Best Counting Book Ever 123 by Richard Scarry

Have you ever been scared? I live in a lot of fear these days after what has happened to me. I do not dwell there and this fact is why I have blogs and active Twitter. America has never broken me, and it is never going to. I cannot move, you see. That means I’m in prison every day of my life.

But I know how to be thankful and I know how not to give into fear. So I am going to read this number book because I have too many people around me who do not understand how I am alpha numeric gifted as Aries. That is a calling on my life which carries many burdens and particularly since some lies of a very grave nature were implanted into my existence years ago (2008 to be exact) that now people who are older in my existence are not owning up to.

Good for you. I curse you with a guilty conscience until you figure out how to stop projecting onto me and my seven youngest children. If you help my seven youngest children and are not hiding from people, you are not who I cursed. If you are hiding shit from people, you are most definitely officially cursed in America and Europe but why care? I’m just a stupid person, very gullible and easily manipulated.

Ignore me still.

About Richard Scarry’s Busy Town & Politics & Being a Child in 2020

Published by Cara Ann Coffey

Prophetess & author

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