This is me. After ten years, America, this is me. I’m named Cara Coffey. But all you are going to get in my About Page is a couple of Tara Ann Moons articles of import. You already knew who I was. Surprise! This prophetess now knows exactly how lethal Jesus Christ is. You get to find out what I already knew for a 46 year Christian life one day at a time forevermore. Good for ya! Yeah this Beaty chick is lookin’ at ya going: Naw. It ain’t like what you thought it was these ten years. September to September 2008-2018. Epitaph: MAGA BE DAMNED. Jesus Christ is in town,  America. He wears a watch sometimes. Time is ticking. Forever.🤓🧛🏿‍♀️🧟‍♀️