Smith Wigglesworth’s “The Confidence That We Have in Him” with oracle and commentary

I have spoken many times on youtube and face to face about the seared conscience of many; however, a “tender conscience” in most of society gets you isolated and those who shun you will turn into enemies. I think there is a very huge desire to be independent; it is largely overdone, and it is wholly the fault of religious institutions and stubborn people in the home front.

Since I have an entire history of writing about this stuff and then hitting delete on entire blogs because of my own evolutionary process and humanity’s obvious stupidity or criminality driving a good many things it shouldn’t be allowed to drive, I’m moving on. Here is an irl conversation that can shed some light, but first let me explain.

Smith Wigglesworth was a plumber who indeed worked miracles like the Savior over 2,000 years ago. Mr. Wigglesworth ministered when my grandparents Davis-Beaty were actively people in churches, and poor. Then months before my dad was born, something metaphysical happened to my grandfather and he died in a Texas Street. Same times two my brother. Same, David Wilkerson on a Texas Highway.

That is two dead prophets in the street type testimony and is neither here nor there as it concerns anyone’s free will or lack of empathy, conscience in this day and age, etc.

I CAN tell you with no doubt Smith Wigglesworth was anointed to minister and preach. He worked all his life that way, and has a lovely family. The large ministers of this day may have miracles, but check out my video. They are NOT in the will of the King. They are not. They are full of dead man’s bones literally, and the conscience of religious leaders is not only seared, it’s rotten to the core. They do everything for the most part to stay hidden if there is embezzlement or sexual sin or both, and they are not social change advocates like @BerniceKing whose father was assassinated as I was being born.

The conversation below is going to point out a glaring issue of Christianity even back in the day as Smith Wigglesworth was teaching, but also in this day when ministries like Chavda Ministries International have the same aura of miracle: PAGANISM by Joyce and River Higgenbotham speaks to this well.

There is the common thread of teaching that our souls are wicked. That is false doctrine and it is meant to blind us, chain us in our mental lives, and enable church leadership legalistic control over us so they have a sovereign place in our lives nobody should have. We are simply supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves. So are they. A myriad of only Catholic leadership are not loving their neighbors properly or they would turn themselves in to police stations worldwide since they have raped children.

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