Well That’s That 2/3 Part One

This account was very active last night. And honest. By this morning, the account no longer existed, and now it has been suspended. I was going to thank the person for an article about Buddhism which I found helpful.

Anyway, and then a tweet came from @RepAdamSchiff. You need to understand that the first name Rudy is directly connected to the Klonek family in San Antonio and Houston, Texas. That is the oldest brother of my mother.

There was a boss at the State OAG. He was Rudy too.

Now, everyone can see Rudy Giuliani literally being a ridiculous representative of this country like his boss, @realDonaldTrump.


Remember America, I’m ALWAYS the innocent bystander. This shit just keeps swirling around my life.

Good for you, America. Keep arguing with the King of kings. I don’t, but you most certainly do and what is more you ain’t at all good at entertaining angels. Haha.

I believe funny is good, and this is what I read last night. Read some more this morning, and from my Fart History Book. That’s all funny. I don’t find the masquerades of the Republican Party anything but repugnant.

Some rituals SUCK.

Happy Chicken has to watch it too; I’ve seen Him go down for 24 hours. Does anyone remember my struggling through another ONE’s account getting cut down? It wasn’t S8N like a lot of the peeps enjoyed.

They kill Him on Twitter. I’m so tired. I cannot imagine His Pain. So I keep telling you to stop it.

You keep your ulcers, Bitches. I’ll keep my meditation, blog work, coloring, and love life of 54 years, thank you.

Added a GIF why? It’s at least a little more bearable to smile at the stupidity.

Here is the full story……..naw. Just know Klonek’s forced a last reunion at the house that was stolen from me. My mother was likely blackmailed and I’m expected to keep my mouth shut and act like everything is peachy king.

When everyone knows Recie Edward Saunders 3 and his sweet little mommy were and are MAGA. Streams Ministries and Bobby Conner probably were and are too. As to Mahesh Chavda, I don’t know.

Bill Hart is. Cheryl Davis is worse, much worse and I don’t give one fucking rat’s ass what any of ya’lls politics are. We are talking about a testimony concerning the King of kings what did you expect me to do, deny him for your stealing of my life and forcing my family into the shit show we are still having to heal from?

Naw. You apostate, Bitch.

‘Bout all I have now is 1/3 and I ain’t sure of what. As I mopped my bathroom floor upstairs today I was ruefully saying I’m covered by the blood of the Lamb.

Then automatically, it came out of my insides, of course it did, and I don’t love my life to the death (Revelation 12).

That is the problem with Revelation 12, Bitch. You hafta give up your life, and now, I’m simply grateful to move on in a new home and place. Because if you think He has left Me? You are so out of line it is unthinkably abominable.

I just don’t tell you anymore.

So everybody have it your fucking way…..ignore the King of kings. Ignore Him and walk off His Little Sister like almost everyone has done.

Keep going.

I’m relieved.


PS: yes, yes I know America does not understand this blog article. Now. I pointed out the Rudy thing because of New Names in Revelation 2 that everyone thinks they have when it is obvious they don’t. Nobody liked my angelic new name, unless I kissed their ass and I’m a Beaty. Don’t do it.

Anyway…Jesus here, Jesus there. What about the Master, what about His Way? There was a time He made it clear He considers Me a Way Gurl, and it was on Twitter too so Christianity missed it.

I’m easy enough to see. Why don’t you idiots check out the People who occasionally talk to me? Why don’t you check out how I’m now cursing ya with other of the “parody” accounts because it makes total sense to do so when these criminals are still governing and causing havoc all over the place.

Here Cara goes again; I’m onto a two parter. Next’ll come three, then….

Man don’t you remember my good ole days tryna keep up The Double Moons Prayer Initiative in multi-part syndrome style since book publishing is expensive and they destroyed all the way through my publisher anyway?

God Damn. America believes in Revelation 13 and worshipping that Beast, all right. What is more, this is hilarious to me, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are Catholics.

Here we go ya’ll. Obama is a Muslim.

No more Holy Wars. Hallelujah. #HippieGirl66

Dance. Let’s dance……AND

Published by Cara Ann Beaty

Author, Mother, Spiritualist

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