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  1. I am a physical representation of the Temple of Square 144 according to Revelation 19-21. I have been a Christian for about 45 years now. I am “married” to Isaiah the Prophet, 3 Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer), and in the flesh life one male. We had 12 pregnancies and 10 live births. I am heterosexual. I appreciate who and what you are. So no worries because I’m no longer a Christian for that 45 years. I’m a Neo-Pagan. 
  2. I found out my pagan roots in 2018 with the help of a man who I stumbled upon speaking with on Twitter. He was attracted to me as a pan-sexual but then we struck up a conversation as friends and he actually more than anyone interpreted what was up with my last ten years when a demon of insanity spoke through my voice on September 25, 2008. That was one day after Curtis, the father of my children, told me I was going to write a book and it was going to be titled Uncovered No More. All three volumes were obediently written and summarily destroyed along with my Christian publisher by January of 2017. As to paganism, the Moon Goddess has three parts. Thus, I automatically wrote three volumes testifying to myself more than anyone about point #3. Talk about just being an innocent bystander. Yup that’s Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey.
  3. I am the Moon Goddess in Pagan History. That is explained within the fact that I wrote the allegory of The Double Moons Prayer Initiative in June through September of 2013. Christians interpreted it their way. Jesus Christ is the Horn God in Pagan History. In Christian terms, Jesus Christ is in Charge. In Pagan Terms, He allows Me to be in Charge particularly as it concerns the New Jerusalem of Austin, Texas, and according to 2 John, Jude, and Revelation 11-13 particularly. My Judah election comes through the paternal line of Davis-Beaty at three, Trinity, points: John Davis, John Beaty, and Eara Davis-Beaty. Eara Davis-Beaty is the Moon Goddess as well and passed the Judah Election of the Position to Me. I have a Trinity of Daughters who are Witches. They need to be matured, but all three of them by God’s Design as I named my children as a prophetess have the first letter E in the first name. I have a Trinity of Sons on the Earth. They had better not read this later and let it go to their heads…any of you children of mine. I have had enough of sibling rivalry to contend with in my mother’s family and my own children’s natural maturation process as children being forcibly and most definitely removed from Christianity to save them from this wicked generation to last forever. This testimony does not mean that other women cannot write the same thing. That is none of my business what other women know about themselves. I love women.
  4. I See and set up glory manifestations for I AM. I see glorified bodies of people. There is one glorified body that is probably going to stay down here with Me. His name is Patrick Clayton Beaty. His nephew Patrick Stephen Coffey is my oldest son born on my birthday 23 years after I was born. The second daughter was born on Curtis’s mother’s birthday. My children’s life stories are sealed for the most part. I demand they be allowed the respect of a choice in their lives here on the Earth. GOD hears Me this day. I have no choices. I gave them All to I AM. I was ten years old when this occurred. Jesus Christ came down as the Morning Star to me but it was obscured to protect me after the second death of my brother Patrick Clayton on September 27, 1980.
  5. It is anathema to me if anyone surrounding me continues to complain about how I am Elect and Set Apart. I told people, and wrote it, that I have no regrets. That is to say eternally I have no regrets. My biggest regret in the short term is that America is never ready to receive the King of kings. Therefore, I die daily as Mary Magdalene. Yes you read that right. I am She. That is not the Only She I am in the Bible. I take on Spirit Form of Males when I must. That time is greatly passed but don’t think I won’t adopt that stance again. I may have to. I never know from day to day and year to year what GOD REQUIRES of this Body Form.
  6. Isaiah 34:14; Mystical Lilith; Allegorical Eve 18 about sums up where I have been put by GOD in an 18 part series. I hopefully ain’t deleting this one. I had a few very nice Jesus Men help me along with this one. Now the dudes in #retention and #GOTOHELL status ain’t the nice Jesus Men. They are not Jesus, that group. Damn I ain’t gonna do that to Him. Twitter & Who Isn’t the Messiah & MM, 8 (update 12/26/2018).

Denatured (therefore, truly Pagan) Double Moons Prayer Initiative: Awakening Amen

For all those die-hard Christians out there: just to be clear I am Christian and Pagan in the core. I not only believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved–though I will always encourage you to do so and champion the cause of the Holy Spirit upon the Earth one hundred percent of the Time–I am the Lord Jesus Christ as a Female. Many of Us are He. Where there is a dividing line for Cara Coffey is within my being Set Apart not for reconciliation of the world to the King of kings but for the Dwelling of the King of kings. The difference is fully accepted by Yours Truly–Me.

Three Rivers will fuck the living daylights out of whatever I deem necessary for reconciliation to take a back seat and dwelling to mean that indeed, Jesus Take the Wheel (laughing). Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood

OK Christianity: here is the truth. I had my fourth child in the Subi when the flood waters took the wheel on 290E right before I reached Convict Hill in 2015. I said the name Jesus over and over and yet……it was Holy Spirit Who told me exactly when to take my foot off that gas and turn to the left to shoot across the entire highway and come to a rather abrupt halt on the side of the road.

I drove off to get Edith for a dog show in Dallas that we didn’t get to attend because the flooding was for real like the ice storm sweeping through the Southwest for my oath to be placed for a marriage that seals Mahesh Chavda and Cara Coffey irrevocably to one another as Christians. Brother Mahesh: you are now granted what you desired all along. You are a part of a Cult.

Everybody still jokes about how Mom almost managed to flip a four-wheel drive vehicle. As to Dorothy, she was a little sore but made it all right. Fear can do that. It will drive you to the point of no return and then GOD ALONE decides if we ended up in the hospital or driving down Convict Hill to pick Edith up. Don’t like that, lazy Christianity? Tough cookies. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and dunk yourself in the depths of Earthly Hell to soften yourself so when I bite you over at Three Rivers you won’t scream so loud and try to destroy what you have no power over.

What is no joking matter is the wake of blood and miracles in my testimonial path. All the way from John Paul Jackson catapulting off a bridge to Cara Coffey righting her vehicle by God’s Design, I have a fullest Christian testimony of flipped cars. Some of the people walk away, some of the people suffer the rest of their lives. That is called redemption necessity for dwelling in the New Jerusalem. The latest death is Teresa Tapp. Both Edith and I used that lovely exercise system and I may go back to it. She died quietly in 2018.

God allowed America a little power over Cara Coffey. That time-frame of the first ten years of the Apocalypse and 1,000 year reign is over. Donald Trump’s presidency will relieve me of the suffering of it.

This reminds Me. I need to take Holy Spirit Whom I have from God Father over to Circle C to walk. You know, that’s where Jesus Stays and the proof is the road into the park called Don Carpenter. It’s just like Me. Tara Lane is on the other side of 290W. (laughing again)

1,000 Year Reign 

September, 2008 through September, 2018