Cara’s Story

Blog articles about my personal journey will be linked here. I hold myself to the same standard I have held everyone else to on this blog. And that is I tell the raw story from as honest a perspective as I can muster. I will no longer hit delete on these articles. Take them or leave them it will only be about me IRL as I continue as a Spiritualist.

If you want to get to know me read books with me is my suggestion. I have a page on both blogs for that as well. But reading books together is boring. People are only interested in me if they can get something from me, and I am speaking about family or past friends. This is sad, but it is the truth. I have few, very few, people in my life who actually care about me.

Under unction of Holy Spirit I found the disinheritance documents before Mom died. She wanted to change back to the original will yet with the one change of it being Curtis and Cara Coffey. She was too sick by the time I found the documents which were locked up. Mom had threatened Curtis. She deceived me for about 1.5 to 2 years. Her family did many things against me and my father, and Mary Virginia Petty spoke lies about my father to Curtis while we were helping Mom pass to the other realms.

Her family also forced a final maternal family reunion when I had repeatedly asked them to come quietly and separately to say their goodbyes. They have never listened to me. They have always withheld information when I tried to speak clearly with them across several years.

I could turn this into a very large legal battle. Watch Cara return to her Christian Roots by effortlessly obeying the New Testament and Jesus Christ King of kings.

These are “Christians” who have done this to me. I will not take them to court. I am equally obeying Apostle Paul. It is well with my soul amen.

I held out as far as going to mental health professionals for as long as I did after I took Timazepan in around 2017 and experienced some severe setbacks in my personal life–because someone close up has been hiding things from me for about 3-4 years. Once I was able to ascertain exactly what had gone on with my mother since that person was threatening me last week and once before this in August of 2019, I could forgive the whole ordeal. I am now completely free to face the rest of my life in peace.

There are people in my life who refuse to even try to understand witches, empaths, or their own post-Christian, spiritual existence. My mother was not even technically in her right mind for the last 3-4 years of her life and her own family was heckling her and lying about my father and me.

In addition, Mom cared for Dad for the last seven years of their lives together before she lived three more years. Curtis and I, along with even some of her family members who reported it to me, realized she was telling everyone “no” and refusing to be helped by anyone until such time as I took ahold of it, went and got my mother from San Antonio where she fled to die so she didn’t have to confess to me that she had disinherited me, and then took care of her for the last year of her life.

The time she fell in her bathroom, where she had locked herself in to take care of herself, she told me still not to call the ambulance. I was bringing her lunch when I found her, and she had not been there for very long. She was taking an enema. She didn’t want to “bother anyone” and fell. After that point it took her about 9 months to a year for her to pass away in which time I had to find out what had been done to me while my children and I suffered with sibling wars that spun out into my life and the life of their father. I went to considerable expense from her estate to make sure her hospital room at home, complete with a walk-in shower with a seat for her, were there to care for her for the last several years of her life.

The professionals involved with her case could not ascertain that she could be within the last year of her life and felt it entirely possible that she would be alive longer.

My Journey Here Begins

My Commitments

Please understand the above article is not being altered so some of the details I gave initially do not match up, particularly to people who have been lying about me for years, with what I am choosing to do. I must have a private life, America. So fuck off literally and figuratively. If you have a problem with my phrase-ology (The Music Man), talk to my kids. We all talk that way when we should. We are sick of being misunderstood and used. We don’t tell each other to fuck off but I can sure as hell tell you that occasionally I witness one of them talking that way about someone who screwed them over and vice versa. We ain’t Christians. Stop expecting that shit from us over here. Thank you for your consideration.

From about 2008-2012, Ms. Georgia V. Williams greatly encouraged me. But I do not know if I have met her. These post cards are prints she sent to me. She was at Austin Cathedral. Back then it was Cathedral of Praise.

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But also, here is my fellowship with a book helping me understand what is still happening today from a foremost Christian author of time past recently, A.W. Tozer:

The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer Part 4

10/8/2019 This morning, I threw a glory bubble with a mother deer as I walked the neighborhood. It was the greatest privilege especially after people in an ugly fashion slaughtered a deer and threw it at the entrance of our neighborhood in 2018 as I was working through learning the difference between impostors and righteous people on of all places Twitter.

As I walked along, she saw me and I saw her. I felt her fear and kept walking, smiling, and watching each other. Then her baby, rather large, came up, so I practiced with both of them.

What did I practice? I do not know. It is a mystery. But something in me was okay enough that they were content, marginally, to let me walk by and they didn’t feel enough fear of me to dart off. That is a privilege, as I said.

I kissed her twice, from afar. The second time, she heard my kiss and her ears pricked. She stood there.

I know of people who can commune with the deer and other animals. I am not so privileged but at least we can watch each other in more peace in my neighborhood than I’ve known to be felt by me for about 11 years honestly.

Are We Machines?

The concluding recording from my book review of How Should We Then Live by Francis A. Schaeffer concludes this article above.

So I’m going to link the book review for Mr. Schaeffer’s book here just like I linked A.W. Tozer’s book because….Because I know Jesus Christ in the Male Form from past work as much as I know Him and Her today living through me, full of fault as I am, and through others around me. That is a concept as old as time and as new as forever.

*Speechless* (Revelation 8:1; 1 Corinthians 13)

How Should We Then Live by Francis A. Schaeffer

So I said I was finished with Cara’s Story. And I was in that vein and artery of earth from my past. Then I came back; I always do. I came back because I love you. Who knows how long this article is gonna be. Heaven help us, Cara is becoming more free.

It’s hard to know how much, or how little, to tell, you know?

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