That’s How We Got Here part four

I’m such a fucking liar. Up to part four. Whatever. Bernice King and Cara Beaty-Coffey SPEAK part three Tadashi is without BayMax today, who is safely in the garage pouting. He broke a lego set up leaping on top of a bookcase last night. Cats are so…Cattie. 😂🙄 Our Love by Chris Sligh And too…

Bernice King and Cara Beaty-Coffey SPEAK part three

BERNICE KING’S VIDEO LINK Oh, what a surprise. You got a prediction, as opposed directly to a prophecy according to 1 Corinthians 13, at the same time that you get part three from Cara BC. What Martin Luther King, Jr. said above is what I have said a billion ways. Due to the issue ofContinue reading “Bernice King and Cara Beaty-Coffey SPEAK part three”

Donald Trump was told to come directly against Cara BC, and they did part two

We Are Broken & Never Again Left Behind Part One Article, picture of the link from twitter below I repeatedly warned Christianity on blogs long gone as the deliverance from the curse was more apparent in the New Jerusalem of Austin, Texas, that they couldn’t use my ministry. They used my ministry, and they stone-walledContinue reading “Donald Trump was told to come directly against Cara BC, and they did part two”

We Are Broken & Never Again Left Behind Part One

If there is one thing 12 years past has taught Cara Coffey, it is that I’m never left behind. Rapture doctrine of the Christian Church kills people, I swear to GOD it does. People get to thinking, and raise their kids, that Christians are in a world that needs changing. I’m the spiritualist whose gotContinue reading “We Are Broken & Never Again Left Behind Part One”

Moving ON Begets Truth Restored and Growing—@MaryLTrump

Mary Trump Status pictured below I have followed them all on the account I was upon when I encountered the excellent video. I will retweet. If you want to be a part of my life, and of the life of the King of kings, at least for a short space of time He Alone KnowsContinue reading “Moving ON Begets Truth Restored and Growing—@MaryLTrump”

Lies Beget Lies

Washington Post, “A leaked intelligence memo suggests Trump’s lies could incite more riot” I think I may have hit delete upon the article where I told you that the statement Trump released directly after his historical second impeachment is pure hell because he is basically still calling his adherents to more violence particularly since thereContinue reading “Lies Beget Lies”

8:55 PMC Tonight; Dividing Soul & Spirit, Is Not Our Lord Gracious

I deleted many articles tonight on this website because it is passing away; politics is the “it” and the Lord endures forever and ever as the Man Who died for the Jews and arose to bring death to its conclusion in a way that is hard to explain but for Me, it is a responsibilityContinue reading “8:55 PMC Tonight; Dividing Soul & Spirit, Is Not Our Lord Gracious”

UK, Fuck this SHIT; Children MUST EAT

I’m pinning this article until I get it straightened out. I apologize. So much is happening in America but I clearly see that Russia’s Vlad Putin, UK’s Boris Johnson, and the infidel that criminally got into the WH with his fascist and Nazis crew were a trio easy to see today. They stayed hidden sinceContinue reading “UK, Fuck this SHIT; Children MUST EAT”

Arrest Says @BastardSon_

THE BETTER WAY The FBI FBI Today from Washington DC I do not think the King is hearing ANY negativity about the FBI, and I know His Little Sister Cara Ann is NOT taking it. 4:33 PMC Mr. Tapper may or may not be talking about the same press conference. You may or may notContinue reading “Arrest Says @BastardSon_”