Anti-semitism must STOP

Pictured Above

I feel the need to write a few paragraphs about anti-semitism at this time due to the stances internationally I have taken.

I think it is very easy to get bogged down in details when the issues are very clear, actually, and easy to see if one is balanced. I work at that balance and don’t always have it.

At other times I get hit, with negative rhetoric, a whole lot and just try to take it because I do have more balance as a visionary person and other people would rather argue than understand underlying issues together and invoke for peace.

I do not mean pray. I mean light a candle in solidarity, drink some tea, or coffee, maybe cry together for the suffering of others worldwide, and hope for them a better day as we nourish our own environments.

Please let us think about Ukrainians at this time. They must build again due to Russia’s wicked intent and moral depravity.

I do not necessarily agree with the way Israel, the Nation, deals with the Palestinians. But I’m not saying the Palestinians are any better. That part of the world is a confused, ugly, mess and also beautiful in all their customs.

But what this article, and the statements of the President, are about……hate toward Jewish Communities in America. They, and the Black-Skinned Communities, have and continue to suffer with racial injustice all across this land. There are others to be sure. But I am simply saying.

I must do this type of statement since I live smack dab in the Capital City area of a red state. I am literally figuratively ten feet under negativity and judgment and not only from the Grand Ole Party.

Picture Below is freshly lit. I invoke!

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