love Them Like Jesus by Casting Crowns

In the mysterious article, 144 by Cara Beaty, you assume too much and care too little America. I have paraded Twitter handles on this website only for you all to turn away. Why did I put a little bitty blonde girl GIF on that article?

If you cannot answer that, you voted for trump last time and will bet with someone in my hearing that he actually still has a chance when most if not all of us have been putting our reputations and own health needs on the line since before the last presidential election for that murderous and raping ghoul not to be there.

I do not thank Evangelicals, Republicans, Russia’s Putin, the Catholic Church, and last but not least the Bible Belt and the Protestant Church today for the fact that many people will still turn away from my website when I have others like me on here agreeing with me, and you destroyed my three published works and publisher the very month that ghoul went to our White House and is still desecrating it so that parents can legally parade little white girls for Television Shows so that when they are older they can put a glove on (they’re 13) to give powerful men hand jobs and why, again, is Jeffrey Epstein dead instead of turning in all the compatriots of sexual slavery?

Yes, yes, he reads my website too, and I seriously doubt, Michael Shane Davis, that HIS eyes burn. Well, if they DO, He hides it on the Earth. I think all people calling themselves Muslims and Christians need to pick up the Good Book and read all parables concerning #TheMaster today, get to work, and stop turning away from this little girl’s blog. Thank you for your consideration.

As We know from watching Cara and turning away, a certain Jesus and I agree a lot. That is not the Jesus reading my blogs. Go ask him. He didn’t say.

Hold up

Okay; I quoted Revelation Thought of dead prophets in the street and told everybody to go read Revelation 11.

In addition, it’s probably true the Chosen Few know what I’m talking about to picture myself falling down white stairs in this cold cold hot town in Texas. Deep South, yup…you Cain’t get much greater possibility of hot hell USA than certain parts of Texas, etc.

That’s Cara; freeze summer.

SkyFall by Adele

We are standing tall but that doesn’t mean My Guys are not informed of the fact that if I get back into emotional pain I’ll delete and restart again.

Sweet Home America. Love this rigamarole of Washington Rinse Dry Fry Repeat. Oy.

Beaty Bullet COFFEE, Murderers

It has come. The division line between what is humanely “right and wrong” is upon us. And I don’t need to admit the necessity of voting out the current mayhem because I have been writing that way for some years now, and frankly I am argued down at every turn, but I am going to state it anyway for my own peace of mind. I have become a tape recorder with the ability to pray and agree with others using Rune Stones. I know it; I know I am no Voice at all. Watch me keep doing what I have been doing for years now. Meaninglessness. I define it and am thankful that my bills are paid.

Voting Democrat is the only way to take a step, whether that be toward huge strides of progress or not, in the direction of fewer COVID-19 black skin death statistics which scream the truth of where this country actually IS concerning White Supremacy.

I support the protesters and I don’t support seeing young people with eyes taken out or chunks of skin removed out of their forehead from a police rubber bullet when they were only peacefully protesting; it was others looting and graffiti marking places in cities across this great land.

Had the justice system worked properly, the protests wouldn’t be here this time. It is a crying shame we need protests to arrest police officers who are perpetrators of murder. But that is what is happening, and we will forget. Do not forget to vote, please….look at yourself in the mirror each morning, and I am not saying you need to hate yourself. I am saying you need to call yourself a murderer if you vote for a Republican in this next election. The Republicans have gone insane in a world where the opportunities for true political progress are glaring at them all every day, and where all skin colors like me have a Voice, nobody listens or cares, and I keep speaking anyway. Have a nice weekend.

I am a white-skinned woman. You do not know my life. Assume nothing and think about America. Pray. Take action. My actions toward what is horrifically happening around me is to be faithful in my details and use my Voice the way that I can; to meditate upon goodness I know in this country, IS this country, three times a day. To smile. To serve those who have denied my spirituality and have no intention of rectifying their wrongdoing in my sacred yet normal soul life history that I am evolving within.

But I can tell the World System of the Western World there are greatest forces united and I’ve given you a sample here in this article of two people, wherever we happen to be in the flesh, who know unified strength is with us in America, and that strength is ever increasing toward the removing of the scourges of injustice, murder and rape from off the backs of the real people in the United States.

#BlackLivesMatter, the racism is rampant with trump in office, and it is plain to see. Agree with those of us who choose to keep speaking truth no matter the news. That is my suggestion.

People around me have tormented my soul to the point that I confessed a lie in my reality yesterday (June 4, 2020). And that lie is I would retire Uncovered No More. He thinks that if he strong arms me to retire it, my entire testimony goes away but I have a little compassion left: he is a baby boomer.

Excuse me Mr. Twinkie, but I happen to know you are Aries like me; and, you are Gen X. I hope you don’t feel used. Then again, since you’ve been at this like me you already know we are always used, always. The difference about me is very well documented by Angelina Jolie in Malificent where my eldest daughter is Aurora but she hasn’t married again.

LOL America doesn’t know what I do. You never did. But I’m the one with a website that isn’t going away and I use what I need to keep my Voice alive. If you complain about it goodbye that day, babe. You know me Streams Ministries International. I’m no different than John Paul Jackson. Dreaming, we are always dreaming awake and asleep. I even give dreams to the people around me, even on Twitter…..

Cool gifting, hey?

IF you don’t dream with me in the night watches, I fix it and send you on a roller coaster of emotions until you get your ass no matter the color off that circus ride and straighten your life up to UNIFICATION

You are not welcome. I do not care if you thank me or not. I’m of that clan, Babe. Get over yourself and live without murdering people in word, deed, or even thought

Look to the Sky and see this birdie fly by lol I’m just kidding
Here is a story about two people in my life which will be written in my little book for no one to see
There are not three Aries here, and something had to be destroyed but not Someone amen

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