Barack Obama Twitter-ed (lol) about balance today

I was also very appreciative that I signed up to a service where President Obama texts us directly, and I found out that early voting began in my area so I voted yesterday and found out the State of Texas quit with me today.

So maybe I really am going to get a new life with all new people. I hope so. Except for my three youngest children I have been written off. And I lost my whole life.

Just like the King of kings. But I haven’t counted it all joy yet, so that is my next mission, and I choose to accept it. It is better than all the misrepresentation of my life which I’ve been under for 12 years.

And my therapist is going to help me learn about projection, reframing, and grounding. This will aid me in being the person I told some of my family they would need to get to know again a few years back.

But even though some of them have told me they haven’t written me off (it is called cancel culture and I am cancelled), they did that for 12 years and seem to think I should believe them.

I cannot believe lies and they know that. I have never denied the testimony of Jesus Christ OR Patrick Clayton Beaty in my life, and they know that.

What is more I realize the land my dad built two house on is worth more than me. I am going to die; so I will go to ash. The property will still be there.

See? They just cancelled me because I am going to die. Yes I’m an Immortal. They aren’t. They are going to die too.

And I know the difference.

Goodbye unless you know me, and nobody does. So I get to live free from everyone, blameless like I”ve always been, and move on thankful like I’ve always been.

But I need to quit talking so much. I need to forget all of my past. I’m cancelled for real like so many people. At least my bills are paid and I’ve already purchased most of what is necessary to bury my body when I do go.

Project Lincoln Let’s Go, with Demi Lovato #ThankYou both

I think I better get Rivers back. I am being given a freedom the rest of them must earn. I have moved on.

How the G.O.P. Can Still Wreck America by Paul Krugman

An Ad from The Lincoln Project

Please keep in mind that @realDonaldTrump is likening himself to Abraham Lincoln the most while I have heard him literally tear into Elizabeth Warren, AOC, and many other women who take his head off literally in how they legislate for us day after day after day.

Donald trump is no more like Abraham Lincoln than I look like this, WHO is an approximate rendition of the MAN WHO died and arose over 2,000 years ago for such a moment as ETERNITY

The feature image is the last photo I have of my mother and me. I won, America. You did not lay my dear mother to rest. I did. So go fuck yourselves all the way to hell henceforth if you have lied to me in my perspective.

Plenty of you, oh my GOD plenty of you–have lied to me and around me in my perspective to the point one of my youngest children was told that when they were grown, both parents were going to be cut off.

Go fuck yourself, Bitch and I will take my life one day at a time much more kind than anyone in America who hates THE MAN JESUS CHRIST KING OF KINGS in America and Europe.

Keep cutting me out of your existence. He KNOWS. HE KNOWS, and I forgive it. That is the simplicity of so many of HIS UTTERANCES IN THE NEW TESTAMENT.

Oops. 😂👍🏻

I don’t have miraculous testimony. I conclude life is just one big coincidence.

Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do

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