It’s OK by Jaime O’Neill on Smirking Chimp & ETC damn it lol

It’s OK by Jaime O’Neill

September 6, 2020 Revelation Six dramatic reading & testimony by Cara Beaty

The reason I put Revelation Six here is not explainable. I went up through that beautiful “wormhole” last night frustrated by politics so I got up early on September 6, 2020, and it is a Sunday.

So I went to church my way after putting this article in Draft to pontificate upon. You will get it, with a cool quote from the article and some Rune Stone Invocation, after I finish my lovely conversation with Curtis. I already have the coloring pencil I want to use and I have the music piece I want to use. Here is the music:

They Own This Town by flora cash

I know why we get knocked down and that’s why I instinctively read Revelation Six this morning as I went to church by myself. I always go to church by myself. You? Remember Me?

I’m just a blue tiger and here is Revelation Six precisely where I’m talking about: #Story Revelation 6:5-6 KJV

See ya in a minute loves. Just kidding. It’ll be the rest of the day and I have several articles to develop. You know what I’m doing with my kids? When they say “give me a second” to take out the trash, and it’s fifteen minutes because the game, Mom….

I give them how many seconds it actually was. They aren’t arguing as much. Score!!!!!


And then this random chicken shows up and says he is okay with socialism even though I couldn’t hardly finish my book report like a good kid on a blog I had to hit delete upon some time ago, so I’m not mad but I’m hurt, America. He says we can define IT as socialism because that’s what guys do for me, and then poof it happens while I just hang around and binge watch Vampire Diaries

If you believe what I just asserted about these tweets below, I’ve got a wall Mexicans did not pay for to sell you…….and are children still in cages but the media isn’t talking about it? What about blacks being killed by white cops but we aren’t supposed to support #BlackLivesMatter or defunding the police rhetoric.

I DO support #BlackLivesMatter and I’m not an idiot. I do not believe that defunding any police is a good idea. Fuck you all fire and jail the white cops killing black people when it is the just thing to do and a bunch of white supremacy dudes and dudettes will either quit the forces or get over themselves and stop being trigger happy when they shouldn’t be. Now let’s move on to priests in the Catholic Church when they should be in jail after you decide to be DE-motivated by the blog article, this chicken’s tweets, and my honesty, America:

So I have provided context. Get over to Twitter and follow these two accounts because I dunno. It might be interesting to see you try to strong arm a dude about how it doesn’t need to be socialism on Twitter when you know perfectly well that I may jump in there and we can have a real set-to.

I bet you one thing. He and I won’t block each other this time. Actually, we never did. But as to @DarkPrinceLucy and a few others……………never mind. I’ve had people you don’t think are people block me and people block me. And I’ve had people who are stupid enough to think I’d quit on Twitter and let them pretend to be a Christ (hello @I_Am_The_Christ) still try over and again. As to Twinkie. Dang I’ve found three forms of him maybe.

ANYway I’m concluding with poetry, free hand art, music, and Rune Stone Invocation.

I dare you Christians lurking everywhere. Get on Twitter. Engage the real ones. See if you can actually stop slinging mud at the real ones who cannot show their faces because they are protecting me, or themselves, in my followers lists. I’m thinning them out not because I have to but because I’m tired of being proven wrong. Not today Satan, not today.

Published by Cara Ann Beaty

Author, Mother, Spiritualist

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