Cara’s Video Testimony

The Mother Mary & I, Part One

When a man appears off the street wearing an orange referee shirt with a ten on its back and the last name JONES in white, when he is seen having pictures taken with children while his little sister is talking on the sidelines with another soccer mother, and when he is gone as quickly as he was there while my son Robert Edward Coffey got his medal for that soccer season, the world knows that Cara knows it really is time.

  1. I will not do a book review of a book by Bob Jones and if the world is interested, I have left FaceBook mostly, PeriScope entirely, and two blogs are leaving the web. You will also see video and sound recordings here at Uncovered No More because I got the Premium plan. All of a sudden, Curtis isn’t arguing with me about some things, either, and that is just one day before Memorial Day, 2018 all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.
  2. I was told no by that man concerning PeriScope ministry but only in a second heaven manner of speaking. See, that is the thing about me. I can be told no. It is just that the right man needs to say it. I don’t take no from women, and I don’t take no from human humans. Curtis understands that very well now. Michael and Gabriel and my brother and my father always did. I’m not exaggerating.
  3. I don’t hide anything. What I do is wait until my natives are not arguing with a Man. I know this man lost a whole night of sleep night before last (that would have been May 25, 2018), and I know now that he’s lost a lot of sleep for over 2,000 years. Enough said.
  4. I am no longer caught in many manners of speaking between a 33 year old Jesus and a 70 year old Jesus named Israel in the first heaven. But don’t ask me what I mean. Don’t ask anybody. Get back to your life watching and praying and if you were Laodicean or whatever according to the sin of churches in Revelation 2 and 3, please go figure it out yourself. You’re smart enough for that, oh Christian of America. What you weren’t smart enough for was that type elect person called Cara Coffey who is as wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove.
  5. You don’t own me, America. Jesus does. The same goes for other Christians in this country. It is obvious by now that many, many of them are arguing with Jesus, King of kings. Whom you don’t argue with? Jesus, Prince of Peace. He isn’t interested in arguing. I would suggest people get ready to be told no a lot in the Christian Church. I can do it, certainly, but you never listen to me. *shrug*
  6. In the video below, I assert I have 3 blogs. I don’t have peace with removing Heaven on Earth so I upgraded it to a Personal Plan where video and voice recording will not be present. Later, I will likely take Rivers International and Conversations With Paul to personal plans.

I don’t understand why this video shows me sideways, but if you hit “play” I straighten out. Shazam I feel that way a whole lot. 🤓😳










My 13 Children are with me—I need pictures of the Jackson family of Streams Ministries InterNational and the Michael Shane Davis Family of Mississippi in my home as soon as possible. However, I am long suffering.









One Disclaimer Statement

John 3:16 & Memorial Day 2018 is another Disclaimer Statement in writing on Rivers InterNational







Sons of God Elect Tribe Judah

May 29, 2018

Though I could not identify Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr. in this video above, I heard it and waited on God for a few hours: Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr with his brothers are modern day Nehemiah primarily but more to the point, they are representing the minor prophets of their day which is not of mine; there will be the understanding of minor prophets and prophetesses in the modern day, but it isn’t today. My point is that you need to start looking at us that way. Go re-read the Old Testament. It is here every bit as much as the New Testament is here in Jesus Name, amen.

June 4, 2018

The baptism date of ten year old Robert Edward Coffey at Restore Austin all glory to God

Well now; Streams Ministries International is interviewing Kobi Ferguson and dearest Kobi is saying the same thing I said above, right up above in that paragraph, when I tell the world that you need to look at us THAT WAY in Jesus Name, amen.

Conversations with Kobi Ferguson

It seems to me that the world is learning one thing about John Paul Jackson and Cara Ann Beaty: strangely, and including our peoples whether they like it or not and I can assure you that peoples of Uncovered No More’s strange existence didn’t like this and in fact hated it which was reported to SMI by this prophetess in late 2017 or early 2018: John Paul and I are one and the same.

His maturation was ahead of mine as a Seer because he is technically-speaking 16 years older than me. But what is sixteen years compared to forevermore? Maybe a billionth of a blink of the Eyes of God in Hell is what that is, 16 years. Now watch out. Every time my children, all of them, and his children, both of them, turn(ed) 16, you get this message and you can be damn sure of one little thing: I will cram it up America’s backside until you bow the knees to God Alone in Jesus Name, amen. Guess who is turning 16 in August of 2018? Eara Abigail Coffey whom is equally as John Paul Jackson and Cara Ann Coffey: one and the same along with Esther Grace Coffey and Edith Renae Coffey. Some of my daughters and I have issues right now because we are still dealing with enmity between mothers and daughters–go find it. It’s in the New Testament. But you are going to find out that my three E daughters are like me and Eara Davis Beaty: Seers who do not give one damn for this world system. You will kill us with all your unbelief. We get our dead back and keep praising God Almighty just like John Paul Jackson and his parents. Does the world have any questions? You are looking at a definition of elect peoples in this bolded part. Don’t ask why. Don’t ask anything. Just either believe on Jesus Christ and be saved or go to hell in my handbag in Jesus Name, amen.

You don’t hide from me and John Paul like what happened in my life testimony and have this gal right here say anything else. What is more, Kobi’s wife and a dear woman living with them–a ministry my parents and I had when I was young as well as far as single ladies (Ring on It by Beyonce’)–produced a lovely coloring book.

Guess what will be colored and delved into with my home schooling children in the 2018/2019 school year? Yuppers, I’d suggest heavenly door ministry mothers and fathers get to coloring with John Paul and I if you wanna pray for Israel, Jesus, Streams Ministries International, Cara, and Uncovered No More in Jesus Name, amen.

Color Me Family

Coloring, other art work, reading, reading, reading, and listening to music (I just bought a record player for our home school and free time summer enjoyment) are a must for deliverance of children, no matter which school experience, worldwide. Get to being proper parents, world.

Does your child have to take Ritalin or some other drug to keep up with education? Move where you can educate that child how that child needs educating by his or her mother. Scale down. Let the little children come to Him and do not forbid them for such is the kingdom of heaven.

You cannot expect God Holy Spirit to move freely across the waters of your family’s beautiful life until you listen to the Holy Scriptures. Mothers, go home and educate your children if they are sick to the core due to what society is doing to them. Fathers, work day and night, night and day if your wife needs to stay home to FIX THIS. Or if you must, work it out for high-paid Mama to go and Dad stay home. Listen to Mama in that case. Don’t ignore 2 John.

There are no easy answers. The public school systems must house, and learn to nurture, the children suffering whose parents are helpless. They need to be fully funded. Teachers need high pay.

And……Jesus is a carpenter. STOP for crying out loud, pushing college on every single student. Send them if that is their bend of that tree: they will become the doctors and lawyers and engineers, etc, that they are supposed to be. GET THE DEBT OFF THEIR YOUNG SHOULDERS!!!! And get vocational as well as mentoring-on-the-job training in every high school, community college, and small business that can do it. Put incentive plans in place. Come on!!! DO IT!!!! (Ruth Beechick & Family, I thank you from the bottom of my home school Mama heart!) Beechick Basics off

Concerning Christian Mothers : my YouTube 6/3/2018

This page on Uncovered No More is finished. My YouTube is up, I will insert those videos where I need to for emphasis of the point which needs hearing across all churches and homes of Jewish History (thank you John Thomas), and let me live free, World. Let me live free with my 13 children and their parents in Jesus Name, amen.