Cara’s Forever Authors

It is none of my business if you think I am not in love with others; however, when it comes to the spiritual core of myself, I must choose wisely, carefully, and foundationally concretely what is, and what is not, allowed in the nourishment framework of my subconscious and conscious wisdom evolution for the rest of this life and the other lives to come but not in this body form sitting here typing.

Yes. I am a reincarnationist without the religion. I am equally an evolutionist without the religion. I am a Christian and Muslim without those religions. I am within the Hindu and Buddhist faiths whether they like that or not.

Here is a link explaining what I just said about Hindus and Buddhists: Tara (Buddhism) on Wikipedia.

Here is a Judah Tara: Descendents of Tamar Tephi; 

Hill of Tara – Wikipedia;

THE STORY (in brief) of Tephi, queen of Tara and Gibraltar.

Please remember I have a street on the opposite side of this neighborhood off 290 W which is Tara Lane. Please note the last linked article has the number 53 in it, and I am at this time 53 until April 14, 2020; and therefore, please realize I am speaking as an author within divine appointment today, 1/7/2020 which makes perfect sense to me on the seventh day as a Christian at the very least.

Cara Coffey’s Definition of Poetry for Herself

I have had some frustration getting to this point this morning. That is normal for me, Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey, with the life I lead. Now realize I have great experience weaving stories. My latest story is being woven through Harry Potter by JK Rollings, The Presence of God by AW Tozer, The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum, and The Secret Language of Astrology by Roy GillettI do not care if any human believes me. Angels obviously do believe me as noted by the Hummer Vehicle on the feature image.

Don’t argue, don’t verbally abuse me. I will put your verbal abuse right here and only save you if you are one of my core people. I do not any longer care about population in America otherwise except for angelic content in my family. You are hideous to me, America, actually.

I do not know if Elaine Petrone has other books, but her methods of meditation, breathing, and deep relaxation are true and non-religious/judgmental. When one has been un Xtian cults too much, one cannot witness to diet or exercise routines at times. This book and method are not like that and it is because of the Spirit of Ms. Petrone. Roy Gillette and Ralph H. Blum are authors like this. That does not speak negativity to the other authors I’ve listed. Their calling in my life schooling through authors is different is what I understand.

AW Tozer

Ralph H Blum

TS Eliot

Smith Wigglesworth 

I listed Frank Schaeffer and it dropped out of an edit. I will fix it. Good night, world. Iran, please be honest. The idiot in our White House never was. And I think we have loved one another in different degrees for generations. Can we not continue now please? No country is perfect. Blood has been shed everywhere. Please think about our coming together despite leadership blood-spilling?

please note Mr. Wigglesworth was a plumber as was Robert Paul Beaty

The Bible is true. I will always have it; however, the pages have hurt me through other people and so I tend to color it and leave the rest to GOD.

Here we are; King David 101.