@BastardSon_ Says Charges of Sedition & Treason; 7:50 AMC

Joy to the World! Cara is writing another several parts, America, England, and Russia! Putin, shut up. Boris Johnson, axe Brexit. How cute. Donnie and company are going to jail, hey buddies international?

I’m throwing a pagan circle. You’ll be nekked and shivering in the dark when I summon Lucifer to torment you, guys. Haha. #FayTale #SorceressTARA

SEE? Here is what happens on Twitter right after paragraphs like the one above (LOL adding this little set of pics at 8:42 AMC before I fry bacon for my kids…..)

I can tell you right now that Cara Coffey of the ministry of Uncovered No More is commanding the rhetoric around me not to have the word “never” within the narrative in ANY of my AURA worldwide (Tara speaks) as it concerns the possibility that the court system isn’t capable of putting these criminals in jail who voted for this insurrection which was clearly planned and executed within a Federal Building on January 6, 2021.

This whole situation was NOT only about @realDonaldTrump who cannot tweet or Facebook at the moment.

I hope his inability to get to social media lasts forever. His son, who is high most of the time on screen, should be removed as well.

Insurrection must be stopped at every level or fuel is put on the fire of insurrection. I doubt even MAGA wants that narrative for their children, but they keep the narrative against black people going because they want the narrative for Brionna Taylor of murder in the streets (Black Lives Matter is peaceful protest) but NOT Taylor Swift.

Ahhhh, American Christianity, sexy Cara is back, no I have not committed adultery, and there are a billion ways to break your Christian vow. Believe me or not, but I’m going to publish what the King says. He IS THE KING. Get over yourselves. Not only does He drink coffee, He also walks at the Park.

Just not so you can be with him. Am I bragging? No I am not. You have no idea the conversations on the ground I’ve had to have just the past few days. So fuck off.

Go have sex with a prostitute, Christian Pastor, #TGIF. Pay her well and put a condom on. Oh correct, you’d rather fuck a guy in the ass. Still, put a condom on and get the STD rate of infection down in the Christian Church okay?

Hey Nun Gal, turn in a priest who fucked children and you know it, shivering in the dark with those children. Get a backbone. Speak up and get them arrested in every state, city, country, WORLDWIDE. Oh my goodness gracious why does Cara have to be SO FUCKING NASTY on Friday? Why indeed?

Does America understand Me NOW?

Is your HIV med paid for? What about the children in South Africa whose mothers have AIDS and they are dying as are those children? Do they have medication like you white boys and girls in America?

If you are like me, you can understand Millennial and Gen Z speak. They go around saying, literally constantly, “That’s Cancer”.

Now you know why. Jesus is teaching the KIDS to talk it straight and narrow. Hello World, King is teaching proper speak and the F word is used liberally sometimes.

Oy. LOL…….Here’s a mercy, verb conjugation of Fuck will not be present in any grammar book. You cannot get spell check to correct forms of the word fuck like “fvck” to stay under the radar of Twitter, etc.


I deleted stuff. This is 1/14/2021.


Published by Cara Ann Beaty

Author, Mother, Spiritualist

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