@BerniceKing began Uncovered No More Again

Link from @BerniceKing telling Cara Beaty that Nope Lady, We need VOICE No no Bernice didn’t tell me that directly. Bitch, I told all of you we don’t need you over here in Uncovered No More land. We speak to each other naturally and now Bernice just proved it amen. Well, then there’s my morningContinue reading “@BerniceKing began Uncovered No More Again”

@barackobama JUST VOTED for Kamala and Joe & Drank Cafe’. Yup 👍🏻

Nanny nanny boo boo Mr. President I’m not lazy I stood in line Yesterday (last week actually) by the BEAtles AND finished a coloring picture AND read from my fart book because issues are so damn idiotic in the form of stupid people. Moving on.

Show Me This Red Alone Forever

Anything made by humanity being sold in America that has the color red within it will not be purchased by me. You either give me my proper representation within the federal government or I will begin to release very honest video just like I did on a random twitter of mine today because the CardsContinue reading “Show Me This Red Alone Forever”

Barack Obama Twitter-ed (lol) about balance today

I was also very appreciative that I signed up to a service where President Obama texts us directly, and I found out that early voting began in my area so I voted yesterday and found out the State of Texas quit with me today. So maybe I really am going to get a new lifeContinue reading “Barack Obama Twitter-ed (lol) about balance today”

Smirking Chimp’s Excellent Reality Check by Karen Dolan and Heather Cox Richardson

This Is an Emergency: Americans Need Relief, and Trump Is Standing in the Way by Karen Dolan State of Play by Heather Cox Richardson I don’t need to write; they are doing so and Molly Jong-Fast is over on Daily Beast being 100 percent accurate too I don’t need to do anything but keep ourContinue reading “Smirking Chimp’s Excellent Reality Check by Karen Dolan and Heather Cox Richardson”

Vanity Fair

Breonna Taylor’s Murderers are not Arrested Updated 7/26/2020 AMY SHERALD ON MAKING BREONNA TAYLOR’S PORTRAIT My FAM are UP. Let’s go, Loves, keep going. I got your back as do so many men and women!!! Magdalene GateWay is back because so is @StPeterGatesKeep. I don’t have a Twitter so I dare you to check outContinue reading “Vanity Fair”

19th Amendment

The 19th Amendment Only Really Helped White Women from Teen Vogue 19th Amendment to the Constitution While white supremacy is not here to stay, look at the two above articles and realize that the current Republican subset in the Federal Government of this nation are not reading the Constitution. I’m gonna post this and getContinue reading “19th Amendment”