The Cultivation of Christmas Trees by TS Eliot

Pictured Above, my reading and commentary on YouTube

6:33: I am having a Divine Appointment tonight as I finish with a book, which is a simple compilation of some of TS Eliot’s work, that I have been comforted by for several years.

There is artwork, runes, breakthroughs hidden within the pages of this particular volume. I said I was going to allow a child to inherit it; no I am not. It is too painful. In actuality, I’ve told two children what they are inheriting.

I seriously doubt I will allow anything else. It is too painful. But I have a while to live, so perhaps my heart can heal. I will tell the World System the TRUTH; not without the Lord and in the Way which is much more constant than the last 14 years.

I kept warning everyone. Now reality is setting in. What is more, I no longer celebrate the way others around me do; though of course, I am happy with them and thankful for them in my life.

My new Season of Celebration is simple, and then, I have a second one each year spread through the year.

Michaelmas through New Years IS Michaelmas.

My birthday celebrations and anniversary.

There are 12 of us, so I have 12 birthdays to celebrate. For the most part, it is my own celebration because I have been forced out of their world, in all honesty. This is very painful to me and nobody can fix it. I tried to wait it out. My hope was deferred and actually stomped into the ground IRL too much.

So this is a gentle goodbye to all the expectation I faced and suffered through in my past life.

And this blog article is also a new beginning for me where celebration is more real than ever. I will have a book. And only I will understand my joy complete in it. That is good for me, but yet I have a boundary. It is within the almost 30 minutes of silence in Revelation. Amen.

Oh I see. I already have two books. They are We.


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