8:55 PMC Tonight; Dividing Soul & Spirit, Is Not Our Lord Gracious

I deleted many articles tonight on this website because it is passing away; politics is the “it” and the Lord endures forever and ever as the Man Who died for the Jews and arose to bring death to its conclusion in a way that is hard to explain but for Me, it is a responsibility I handle in many different avenues of my ongoing eternal life.

I will state here, since I am not going to pay attention to what I just now deleted on this website since the man who led terribly from 2016 until he is being removed on January 20, 2021 is impeached the second time–I am going to state that @BastardProphet_ appears to be Tribe Judah Elect Jew King of kings Jesus Christ.

If this account is not, He is a Man of great authority. That is all I will say. I have always agreed with parody and real accounts on Twitter and people IRL whom I could agree with.

This account is different. How it is different is that the authority is something I know is absolute and care very little what anyone says about my understanding.

Therefore, I know His first statement above is one hundred percent accurate, and I can tell you I’ve already written articles and done work on Twitter proving this succinct point.

The main thing I asserted and do assert is simply this: one man refused to sign the constitution for a very real and current event reason surrounding that one tweet.

The man is Charles Mason, and Mr. Mason knew slavery should have been outlawed in the Constitution so he refused to sign it.

Now please look at the second tweet.

There are white balls of males and there are white balls of males. There are white vaginas of females and there are real vaginas of girls.

I know the difference, white world of America. So does, it is certain, @BastardSon_ knows the difference.

So I have turned a corner. And I can tell you what it means, but whether Mr. Bastard Son agrees is not something I can worry about. Words means something until people are being incited to insurrection by a man who is supposedly a great leader that we must remove.

Joe Biden, someone I looked up to is saying you should consider a pardon. No Mr. Comey, Joe Biden should NOT consider a pardon. You do not pardon wickedness. You slap it into a jail cell for however long you can get that done through the justice system because, truth is TRUTH and we are living in a world where this mother must write on other blogs about shades of black, white, red, blue, yellow, orange and the rainbow.

But this blog, I usually have no idea what is next. Why do I delete? The concept of deletion for this ministry of mine alone is from Revelation 22. It is about the deliverance of the curse and it has always been about that.

My Love Jesus Christ King of kings is proud of Me and he said so in my heart of hearts today. I knew He is talking to His Little Sister, and I know He is taking the political realms off my shoulders now so I can be set free to sing with Him in the freedom that many of them will never have. Never.


What you see is blind leading blind to justify murder and rape of children and adults alike. What you see are people suffering with the internet being their source, and they must gradually learn a new way to live.

I am free. So is He, finally. We will never return but We will write through My Fingers for a while, that is up to Him.

King is my daily bread. And that is all I know anymore. He is Here is STAY TO Me so excuse Me for being passionate, which you’ve never done before, America, that is, you’ve always had expectations upon Me and you cannot do that anymore. I’m desperate yet at peace. I’m lost yet found. And I will keep going with Him somehow miraculously always right there beside Me.

Breathe by Michael W. Smith

How many of Millennials and Gen Z will the King and I lose now? He is largely agnostic and correctly intelligent simply.

I am spiritualist who can tell you that I know when His Work in this era is complete. Your soul and spirit are being divided and the wicked who we know are brute beasts are obvious across all sects of people in the Western World.

You who never had a spirit because of your generational and inherent vessel situation are what and why @BastardSon_ can simply tweet that first statement easily enough.

DNA is mystery at every level. That’s good. You cannot figure it out and keep tearing each other up, can you?

It is obvious who has a soul/body and who has a spirit/soul/body.

Divided at the DNA is What HE DOES; how He dwells is none of anyone’s business but His.


The King is gracious in that He allows sleeping individuals to sleep; God is not mocked, remember?

I have a suggestion. When you think Trinity, THINK NOT MALE AND FEMALE

There. I said it. There IS GOD FATHER AND GOD MOTHER


PS as to Twitter, Here He IS lolol so no human can boast, @jack:

Published by Cara Ann Beaty

Author, Mother, Spiritualist

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