“You’re a traitor. Period. End of story.” ~@BastardSon_

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I’m officially giving this blog to the King of kings. That means the rest of the Rudolph Steiner book review and other materials associated are going on a new blog in living memory of Patrick Clayton Beaty. Ya’ll know We love one another is my Tribe. Ya’ll know we love people, animals, the earth, goodness, etc. You know a lot. You listen very little on social media platforms.

runestonesandmusictoday.com will also see that work. I now have two and then three blogs basically screaming at the world what POLITICAL AND HOLISTIC TRUTH IS.

We never changed. Sure, the Gentle Men had to give this Little Sister time to evolve. She does the Journey’s Growth Expression because that is We. A mystery is here yet; it isn’t mysterious.

Which IT is that? It is the moral fiber of the entire earth and truest, most compassionate, systems of world peace. We are we. That’s one of the many messages of Uncovered No More and my freakin’ gorgeous website blogs.

The rest of this shit is murderous and obvious. When it comes to money ad politics and sex, wow ya’ll are dense about immoral logic vs. moral, righteous—-putting our money where our mouth is. Putting our time where truest love for all resides.

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