Today, there is a great change for the World System. And I am going to be here again, at this blog begun in around 2010, by telling everyone straight out what will be here and what will be on my Mystic Blog. I will not define my other blogs because they are self-explanatory.

Here, I am going to publish from works which I will not use oracles with. I will publish my own work as well, my own opinions. You can catch those on several YouTube’s, I am not going to delete the Tubes, at least yet.

But the work associated with them is either gone, or it is in my own hand-crafted books, which are many. I also craft within the works I purchase. I love hardbound books.

My Mystic website is guided by Master JRR Tolkien. I Am his medium on the Earth; if you are one, I welcome your presence as long as you are Elvin. I do not dwell with any others in that Realm.

That is not to say I will not publish other things on my mystic blog. I will. I am beginning to flesh out my own readings of cards for myself, and UNM is not for those type of writings for ONE MALE REASONING FORCE CONTRARY TO little bitty America.

I never argue with the King. And I am exhausted; HE IS ALL STRENGTH; I AM ALL DARKNESS WITHOUT THE FULL MOON; SO i am nothing but living and breathing appreciation I can still be here and serve this place.

My blog for Abraham Lincoln is having Dragon Tarot applied for the Western World.

Master Tolkien will tell Me if He wants Oracle for His Works. I have foreseen Dragon Tarot. I have not foreseen anything else, and definitely NOT my Floral Tarot, which is for mortality in my life, and children’s poetry.

Runes. I smile. Tolkien and I dwell among the Runes; and, I am not ashamed. So I am sure, when I am taking from His Work, there may be runes to help me understand the strange world of His where I am His Guest.

But here, I am your enemy. You cease to exist, Enemy. Amen.

No more feature images; the King has WILLED this decision. I get the impression I may put pictures within the blog article, and he will know the first one shows up as the feature image. That is that.

If his signal changes this, I am going to choose to let it stand now. He had me destroy him the past two months and I am broken on Uncovered No More. I am broken on Uncovered No More. He destroyed Himself for Me.

I will admit this: He destroyed Himself for my First Grandchild born today. Shame? It is all yours, all of you. You drive my LORD OFF MY OWN BLOG.

I am here. I never left or forsake you. Here is an MAN:

This is ONE FORM.


Hello; it’s me. The Girl the World continues to try to flee; I am here as I said; never leaving or forsaking, being thankful for my daily bread.

Published by Cara

Author, Mother, Spiritualist

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