Second John read by Cara Ann BC

I was in the Spirit several weeks ago, and I saw a generational weaving book project. The three books I wanted to bring forth with art and unification are How Should We Then Live by Frances A Schaeffer, Collected Poems of TS Eliot, and BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL by Friedreich Nietzsche.

I now understand that the Art Book above, being the largest I have taken on as a book-maker and the largest I ever will take on in this regard, is the type where I will weave books together for a certain message I usually cannot even describe. They simply go together is my message; timeless beauty in writing and colors of artwork go together.

I feel at this time, since so many churches must be de-populated literally we have taken such a far leap from what is true religion of spirituality ( Hillsong Church Worldwide ), that artwork of true spiritualists should be catalogued within our home libraries, and as time goes by, people may desire to see what was spoken by that spiritualist. These are libraries which the world is never worthy of, never.

My personal library of my own artwork is to be handled a certain way. I am not disclosing that way except to one person at this time. But I do not think, given how my life has been handled thus far, that I will leave my artwork of book-making for future generations.

If that is to change, it will have to be my equal of spiritualism to take care of it. It cannot be a Beaty-Coffey family member as there are too many schisms even within that small group of people for me to ascertain at this time of my life what I should do with my book-making. I do not primarily care about coloring books except to say I hope they comfort some people who hate me, later in their lives. I have lost so many people. I am tired. I have chosen to choose no more loss as this next president comes to power in the United States, and I have set my affairs in order.


You ask Them anything if you happen to be privileged to have one of them present in the flesh even as Second John tells you the King IS, and I happen to be there, you will get a scene. I know for a fact two things: 1. I do not care and 2. They will not save you.


Weaving literature into my own artwork is a pleasure, a privilege, and a life calling. I am an author, I am a book-crafter, and I am little else but a solitary pagan and that story is on another blog, Day by Day.

I have lost everything, I may have lost more people than I understand, and I have fulfilled the New Testament words of the Christ how to come follow Him I lose everything and everyone, and yet, I sit in a lovely house mourning for those who do not get to do that today, so I will keep ministering in my particular way and I want to encourage you to do the same.

Please understand at this point in my life that you are an anti-Christ if you deny my testimony. Read Second John. I have never denigrated the Bible, and particularly the New Testament. I have equally NEVER said it said what religious leaders I have followed, including my own parents, thought and therefore interpreted it to say some of the time. Other times, their help and teaching was very good for me.

Published by Cara Ann Beaty

Author, Mother, Spiritualist

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